Ladies, ladies, ladies! Have a got a TREAT for you this morning.

I’ve had so much fun getting involved in this little post, together, the lovely Flowers by Breige and I have been secretly pinning our little hearts out over a massive trend right now: pressed flowers.

We’re talking wearing them, eating them decorating with them… You name it, Breige and I pinned it!

So, join me in kicking back this morning, brew in hand and let our lovely guest dress you from Head to Toe in Flowers by Breige…


Hello lovely readers, Breige here!

Today’s post is quite simply about the pure joy of preserved & pressed flowers, so get ready to enjoy the most floral of experiences.  

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This summer has seen a huge trend in flowers on every level and it just keeps on growing…. With vibrant embroidered fabrics, flowers in our hair, delicious edible flowers and floral adornment from head to toe we Just cannot get enough of them and I am so excited to share them with you.

Setting the scene with a super warm summers day for our bridal extravaganza we begin our post… ”Really?” I hear you say, yes really! There’s still opportunity for a little more sunshine this year and I can tell you these flower trends are gonna deliver just that.  Let the festival bride within you be covered in flowers and hopefully you will be as inspired as I am by this floral fusion of inspiration. So hang up your flowers whether its delicate flower garlands strung from the ceilings or luscious big blooms decorating your cakes, today is all about a floral Journey like no other with the flowers doing most of the work.



image8 image9

image6 7Left: Burnett’s Boards  Right: Like a Field Mouse

After a cooling riverside dip, we are now ready to take a closer look at this leading summer trend, a craze thats sweeping the nation. It’s the good old simple craft of pressed & preserved flowers, but this revival has taken on an even funkier look than ever before. 

So cover me in flowers

This pretty little trend is created by delicately sticking real pressed petals to our skin (using vaseline or eyelash glue, something skin friendly of course). Check out theses little beauties to inspire floral body art, from the oh so natural approach of using actual dried petals to sweet little watercolour floral transfers.

image10 13 Left: Etsy  Right: Enjoy the Kiss

image11 image11a image12 image12a

Nailed It

If tattoo flowers are not your thing then fear not, there is still another opportunity to adorn yourself and it comes through the more practical pursuit of nail art. You can now  buy floral nail kits filled with pre-dried and pressed flowers to decorate your own nails. How cool is that? 

image14 14aLeft: Makeup Tips and Ideas  Right: Gallery Hip

Edible: Pressed, Preserved & Infused

So now you are suitably covered in flowers lets take a look at another inspiring way to keep the flowers blooming within you…


…Of course it comes in the form of food! Let’s delight in a refreshing summer cheer with edible flowers strewn across our cakes, flower filled ice cubes, rose bud macaroons and ice creams infused with yumminess. 

image16 image17 18 Left: Wedding O Mania  Right: Ginny Branchimage19 20Left: Another Mag  Right: Another Mag 

Just beautiful, aren’t they?! And there’s still more…


image22 image23 image24

She Dreams in Flowers

To dream of flowers is where I leave you, to smile at their pretty little faces and take in their delicate scent. Let’s lie back and imagine the ways in which we love them… To Wear them? To Eat them? To Hold them or Preserve them? What festival bride could live without flowers in their day? This crafty trend is surely here to stay.

image25 image26 image27

I mean! Thanks so much to Breige for this magical, dreamy post. I’m totally besotted with the all-natural dried flower tattoos, what a beautiful way to adorn your body!

Peace + Love,

Clare X

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