We are so excited to share with you the perfect dresses for your Festival Wedding…………..Introducing Delphine Manivet!!

French designer Delphine Manivet is causing quite a stir within the fashion world and it’s easy to see why – her dresses are simply stunning!! She studied fashion design in Paris and worked for Rochas, but very quickly realised that she wanted to open her own fashion house which she did in 2004.

Delphine Manivet has given brides the gift of whimsical and romantic ‘boho’ style dresses – her signature style is laid back and effortlessly beautiful with no fuss!!

From left to right : Adrien, Aime, Capacin, Apollinaire Lazard, Galilee, Gaston, Hecto and Honorin. View the full collection on Delphine Manivet

We love love love the Manteau Vintage design seen below. It’s just perfect for a festival bride!! Step away from the ruffled ballgown and embrace vintage lace and fringing… But just to be on the safe side it’s probably best to try on a few more dresses, just to make sure – We also love the Capucin, Gaston, Aime… Can we just have them all!! Please x

Delphine Manivet is only available at Browns Bride in the UK – 12 HINDE STREET, LONDON, W1U 3BE

T:  +44(0)20 7514 0039

E:  brownswebsite@brownsfashion.com

Mon-Sat: 11.00am-6.00pm   Sunday: Closed
Images © Delphine Manivet


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