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Yah, I know Monday sucks, back to work blues etc. HOWEVER, I’ve got a freakin’ game changer for y’all this Monday: we’re talking to the dude that is Marty of WEDFEST.

So prepare your sleepy Monday morning peepers for an explosion of incredible design and colour, because the WEDFEST stationery is quite simple like nothing you’ve ever seen before and we LOVE IT!



Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name’s Marty and I’m a graphic designer who a few years ago set up a festival and rock’n’roll themed wedding stationery business called WEDFEST. We specialise in designing festival and music themed wedding stationery for Festival Weddings, Rock n Roll weddings, Rockers Weddings, Boho Weddings, Boutique Weddings… Basically anyone looking for some alternative, awesome and unique wedding stationery.

Unsurprisingly my main loves in life are music, festivals and concerts, design and, of course, my beautiful wife Siobhan and bundle of joy/madness, Charlie, who’s 11 months. Aside from that I don’t mind the odd beer and I also think I am a great dancer! The evidence says otherwise!

If you had the chance to go to any Music Festival, which one would it be and why?

I‘ve been lucky in that I’ve been to quite a few different festivals, so many now I’ve lost count! Plus it’s my business to attend festivals, so I have the excuse that these are research trips J

The one that is evading me is Glastonbury however; I just can’t get the tickets for it! Other than Glasto, I’d love to go to Coachella in California! Hopefully within this next 2 years both will have a visit from WEDFEST.


What made you decide to start WEDFEST?

When I got married myself I wanted to add something to the wedding to reflect my love of music and festivals, (this was before themed weddings were all the rage) so I designed us a festival themed wedding table plan in the style of a festival poster. After the wedding I uploaded it to my website and started to get lots and lots of requests to design other couples similar festival themed wedding stationery.

From there it went from designing table plans to wedding invitations, save the dates, thank you cards and all sorts of wedding stationery. Next, I was making festival wristbands, festival style program lanyards and everything in between!

When I felt I had enough of a portfolio of work to showcase, I launched the website to focus primarily on festival themed wedding stationery and from day 1 it has taken on a life of its own.

A major thanks to everyone who supported it including, of course from the very beginning, the beautiful Festival Brides x

N’aww shucks, Marty! So, how would you best describe your stationery design style?

Although a lot of the designs are quite bright and bold there’s definitely something for everyone.

Lots of customers love the bright and bold designs because they have never really seen anything like it before and they are really impacting, so anyone who gets one of these invites in the post or sees the wedding stationery isn’t really going to forget it as it’s really captivating. But there are also much more mellow and muted designs, I do a beautiful range of vintage and rustic style wedding stationery which can be adapted to have a festival/music theme, but also suits a more elegant theme.

At this stage I have so many designs available there really isn’t one style, there really is something for everyone and if you don’t see exactly what you’d like… Well, I’ll just have to design it for you then!




Tell us a little bit more about your wedding collections?

WEDFEST can provide a complete range of wedding stationery. Starting with save the date cards we have made these as festival flyers, festival wristbands, bookmarks and basically anything you can think of.

Next up is wedding invitations. Our main range is festival ticket themed wedding invitations. These are wedding invites in the style of festival/concert tickets with a detachable RSVP that the wedding guests can tear off and send back to the soon to be married couple. However we can create all sorts of styles of wedding invitations, we have a huge range on our website so have a look and see what grabs you.

For the wedding day, we have lots of products on offer such as festival program style lanyards which can be used as wedding place names, order of service, running orders, wedding information etc. the list is endless!

We also make festival wristbands, which really are the pièce de résistance of the festival wedding! With your wedding guests all wearing their festival wristbands they’ll really feel part of a special occasion. Coupled with the awesome festival lanyards, your guests will wonder if they’re at an actual wedding or just woke up in Glastonbury! They make great keepsakes and, as you know, people usually keep festival bands on for a few weeks after the event, so all of your wedding guests will be part of your special little festival club for weeks to come!

One of our main products is our huge range of festival wedding table plans. At this stage I have worked on so many designs for wedding table plans there’s too many to even talk about, but basically if you really want impress your wedding guests then presenting them with a huge beautiful wedding table plan as they arrive at the reception will do just that. We also have matching table cards available and all of this can be designed to match your wedding invites, wristbands, festival lanyards and everything else in your stationery package.

WEDFEST also provide menus, orders of service and place names for the wedding day. If there’s something we haven’t listed, we probably do it too!



Once the wedding is over, WEDFEST offers a beautiful range of polaroid style ‘thank you’ cards. One of our most popular products, they’re the perfect way to send your guests a ‘thank you’ note while also showcasing how awesome you both looked with one of your amazing wedding photos.

I must point out that all the products can be used for any part of the wedding day. Some people like to use wristbands for the day of the wedding while others send them out as save the dates or wedding invites. Likewise, the lanyard programs are great for guests to wear on the day, but many couples use these as their wedding invites as they are so informative and the guests can bring them along on the day! Feel free to mix and match and chose what you want for whatever it is you want!

If our readers wanted you to create a bespoke design, what can they expect?





What’s the best advice you can give to our readers when it comes to choosing their stationery?

My advice to anyone getting married: do what you want, not just with your stationery, but with all aspects of your wedding.

I get so many couples telling me they really want my products, or really want to have a rock themed wedding, but can’t because their mothers don’t like it and they have to please them etc.

…I’m sorry, but they’ve had their day and this is yours! So follow your heart and make your day a reflection of who you are.

So if you want your wedding stationery to feature skulls, guitars, tents, sheep, cows, campervans, surfboards, peacocks, flames, football crests, ski lifts, flags, live bands, drum kits and even (and I’m not joking here) the Loch Ness Monster (!!) then that’s what you do, and in doing so give WEDFEST a shout because, believe me, I’ve had A LOT weirder requests!



Katie Evans table plan copy




Finally, what is your life quote/mantra?

Very simple…

You only live once, so LIVE LIFE


Seriously though, your Monday feels like a Friday now, right?! Such fun; WEDFEST you guys rule so hard!

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