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For those of you who are still searching for your perfect wedding venue, here’s a Q&A I’ve written with You and Your Wedding about my trials and tribulations of finding our venue and how in the end it all comes down to compromise.

If you are struggling or feeling deflated by the many obstacles that can be or have already been thrown at you during your search then please give this article a read. I felt exactly the same when looking for our venue and I know how stressful it can be so the tips and advice I give come from genuine experience.

To give you an idea of what the article is about – here is a little snippet:

What were the most challenging things you encountered whilst looking for your wedding venue? 

Finding a venue that was going to suit a festival style/outdoor wedding and that was licenced for legal ceremonies in Kent. We searched for months trying to find something suitable but all the venues that lend themselves to outdoor/festival style weddings were either not licensed or held far too many limitations which did not suit Bob and I. We didn’t want to join the conveyor belt of being just another wedding crammed into 1 weekend – we wanted to find somewhere that we could exclusively hire for the whole weekend and where we had the freedom to use our own suppliers.

What advice can you give to brides who are daunted by the prospect of beginning the search for a wedding venue? 

Really think about what is the most important thing/s to you and your partner on your wedding day. Is it finding a venue that is visually stunning or finding somewhere that gives you the freedom to have the wedding of your dreams? Write down a list of must haves, your realistic budget and then begin your search based on that. Also, you don’t have to find your venue straight away so don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Part of the fun of wedding planning is visiting lots of places to get an idea and feel for what is available. By visiting lots of venues you will quickly begin to learn what’s important to you both and then you will start to narrow down your search and eventually find your dream venue. 

Also, research well. Think about the style of wedding you would like to have and then base your search on keywords surrounding that. For example, if you would like to get married in a woodland then search for ‘woodland wedding venues’ in your desired location. 

Wedding blogs are also an excellent way of finding a venue as they will feature real weddings with links to the venues. Find a blog that suits your style and then begin your search. Websites like Pinterest are also a great source of inspiration – it’s a really useful planning tool that makes it easy for you to bookmark and categorise all your ideas.

You can read the full article here and if you would like to have a good old nose through my wedding photos then click here!

If you still haven’t found your venue then check out our land hire and venue page for Festival and Outdoor style wedding venues. You can also view the venues listed in our Directory.

Good luck and remember we are only ever an email away if you need any advice in your wedding planning.

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