It’s no secret, we just love festivals!! And we love bringing you, our readers all the inspiration, ideas and concepts we experience so you can incorporate a true festival style for your big bash!!

Wilderness Festival is one of our favourites..It’s on the list for a visit next year.. We have so wanted to go every year but this weekend in August seems to be a popular wedding date amongst friends!! Hopefully we will get to go next year!!

Wilderness is an award winning celebration pioneering extraordinary arts in an exceptional landscape. Lovingly forged by a unique team of curators and partners, an adventure into the Wilderness that will never be forgotten.

You will find wild and eclectic musicians and artists, unmissable long table banquets hosted by artisan chefs along with food workshops. Talks, symposiums and debate bringing all forms of expression leaders & doers from every conceivable field of enquiry to educate, entertain and enlighten. Expect philosophy slams, literary death matches, debates & discussions, sermons, comedy, cabaret.

In the lakes, wilds and woodlands lead lovers and friends down for a swim in the sunshine, recline on a gondola and watch the summer’s sky drift by, master the gentle art of fly-fishing, or just observe with a picnic from the water’s edge.

Enjoy guided foraging walks in one of England’s most ancient forests or explore the Wychwood’s National Nature Reserve on horse back.

And when it all seems a little too much stroll to the Sanctuary lakeside Spa for natural rejuvenation in its gorgeous garden of hot tubs, plunge pool, saunas and champagne bars. To spoil the senses, choose from a majestic menu of massage (including osteopathy, reflexology, and acupuncture), holistic healing and pampering.

This festival is really about the experience and what a wild and beautiful journey they offer in truly stunning surroundings!!

We hope all the ideas and images have helped to create an image / theme for your festival weddings… We love the idea of a wedding picnic by the lake. oh and the hot tubs for after dark!!

Buy your tickets for Wilderness next year …9th – 11th August 2013

(Photography Credit – Benjamin Eagle)

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Wedding beauty on its way!