9What up Wednesday peeps!

Today we’re gonna be taking things below sea level with a series of seriously BEAUT underwater photo shoots to set your minds a-whirling!

‘Underwater, what?!’

…I can hear you gals now! Haha! So, I’m not advocating taking on the plunge on your wedding day, but I am totally suggesting an underwater shoot for your engagement or as a totally awesome post-wedding / ‘trash the dress’ concept.

So, having researched this post, I am now entirely of the the opinion that everything looks a hundred times more magical underwater: long hair elegantly dances around the neck, gravity-defying poses are achieved with grace and ease, layers of chiffon glide delicately with the current and the lighting (OH, the lighting!) ripples slowly across submerged skin… ‘Magic’ really is the word.

Now, I’m not saying a grand manor house sunken sub water-level is entirely achievable (!), but check out the drama…

5Beautifully shadowed bubbles? Check.

Major dress drama? Absolutely, check.

Twinkling, refracted light? Always, check.

…Add to that the sheer class of a black and white shot and you have yourself one seriously gorgeous image!

We LOVE the originality of a monochrome underwater shot: quirky ‘half-face’ portraits, stunningly delicate shapes and seriously striking lighting… Yeah, we’re sold on that.

423121062211‘Stunning’ just doesn’t quite do it justice does it?!

Of course, we are also totally besotted with the colours of subaquatic photos also, vivid blues that enhance the vitality and glow of natural skin tones and really set off the crisp white of a wedding dress, who wouldn’t want a bit o’that?!

Delicate and elegant whilst remaining visually rich and vibrant… Really, j’adore!

17723…And just incase you’re sat there thinking:

‘That’s all well and good, but I ain’t got no ballerina skills, Clare!’

…You don’t have to be Darcy Bussell to create beautiful shapes underwater! Check out the shot below; simple and understated, she’s letting the colours and dress do all the talking…

Seriously, where’s the nearest pool?!

3413114Water really shows off the layers and texture of the dress so gorgeously, right?!

Now, every shoot needs a portrait shot and underwater portraits are just everything. With oodles of graceful, mermaid-like charm, we love the addition of a subaquatic style crown or those red feathers, they really bring the portrait to life…

151619Or, course, if you’re trashing the dress, y’all should probably trash the veil and accessories too, right?!

2024An underwater ring shot?! COME ON, it’s just too good!

Of course, this concept works beautifully for both guys and girls, making it an incredible engagement shoot idea.

There’s just something so wonderfully raw and under-done about these sea shots or, if you head to your town’s nearest pool, the images gain a really quirky, playful edge that we just love!

2821Left: Destination Wedding Mag  Right: Pretty Practical Bride

2532I’ve never seen a Save the Date like it, the dress against the blue backdrop is just so striking isn’t it?

18Now, I’m a Pisces and have always loved being underwater, but I get that it’s not for everyone! You might wanna hit up some dryer shots before getting yourself entirely soaked (ha, fair play!) or maybe your photographer doesn’t have the equipment for subaquatic shots…

Whelp! No worries, because these partially submerged style shots are a major hit right now! Taken above water level, they embrace hints of the elegant shapes water produces, while allowing for some really interesting, free-spirited portraiture.

If you love a bit of drama and a good dose of artistry, why let your photo shoot be like the rest? I dare you to get wet!

26303138 Finally, we’re absolutey head-over-heels for this concept here at Festival Brides: old bath + floating petals.

If you’re gonna go for the partially submerged thing, you might want to introduce another element to enhance the shots: the colour and added texture of a scattering of petals lifts the shots beautifully.

2940273533363739You could even do a bit of a boudoir / ‘for his eyes only’ shoot using this concept; it’s a whole new level of sass!

The equation is simple and unwavering: Water + Chiffon + Petals = Free-Spirited Cool

It just works, beautifully.

I totally dare you to take the plunge!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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