Happy Monday Peeps!

Hope you all had a good weekend. Anyone do anything nice for Mother’s Day?

I had a really special weekend wedding dress shopping with my Mum. Ladies, if you haven’t been yet then you are in for a treat! We visited two very different but equally stunning bridal boutiques, both in Tunbridge Wells, and I absolutely loved trying on some of the wedding industry’s most stunning dresses! Tripping out of the changing rooms (why do they make the samples so long!?) and seeing my mum’s reaction each time was very special especially when I stepped out in what could be ‘the one.’ Honeslty, nothing can explain the feeling you have when you bring a tear to your mums eye in a dress that makes you feel like your a million dollars. I genuinely didn’t expect to come over all emotional but it kind of just happened!

Anyway, before I give too much away I am planning on doing a more detailed blog post on my wedding dress shopping experience so we shall leave it there for now……………………to be continued!

As its been a pretty amazing weekend, I thought it would only be right to choose a pretty amazing first dance song for today’s Independent Love Song. If I’m being completely honest, this choice is a teeny weeny bit traditional BUT…..and hear me out………..it is one of the cooler tradtional love songs! It’s also Bob’s favourite all time love song and that boy has excellent music taste – trust me!

It is The Beach Boy’s God Only Knows from the amazing album Pet Sounds.

It’s a charming, honest, beautiful and lyrically simple love song and the perfect companion to a loved up couple on their wedding day. It also comes with awesome melodies that will have your shoulders swaying!

Enjoy x

Big Love

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