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Could it be – Has summer gone for good??!!? Hoping and praying that it has not as we are busy planning our next shoot on a beach!! And yes the beach is in the UK. What are we doing? Anyway we are full of hopefully thinking – We have had an Indian summer before and it can happen again, but I can’t help thinking we have had a our lot of the shine this year!!

We just were not ready for the change this week and I don’t know if its the heavyness of the clouds or the fact its Friday 13th, but things feel a little stange on the barometer scale!!

Staying positive we are busy looking for elaborate head dresses (feathered and jewelled) and statement jewels so do get in touch if you a supplier wanting to get involved. Send us an email

Wish us luck, oh maybe do a little sun dance for us this weekend!! xx

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Wedding beauty on its way!