I love Paolo Nutini – he’s a complete dude and his music rocks especially this song!

If I had to choose 10 of my favourite feel good songs, this baby would be in the top 5 as it never fails to get my toes tapping and my shoulders bouncing – I love it!!!

Pencil Full of Lead is a song about life, love and all the things in the world we have as individuals to be happy about. It’s about the glass being half full rather than half empty and with the current news on the economy I think we could all do with a bit of  positive energy! Times are incredibly tough, I don’t know anyone who isn’t being affected by this rubbish recession, but if you actually look around you we have a lot to be happy for and that’s what this song is about – appreciating the smaller things in life especially the ones you love.

It’s also a fantastic choice as your first dance as it’s guaranteed to get everyone in the party mood and, like I said, it’s about all the good things in life……………..

“But best of all……I’ve got my baby”

Well said Mr Nutini!

Get ready to bounce up and down guys – this is Paolo singing live at the Eden Project and it’s awesome!

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