Morning all… How foggy is your head today!!? Yep you guessed it we are feeling the festival hang this morning – After another epic In the woods festival, our throats are raspy and our eyes are heavy with the visions from the weekend – So inspired by everything we felt, saw and heard!!

Highlights for me have to be Laura Marling on Friday night, Laura J Martin, Nao, the awesome Kate Tempest, Charlie Cunningham (yeah we could be related) Toddla-T’s DJ Set on Saturday night which made me feel young again but kinda old! We wish we could have seen more but we were busy filming and photographing this year. We spent Friday evening with an awesome pair of photographers We heart Pictures who totally had their work cut out doing some profile shots of us at the Festival… In between breastfeeding, crying babies, food, beer and loo stops the shoot went on a bit but Hector was totally amazing… We also met his partner in crime Charlie and their gorgeous little girl Olive. Flo enjoyed rocking out with Olive to a bit of Jazz and also tearing up the hay bales!! So thanks guys for the time. We hope it will be a little bit more chilled next time we meet and hang out.

So to keep you inspired this Monday morning, here are We heart Pictures take on Glastonbury Festival!! Some fab shots to inspire your festival wedding….

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0001 DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRO
We love it when wedding photographers send us shots of their festival antics.. It shows their other side, their fun side and what they like to capture when not shooting weddings. These guys are a truly free spirited duo and we were inspired to spend just a few hours with them. So here are some of their great Glastonbury shots, most from 2011!

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0003 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0004 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0009 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0008 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0007 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0006 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0005 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0010

Although festivals are huge productions, we enjoy soaking up the creative stimulation and then applying elements to our own lives. A place so full of love for all the senses, its easy to get lost in another world! Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0011

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0025

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0024

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0023

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0022

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0021

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0020

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0019

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0018

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0017

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0016

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0015

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0014

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0013

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0012

Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0029 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0028 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0027 Festival Brides_weheartpictures1-0026
Thanks to We Heart Pictures for sharing their festival experience with us… xx

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