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What do you get if you cross a stylish, Urban Outfitters, Free People loving girl and a whole load of brains, with a specialism in Maths and Astronomy? It’s a rough formula but the outcome is pretty much Eclectic Eccentricity. The UK indie jewellery brand was set up by Astro Mathematics student Lucy Crick, from humble beginnings on her living room table back in 2007 to a global brand producing some of the cutest and coolest jewellery out there, but still with a completely personal touch.

One from the Muse Collection by Joanna Millington

Many hours are spent on the stories behind each piece, with whole ranges inspired by heroic women from history, Heroine, as well as space and science, Cosmos, it’s all rather rad.

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It embraces the femininity and romantic feel a chica wants on her wedding day, but with plenty of free spirited fun, quirk and edge thrown in, with geometric simple motifs, as well as raw gem stones, its defo more tailored to the boho bride. If you’re a boho, festie bride that loves is kind of a little bit of nerd too then all the better, with pieces like mini astronaut cutie I JUST NEED SOME SPACE, MAN and 9 plant Solar System necklace PERFECT ALIGNMENT showing you like to flex your brain cells as well as the pretties.


Their IG is a must to follow, with all sorts of styling props making their way in from gold pineapples to T-Rex’s to succulents to Luke Skywalker to peonies and striped arrows. It’s Festival chic for the thinking girl and we’re into it.


We love the imagery of their Look Books too, such as these from Joanna Millington (who is an AHMazing wedding ‘tog too), le sigh…

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It was pretty hard to chose to narrow it down, but I think we know you pretty well enough to have chosen 5 pieces we reckon are right up your alley for a free-spirited W-Day accessory…



Channel some bridal gemstone power with these rough point pendants, suspended on brass baroque swags. Perfect for a feature, statement necklace to punctuate with your floaty gown – choose from:

AMETHYST: (purple) believed to bring clarity to the mind of the wearer, encouraging calmness, inner peace and natural intuition. Who doesn’t need that on such an important significant day?

CITRINE: (gold) carrying the energy of the sun, Citrine is believed to be a warm and comforting stone, encouraging a sunny disposition and enhancing creativity. Smiles all round!

QUARTZ: (clear) the ‘Universal Stone’ because this little beauty is believed to be a great all rounder. An energy amplifier, Quartz is thought to enhance meditation and aid in spiritual and emotional growth. No bigger growth spurt of the feelings than locking down your relationship for life! 


Another beautiful chunk of stone, said to promote journey of self discovery, this time a simple Titanium Quartz pendant.

Titanium Quartz, also known as Rainbow Aura Quartz, is the perfect stone for the mind. It is said to centre scattered emotions and aid clarity of thought, clearing unnecessary thoughts and helping you discover your life path.



Now, we don’t want to over shadow the MAIN ring you’ll be acquiring on your big day, but this sweet little number are subtle enough to allow you a little more finger bling as you wed. Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you can’t stack ‘em up, right??  And the arrows symbolise you being pointed in the right direction, straight and true! 



Adorn your head Goddess style with this Athena crown: two oversized leaves point towards a glass pearl drop. Perfect for a bohemian leaning bride but it’s the kind of wardrobe spanning piece that could also see you through the coolest festivals. And also if you are feeling like your colleagues in the office need to worship you just a little bit more 😉



Kuiper has an air of classy cool around it as well as new-age babe. The perfect blue imitation druzy Quartz stones flashes greens and golds, mounted on a simple gold plated setting and gold plated bangle. A special, statement piece for your bridal look, something blue anyone?


For more information on Eclectic Eccentricity and their gorgeous Jewellery, please visit their website by clicking here.

Big shout out to the amazing Rebecca Hoh-Hale for writing this awesome post for us. You will be reading more from this lovely lady in the next few months as she is officially joining the Festival Brides team today. Welcome Becky!

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