You can never be sure if there will be a bit of a chill on your wedding day!! Take this week for example…Summer where art thou?

Invest in a beautiful shawl, cape or blanket to keep your shoulders warm!! Look for printed kimonos or heavily embroidered blankets – They look great in pictures as a contrast to your white dress. Or opt for a delicate beaded or lace number, not great for warmth but a pretty and soft contrast to your dress. Check out the inspiration below.. We just love the contrasting colours in the lavender field.. The brighter the better!!



We love BHLDN for pretty vintage inspired attire and decor. They have a lovely selection of capes – Choose from the Trickling Capelet, Rose Garden Cape, Celestial Cover Up or Creme De Menthe Topper!!

It is also a good idea to look at fashion sites such as Topshop, River Island and ASOS. Search for kimonos and you will be sure to find some bright beautiful numbers!!


From the top to the bottom 1. River Island Coachella Kimono 2. Beautiful soft print Kimono by Winter Kate 3. Crochet Cardi with fringing

We hope we have inspired you with some alternative cover ups!!

Big love

Festival Brides xx


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Wedding beauty on its way!