Phone 533Afternoon beautiful people!

The above image pretty much sums up my experience of wedding planning! With just 9 weeks to plan our alternative day (read more on what that’s like here!) my phone was one of my very best friends, along with large daily doses of iced coffee, my Urban Ears for those moments when it all got a bit much and a momentary escapism was needed and of course a lot of love thrown in the mix!

Now, aside from the obvious necessity of a phone in order to plan a wedding, certain apps on my phone became integral to getting me to that beautiful day in late September last year in a mindful, organised state with an equally calm and well-informed fiancé by my side. So I thought today I’d let you in on some of my best kept app secrets! I mean, no-one like the girl that won’t share her secret to success, right?!

So my top 6 apps for brides (and grooms) to-be look like this:

FolderNow, before you go thinking I’m gonna throw a load of apps at you that are designed with the sole purpose of trying to plan your wedding, I’m most certainly not! No-one can make those tough decisions for you, and it’s impossible to keep all that information in one place.

It just ain’t gonna happen sistah!

No, what I am gonna do is share the apps that I found made the experience of planning as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, so these are all apps that just kinda help with ‘life’ – I remain an avid user of each one to this day!

1. Headspace

t number 1 in both our top apps and our priorities, treat your head right with Headspace. Helping you to be mindful and present in the world (which can be pretty challenging when spending every spare minute planning your wedding!) using Headspace helps to induce calm and clarity.

Head 1A I’ll let them tell you how it works:

‘We like to think of Headspace as a gym membership for the mind. We provide animations, videos and guided meditations via a website and mobile app, to help users learn a skill for life, enabling them to sleep better, focus more and stress less. The techniques are simple, visual and clear – asking beginners to put aside just 10 minutes a day. There’s no chanting, incense, or sitting cross-legged for hours. It’s meditation made simple.’

Check out the stats:

Head 5Head 3Head 4Head 2 I mean, who doesn’t want less stress and anxiety and instead improved focus and creativity?

Seriously, this is my daily grounding and what’s more you can try out the app with their FREE ‘Take 10’ program (this alone got me through our wedding planning!) before subscribing.

FYI, the subscription = TOTALLY worth it, a whole other level of mindfulness!

Head 6Plus, they make meditation accessible and fun, making it an absolute necessity to your daily schedule.

Now, headphones on, press play and relax…

2. Couple

This little app. I MEAN.

My beau and I are such fans! So essentially, the app is a messaging service between only 2 people, but my goodness, it’s so much more too!

Couple 2Couple 3Couple forms a ‘timeline’ of your moments, that is, photos/videos you’ve sent to each other, silly little sketches you’ve drawn to cheer your lover up, little ‘thinking of you’ moments, voice messages… The ways to interact with your other half when you’re apart are endless, fun, creative and just plain cute!

Take a watch of the, rather soppy, but nevertheless informative love story below!

Come on, the ‘Thumbkiss’ is ridiculously cute!

Add to that the customisation available in this app, and the ability to live broadcast your location for 30 minute periods (great if your beau is stuck in traffic, late for a meeting with your venue co-ordinator, so you can see how close he/she is to arriving!) and the BRILLIANT shared ‘To Do’ lists within the app and there you have the reasons why Couple is an app we use everyday and would recommend to any couple!  

Couple 1Couple

3. Trello

The ULTIMATE list making and organisation app!

As the Trello creators describe it:

‘Like a whiteboard with super powers, Trello is simple to use and infinitely flexible. You’ll know exactly what needs to get done, who’s going to do it, and what’s coming up next.’

…Sounds like wedding planning Heaven, right?!

Trello 3Create different boards (as in the above picture), share the board with your mum/chief bridesmaid/fiancé and then, within each board, you can add as many lists, titled however you please (as below), and add ‘cards’ (comments), checklists, photos, videos, PDFs or just who’s currently working on that list’s articles!

I’m seeing a to-do list for each bridesmaid…. *cough Bridezilla cough*


Go ahead and enjoy getting yourself (and everyone else!) organised with Trello!

Ok, so ‘enjoy’ might be a bit strong, I think that’s just me!

TrelloTrello 2Trello 4 and 5

4. Yoga Studio


Here at FBrides HQ we freakin’ LOVE the Yoga Studio app!

So, if you’re already a yoga veteran, you don’t need me to convince you of the benefits to regular practice, but just for all the Yoga virgins, no matter how much you think you’ve got your sh.. together, no matter how inflexible y’all think you are:



Yoga 4Now I’ve got that outta my system, this app.. I die! For those regular class attendees that are struggling to fit it all in with their busy wedding planning schedule, or for those seeking a little extra practice to relieve those moments of stress or facilitate deeper, more refreshing sleep, this little investment features over 24 hours of HD video classes, available for all levels of practice, all of which are fully customisable, or you can go ahead and create your own classes…

Yoga 1 Yoga 3 Yoga 2

5. WaterIn

The WaterIn app is quite simply a lifesaver!

In their own words:

‘WaterIn is a simple App to help remind you to drink water.’

Ha! It sounds so simple right? But in a busy working day, filling every spare moment with calls to the florist, finishing your DIY invites and finding that elusive, perfectly boho headdress, it’s so easy to forget the essentials!

Water 1WaterIn’s helpful little notifications help keep you hydrated, preventing fatigue and headaches and making sure you’re healthy inside and out!

Remember; no amount of makeup will hide dehydrated skin – so make sure you get your fill!

Water 2Water 3

6. My Wonderful Days

Yes it can be stressful, yes it can leave you exhausted, but planning your wedding can also be all kinds of beautiful and an experience you’ll want to look back on.

Keep a journal, as brief or extensive as you like, with My Wonderful Days.

Wonderful 1The excitement of receiving your stunning hammered gold wedding rings, the first time you see that incredible woodland venue and you just *know* it’s the one. That time the groomsmen thought bright red suede brogues were a good suggestion and you couldn’t help but giggle, seeing them all lined up, looking like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Record it all here, with the clean cut, sweet journal, My Wonderful Days.

Wonderful 4Can’t remember when you ordered your dress? Or when your tailor said the guys suits would be ready? Simply search your entries for key words!

Add photos, videos, a passcode if the entries are for your eyes only and a little reminder to help you remember to record the days highlights!

WonderfulWonderful 2So there you have it! All that remains is for me to wish you a happy, calm, organised and shared experience in planning your wedding!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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