Ok so picture the scene…………………………it’s a Saturday night and I have my uni friends down to stay for the weekend. After a few vodkas (ok…..maybe more like 6) we’re still waiting for our taxi to arrive so I decide to put on my 100% Pure Old Skool Club Classics CD (I’m so cool) and we start to have our own little party in the front room!

When this song came on we all started to sing at the top of our voices, threw our arms around each other (as you do) and then started pulling out some classic old skool dance moves! During this little moment, and in my drunken state, I thought………what an awesome first dance love song! It’s about love (well obviously) and the security of being in love but it’s also a fab track to get the party started and will set the tone perfectly for the rest of your night.

So today’s Independent Love Song is inspired by my drunken night out with my besties!


Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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