Happy Friday Lovely People,

I’m pretty sure that most of you know by now that I had a baby girl on the 2nd June 2014 named India-Rose Emilia Dunstone. India after my favourite country, Rose because I think its pretty and Emilia because on the day she was born and I stared into those deep blue eyes for the first time, the name Emilia popped into my head. We’d already decided on India-Rose for a girl way before I had even fallen pregnant but a middle name was left undecided. As it turns out, Emilia is actually the middle name of my great great grandmother on my mothers side so maybe she was whispering in my ear that day.

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you first look into your baby’s eyes, nor can you be prepared for the unconditional love that takes hold of you in a single tiny baby heartbeat. It’s overwhelming.

I would be lying if I said giving birth to India was easy, because it wasn’t. 3 days of labour and an hour and a half of pushing really did take everything out of me but when she was born and immediately placed into my arms, it was as if the past 72 hours hadn’t even happened. My exhaustion completely disappeared and was instead replaced with the biggest natural high you can ever imagine. I was captivated by this tiny little person and have been ever since.

I assure you now that we have no intention of making any part of Festival Brides about our babies but I couldn’t let this moment in my life pass without sharing it with you all.

So here she is…………………my little Festival Baby.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Big Baby Love

Laura xxx

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