Today’s Independent Love Song is chosen by Tom and Katie whose gorgeous relaxed and informal farm wedding we featured earlier today. If you missed it then click here.

They chose a golden oldie that I have absolutely loved listening too today after such a long time. What makes this song choice that extra bit special is it was sung on the day by Katie’s Father In Law.

Katie explains why they chose Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World…..

“This came about due to the Father in Law not wanting to do a speech however he then said he would sing. (I the bride had heard him sing this particular song once before therefore I requested it. ) Everyone was amazed and shocked at the moment. It was truly a unique moment just for us.”

As Tom’s Father sang a live version of this song, I thought it was only right we shared a version of Louis singing this live as well.


Have a good evening peeps.

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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