Happy Friday everyone.. Have you seen the forecast for the weekend?? It’s good, really good.. so get the BBQ fired up and fill your boots with Pimms -This is summer right here, right now !!

A few weeks ago the other half and I spent a day at Lounge on the Farm in Kent. The weather was truly miserable but we timed our arrival perfectly and the sun came out to play!!

We wondered around Merton Farm in Canterbury soaking up the chilled vibes and live performances in The Meadows. We met some fab suppliers and took lots if photos to inspire ideas for your festival style wedding!!

From wellies filled with flowers to cool art installations, there was lots to see and be inspired by….

I loved the tables made out of wooden pallets, the disheveled sofa and the randomly placed snooker table to create an outdoor lounge..

Straw bales were used everywhere.. to create seating, walls and divides, as well as a brilliant circular arena (which the kids loved). This would make a perfect ceremony area with your guests sat around on the bales whilst your do your ‘I do’s’ in the middle!!

We met the lovely Amie from Canterbury Tipis (soon to be featured on Festival Brides). Sipping on an authentic Chai tea we lounged on the rugs and cushions scattered around the tea temple tipi!!

A fab idea to keep the kids entertained – Design, colour and hang your own bunting.. Makes a great colourful installations. We also loved the hand messages hanging from a washing line. The messages seemed to relate to advice from adults to the children, but this could easily be related to words of wisdom and messages for the bride and groom..

We tasted the sweet delights from The Tea Set… They are pros at festivals and weddingsm so the perfect catering suppliers for a festival wedding…flowers, styling, cakes, ice-cream bikes, vintage china and prop hire. Check them out http://www.the-tea-set.co.uk/

It was so great to be at a festival that was so visually inspiring, displaying so many ideas for a festival style wedding. (We hope our photos have done it justice and inspired you our festival brides)!!

The day ended on a high.. with Chic (Nile Rodgers) and The Charaltans playing the main stage. Do you all remember Chic?? They were and are still the best disco band, with hits like FREAKOUT and WE ARE FAMILY. Their set was amazing and truly got the crowd going. They ended with literally half the festival up on stage with them!!

Nick’s highlight was obviously The Charlatans.. NORTH COUNTRY BOY was awesome live and of course our ears were ringing all the way home.. Signs of a fabulous good festival!!

We love bringing you, our readers real life inspiration from festivals..What have you been inspired by at Festivals this summer (I prefer to now call it it wintmer)!! Do let us know or send us your pictures festivalbrides@gmail.com

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