So the weather is miserable, I’m cold and we have half of the neighbourhood’s cats using our front garden as a litter tray, so I’m feeling a little bit pee’d off to say the least! When thinking about a song to suggest as an Independent Love Song, I was going to go down the whole Ben Foulds route but then I might actually start to cry (and yes the poo is that bad – the little *******’s are even pooing in our plant pots – grrrrrrrrrrrr).

What I need is a love song that is up-beat and maybe even a little bit cheesy………what the heck, I need something to blow away the Monday cobwebs!

Sooooooooooooo pump up the volume people, pull out your 80’s shell suit and dance your little butt off to this beauty! It’s the perfect first dance love song to get the party started!

Enjoy x

Gotta love the early 90’s music videos!

Big big Love

Festival Brides xx

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Wedding beauty on its way!