Happy Monday Peeps – and what a lovely one it is too!

Hope you all had a chance to soak up some rays this weekend? Kel and I had a full on few days but we did manage to fit in a sneaky vino or two in the sun in between meetings! It had to be done – the weather was just calling for it!

One of the highlights of our weekend was visiting the Volks World Show on Sunday where we spent most of the day working out how we can afford and justify buying our very own Festival Brides VW Split Screen Camper! It’s been a dream of ours for a while now, especially as I lived out of my friend’s van called Bumbles for 3 months whilts travelling Australia – check her out:

Our very own original VW camper would just be amazing and imagine the road trips!? We have to have one – they are just too cool!

Whilst at the show we got to meet Nathalie of Buttercup Bus who is just all things lovely. She had her gorgeous daughter Saffron with her who is only 8 weeks old and is too cute for words, so not only do I want a camper but I also want baby as well – poor Bob!

Nathalie wrote a fab review on the show on her uber cool blog and there’s even a pic of us on there!

We will be featuring one of Nathalie’s awesome campers (Pushka – click here for more info) in our festival brides shoot which we’ve been busy planning all weekend so we’re very excited about working with her in the near future.

I heard today’s Independent Love Song for the first time last week when it was recommended on twitter by Lauren Lavern. Her 6 music show always introduces me to awesome new music so I clicked on her twitter link and treated my ears once again to a beautiful alternative love song.

The lyrics are fab – this one is an indie keeper guys………….enjoy:

Big Love

Festival Brides x

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