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Today’s Independent Love Song is brought to you by Rhian and Toan whose DIY Festival wedding we featured last week – if you missed it, click here for a gander.

You may remember that we first featured ‘All I Want is You’ by Barry Louis Polisar back in June and it went down a treat. The fact that Rhian and Toan chose this song for their first dance  just goes to show what an awesome alternative love song it really is so we thought, what the heck, we’ll post it again!

Rhian filled us in as to why they chose this quirky and fun love song………..

“We chose the song from Juno mainly because we just love it. We were watching the film and the song came on, way before we were engaged and we just loved it and were like ‘ah this song is for us’ in that cheesy way you do when you know that nobody is watching and hopefully no-one will ever find out!

I really didn’t want to do a first dance because I didn’t want any formal wedding stuff but we had it down as a back up in case I changed my mind. The song is really chirpy and folksy and gets across how we feel, without being a smoochy ballad, so for us that fitted in with the wedding as we just wanted a big party in the garden and with no formalities. We did dance to it in the end after some persuasion from our brilliant DJ (and making our bridesmaids agree to come on as soon as possible) and I did really enjoy it in the end, it was just another happy moment.

One of my friends told me afterwards that he couldn’t be bothered to come in for the first dance because he was sat outside in the sunshine on a hay bale, but that he sat out there listening to the song thinking ‘ah yes this is perfect for them’ and that made me very happy as it meant our pals were just enjoying the party and did their own thing without having to adhere to any wedding ‘traditions’. And that was all we wanted really!”

Enjoy lovely people xx

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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