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Afternoon and Happy Hump Day! We have a bit of a classic TUNE to share with you for today’s Independent Love Song. It is the iconic song Purple Rain which was written and performed by Prince, an incredible artist who sadly passed away this year. We have lost quite a few music giants in 2016 but I have to say that Prince was a huge shock. I couldn’t believe it when the news was announced. Like David Bowie, the music industry will never be the same without him.

Purple Rain was chosen by Ed and Jo who’s super chilled farm wedding we featured yesterday (if you missed it please click here). The reasons they chose this song are described below and I have to say, it is a great story. They also have a great idea for those of you who like the idea of a first dance, but don’t like the idea of everyone staring at you! I’ll give you a clue – a curtain. Read on to find out more……

We have been to lots of festivals and seen some great bands and were lucky enough to see Prince live. It was at the Open’er Festival in Poland in 2010. We were watching Pulp and it was pouring down with the rain, driving into the stage. Prince was on next but we were convinced he wouldn’t perform. There were no delays and he came out on stage. We couldn’t believe it, he was incredible and still the best artist I have ever seen. There were about 5 encores, the crowd were amazing and he seemed to be loving it.

Everyone was chanting purple rain and this was the last song he played. Purple confetti was sprayed over the crowd. I put some in my pocket and refer to it as ‘my purple rain’. It was an amazing moment and I still get goose pimples every time I hear it. I think we even joked at the time if we got married it would be our first dance! We were really saddened by the news of this death a few months ago and were really picky with our wedding band choice as we wanted a band that would do this song some justice. Juke Box were fantastic and performed it brilliantly! We were nervous about the first dance and thought it would be great to be hidden for part of it so we have a reveal curtain in front of the dance floor! Jack and Hannah ( brother and sister in law), Nicky and Jim (Aunty and uncle) seamlessly pulled up the curtain as purple rain played out.

As Ed and Jo saw Prince perform Purple Rain live, we are going to share a video of him performing live in 2007. So here it is………enjoy:

Watching this video has made me so so sad – the world really has lost such an incredible talent.

RIP Prince.

Big Music Love

Laura xx

Image Credit: Rocksalt Photography


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