Happy Monday Lovely People!

So………….I’m married! Whoop whoop! After 2 years of planning Bob and I tied the knot on the 4th May and it was epic as in EPIC! I can’t actually put into words how amazing our wedding day was as it’s a feeling you just can’t describe. From the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes to sleep there is this overwhelming feeling of happiness that just carries you through out the day and the funny thing is you don’t even realise how ridiculously happy you are until you wake up the next morning! You’re too busy having fun (or at least I was!!) You’re just so captured in the moment that there’s no time for anything else than to lap it up and enjoy it. If you are reading this post right now and are planning your wedding then, my lovelies, you are in for a treat! Start getting excited because you’re going to have a blast!!! Like mine, your wedding day is going to be EPIC!

I will of course be blogging about our wedding in the next few weeks  – you’ll probably be bored of hearing about it by the end of the month!!! Good job I’m jetting off to South America for 7 weeks at the end of May! I’m hoping that by the time I’m back in July our professional photos from the super talented Cotton Candy Weddings (who rocked in every sense of the word) will be ready and then I can share our full wedding with you and blog in detail about all the quirky little details that made our wedding ours. Can’t wait!

For now though its back to Independent Love Song and it’s a gooden! Chosen by moi, this was one of two songs that we were deliberating over as our first dance. For reasons I’ll explain when I feature our full wedding, we went for the other song but it was close!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen speaks for itself really. Bob and I love it because its fun, has a rock n roll vibe to it that we love and reminds us of Elvis and it’s sung by Freddie Mercury – need I say more!?

Enjoy this one peeps – it is an awesome alternative first dance love song…..

Big Love

Mrs Dunstone – yeah baby!!! xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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