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Morning…. Did I actually just blink and October is over? So hello.. November – The month before xmas and when I start to panic about everything that needs to be done for the festive season. With a baby due on the 21st of this month I’m kinda burying my head on the Autumn leaves and thinking I can just have a break from Xmas this year?!!? I would love to be one of those organised individuals who has everything bought and wrapped by 5th November.. (it will never happen)

This also brings me onto Halloween which in case you missed it happened yesterday.. Sorry there were no H related posts but I really have to questions the relevance for wedding inspiration, apart from the fact that pumpkins are pretty and orange!! Maybe motherhood will change me but I just don’t get the whole dress up, scare yourself thing.. (Maybe this is a childhood memory I would rather forget?)

So for November – it’s all about cosying up, getting inspired by online shopping, walks in the woods, baking cakes, sipping on warm hot chocolate, oh and some well deserved warming tipples once the bubba arrives!!

XX Enjoy November….. The calm before the storm!!

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