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You may remember a few weeks ago we mentioned that one of our favourite bridal labels, Australian brand Grace Loves Lace, was heading over to our blighty shores for their first ever UK trunk show. This exciting event was put together to give UK brides the opportunity to try on and purchase their beautiful french lace dresses in person for the first time – something I would have given my left arm for when I was planning my wedding!

This morning at London’s Clerkenwell Gallery at 10am, they opened their doors for their first day of appointments with UK brides. We are so excited to have them here in the UK and are even more excited for the brides who were lucky enough to get an appointment.

To celebrate, we thought we would share with you their amazing campaign shoot for their ‘Untamed Romance’ collection which launched in March.

Captured beautifully by Kane Skenner and featuring stunning images of the Australian landscape, this shoot really does epitomise the wild and untamed heart of Grace Loves Lace and their gorgeous dresses….

Where Romance Hangs Inexorably

Grace Loves Lace: In a land adorned with the ghost of Australian legends and the vivid, inebriating landscape, we sought to showcase our proud Australian heritage. It was in this consuming and magical place we breathed life into a redefining collection of impeccable textiles and luxurious silhouettes. Over the four days of shooting this campaign, we went only where horse would go and where man dares to adventure. Our team became family as we embraced the harsh and magnificent alpine Australia elements together, to manifest this visual repast.

We invite you to become enamoured in the days where man and horse were one, where romance hangs inexorably in the air, and where the beauty of the wild dominates. We invite you to be captivated by Untamed Romance.

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Dresses in order of appearance: Francis, Valentina, Dakota, Noah, Hendrix, Alexandra, Dakota, Genevieve, Lily, Cordelia, Francis, Valentina, Valentina & FrancisGenevieveAlexandra, Phoenix, Hendrix and Bambi

For more information on Grace Loves Lace and details on how to purchase their gorgeous collection, please visit their website.

The Line Up

Photography: Kane Skenner
Photography assistant: Robert Saponja
Make Up: Ania Milczarczyk
Hair: Elina Valttila
Models: Gigi Midgley and Monika Clarke
Videography: Beren Hall
Art direction and styling: Megan Ziems and Julia Koenig

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