Morning Lovely People,

I know you were expecting to see part 3 of my wedding today but I’m afraid I may have slightly underestimated how much time it was going to take! I have had so much to say about our wedding decor, our amazing photographers Cotton Candy Weddings, how thankful I am to all my friends and family that helped and all the other elements that made our day so special that it’s still not finished! Rather than rushing, I have decided to leave you waiting a little bit longer but I promise it will be worth it.

If you’re new to Festival Brides and wondering what I’m talking about……I got married on the 4th May – Yay! If you want to read my current wedding ramblings then check out our video post, part 1 and part 2.

And note to self – next time you set a target, make sure you know you’re going to meet it! Guess we’ve all done it right?

In the meantime I thought I would share our first dance with you.

Most of you will be aware that every Monday we run a feature called Independent Love Song. The aim of the feature is to share, inspire and suggest alternative first dance love songs. It’s also an excuse for me to blog some of  my favourite songs!

Choosing your first dance isn’t always an obvious choice. Many couples may have a particular song that they share a mutual passion for and represents their relationship but what if you have more than one song? Or the song that you do have isn’t really first dance material (I still think Flight of The Concords ‘Business Time’ would have gone down a treat at our wedding!).

For Bob and I it was a mixture of the above. We don’t really have just one song. We have a long list of songs! Our whole relationship has been based around music starting with my uni days where Bob would come to stay and we would do the washing up to Kings Of Leon’s first and second albums, The Zutons Who Killed……….The Zutons and The Streets A Grand Don’t Come for Free. I know what you’re thinking and yes, sometimes it would take at least 2 of those albums to tidy our student kitchen!

When we first moved in together we were constantly listening to all sorts of weird and wonderful music. I think at one point we were secretly in competition with each other at who could discover the next best thing! Pretty confident I won when I brought home Caravan Palace but Bob will disagree and say it was his discovery of Hobo by Charlie Winston that pipped me to the post! And maybe he’s right because it was a song from that album that ended up being our first dance.

When it came to making that all important decision, we looked back at our relationship and said what artist have we listened to the most? What album have we spent long car journeys singing too at the top of our voices!? What songs on that album have made us feel lucky we’ve found each other? It was a no brainer when we really thought about it.

Charlie Winston’s I Love Your Smile is quite simple a TUNE! It has fantastic lyrics coupled with Charlie’s amazing voice and awesome music that’s a mixture of jazz, blues and folk – it’s quite simply got everything.

We chose this song for 2 reasons. Firstly, the lyrics mean a lot to Bob and I. Whenever this song comes on Bob always gives me a look that says listen and take note. Secondly, we love the fact that it starts slow and then builds and builds into one big jazz/swing fest that is guaranteed to get you bopping along. To us it was the perfect choice to kick start our married life together.

Dancing to this song on our wedding night was just epic and will be a moment I will never forget. As soon as the song picked up the tempo everyone was on the dance floor with us! Pretty sure the best man and ushers were trying to pick us up at one point or maybe it was each other!! Either way it was awesome.

So here it is……..our first dance.

Hope you love this one as much as I do.

Ahem……Audrey Tartou and Charlie Winston in a video together? Hot Hot HOT.

So have you decided on your first dance yet? Would love to know your options so don’t be shy folks and leave a comment below!

Part 3 of our wedding will be up soon – I’m not going to say when as I am learning from my mistakes like a good girl!

Have a lovely Thursday peeps. The weekend is almost here!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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