Happy Friday Peeps!

The weekend is nigh! Only a few more hours and then it’s beer o’clock (well……..elderflower presse o’clock for bump and I. Only 5 more weeks till this little one makes an appearance and then I will be pouring myself a very large G&T!)

For today’s Free Spirited Friday I wanted to share with you a new band that has been rocking my headphones for the last 2 weeks. Think Nick Cave meets rock ‘n’ roll and you will have pretty much summed up Glaswegian band The Amazing Snakeheads. You’ve heard it here first – this band is going to be huge! As in Arcade Fire and The National huge.

In my opinion, The Amazing Snakeheads has put the cool back into rock n roll. Their music is intense, their lyrics are clever, their guitar rips are contagious and Dale Barclay’s vocals has this sexy edge to it that I could just listen to all day. But don’t just take my word for it – check out this review by The Guardian who are just excited about them as I am!

Here is Here It Comes Again from their new album, Amphetamine Ballads which is out now and well worth a purchase.

Enjoy Peeps…..

The Amazing Snakeheads will be headlining The Secret Garden Party in July and tickets are still available. They are also touring the UK right now – details can be found on their website.

We’ve got tickets to their gig at Dingwells in London and I can’t wait! I just hope baby bump is ready for some very loud and dirty rock n roll music!

Have a lovely weekend peeps.

We shall see your gorgeous faces on Monday.

Big Love

Festival Brides xxx

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