We have our first real wedding alternative love song!!! Whoop whoop!

For those of you who have been following our feature on Steph and Dave’s amazing festival wedding will have been waiting for this awesome alternative first dance love song – our first real wedding Independent love song to be featured!

This will be the last post for Steph and Dave’s Real Festival Wedding. We are sad because we just want to talk about it forever and ever!

We asked them what their favourite moment of the day was and this was their response:

‘I have to say it has to be our first dance! After many different choices we realised that we didn’t want to go for a slow dance, neither anything too obvious as to be honest, we both spent our first years together raving to dance music not slow love songs!

We finally realised that we had to play our favourite song that we both love to pieces and spent many late nights dancing in our lounge playing it, shared with friends and family too!!

It was Fleetwood Macs Everywhere!! I have to say it was pure magic! The look on everyone’s faces we will remember forever as the room was a light with love and smiles!!

Our friends surprised us with 5 huge confetti bombs which exploded around us as we span around in each others arms. I can truly say we were both so happy!! The dance floor was bursting full within seconds of the song starting, everyone around us in a circle!! Pure magic and we felt so overwhelmed and blessed.

So here it is guys!! Our first real wedding alternative love song!

Made my Monday as I haven’t heard this tune for years!! What a cracker – AWESOME choice Mr and Mrs Jevons….

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