I’ve had to wait a few weeks to introduce this fab company to you!! As well as expecting a baby today, I also had our Anniversary to think about which falls on the same day.. Nick and I met 10 years ago on 21st November!! I’m such a sentimental bugger that I wanted to find a gift thats really summed up our 10 years together and visually showed that time… I was stumped between a materialistic sentiment and something more artwork based that could be admired on the wall. I contacted my blogger friend Kate who also runs an inspirational interior blog called Peg London. I always go to her to swap creative ideas!! She suggested this fab company called Free your Photos…..

Free Your Photos wants you to liberate your photographs by sending them over…. They use them to create a lovely unique art print you can hang on your wall!!

All you have to do is pick your favourite print, place your order and then once your order confirmation comes through just reply to that email attaching your photos. Then leave the rest to them.

With backgrounds in graphic design and art direction you can trust them to create the perfect print from your photos. As part of our service they will choose the best crop of your photos, lightening, brightening and extending your shots where needed to ensure your photos look the best they can. Then once your artwork is complete, it is printed and posted out straight to your door.

Here are some of our favourite samples/options to choose from…

Great for families

Maybe you have a new edition to the family or just want to document a special year.. We love the quirky Totem Pole!!

Geometric_origami_600x800_frame3_1024x1024Totem_Pole_600x800_3pRed_1024x1024 Stacking_Shapes_DEgg_4p_FathersDay_1024x1024

Wedding gifts and memories

Maybe you want to document your day in an arty way and this idea is perfect for doing so. Mixing graphics with your photos to create a unique print. Also a great gift idea to a newly wed couple.

LovePatchwork_heart_mantle_600x800_1024x1024Lettered /Name Art

Again great for kids or newborn gifts!! Document the year, name and image. A great option when stuck for unique gifts and makes a change from toys and clothes..

Alphabet_600x800_A_1024x1024 AlphabetChart_White_P_1024x1024For the Traveller

My favourite print and the one I chose as a gift. Mainly because of how many pictures can fit on the one print. Maybe you had an amazing year, holiday and you just want to visually show the happiness in your photos. This is the option for you. Choose for two colour ways.

Triangle_Travels_A3_frame_1024x1024Spoilt for choice.. Then go for a voucher so your receiver can choose their own print and photos. What a great gift idea for christmas.. Be quick though as deadlines for artwork are just around the corner. www.freeyourphotos.co.uk 


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Wedding beauty on its way!