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I hope you guys and gals have got that Friday vibe going on as good as we have here at FBrides HQ, and how better to end the week with huge dose of utter gorgeousness…

Meet Shropshire Petals!

We are just completely besotted with all that these guys and girls do and if you’re looking for some jaw-droppingly beautiful confetti you have landed on the right blog this morning my friends!

For real, it’s the kind of confetti that you hope lands in your hair!

Without any further ado, let’s find out what these fine people are about… Aubergine Petals £15.95 per litre

Tell us a little about yourself…

We are Shropshire Petals and we grow and produce natural petal confetti on our Shropshire farm. Each and every one of our petals used to make our confetti is delicately handpicked to ensure only the best quality petals are used to shower you with on your special day.

If you had a chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be?

We would love to go to Glastonbury as we hear that there is a blow up church where people can get married. It would be amazing to take along our confetti and help couples celebrate their marriages. Best of British Mix in Blue Confetti Cones £13.50 per Flower Girl basket with Blush £ Blush Petals £11.50 per litre (2) Blue Bloom Petals £15.95 per litre (2)

What made you decide to start Shropshire Petals?

This year marks our 10-year anniversary from when we first started our confetti business. It all started when owner Michael Bubb’s mum was given some land on the farm, which was originally an arable farm, to grow flowers. The flowers she grew were perfect for drying and as it was during the Laura Ashley era, these were a huge hit at local Women’s Institute markets, which soon led onto them selling through retailers and wholesale. In 2005, we were approached by someone asking if we could dye our flower petals for confetti… and this is when Shropshire Petals was born. Already growing delphiniums, these made the perfect confetti petal, as they are small and light giving that perfect flutter when thrown over a newly married couple. We grew a variety of colours and dried them naturally, which meant we didn’t have to dye any of our petals, ensuring they were 100% natural and biodegradable. Buttermilk Petals £15.95 per Easter Pick and Mix Honey'B and Duck Egg £13.50 per Feet in Raspberry Fool and Cerise Confetti £13.50 per litre

Tell us a little bit more about your confetti…

Our customers love that we give them the opportunity to pick their own confetti. Using our unique pick and mix tool, they can choose the colours and petal types they want in their confetti mix, which enables them to match or contrast their wedding theme. We have a mix of the month each month, which is very popular as it ties in with seasonal trends or themes.

We offer a variety of different packaging options from confetti baskets and pails to Shropshire Boxes with cones and individual confetti bags for couples to display in other items such as jars, vases or even a vintage suitcase.

Customers can use our pick and mix tool to create their unique confetti. They can match or contrast it to their wedding theme. We have developed a confetti calculator to help customers to decide how much confetti they need depending on the amount of guests they have and what they want to do with it – throwing, decorating, flower girls or even creating a petal path. Cream Rose Heads in Box £21 pack of Mini-Me Wheat Sheaf £ Delilah Petals £15.95 per litre (2) Flower Girl basket with Something Blue £ Golden Slumber Petals £15.95 per litre (3)

What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous events/brides you’ve worked with?

We are very luck that many of our lovely customers send us photos of their ‘confetti moment’ and it is amazing to see how happy they all look and to know that our confetti has contributed towards their special day.

If our readers were to purchase your products for their wedding, what can they expect?

100% natural, biodegradable petal confetti. They can pick and mix from an array of colours and petals to create their own unique confetti mix, perfect for a wow factor confetti shot on their big day. Lavender in Vintage Box from £ Peony Heads £30 for 10 (4) Promise petals £15.95 per litre (3) Rose Buds £15.95 per litre

How do you know if a natural confetti is right for your wedding?

Natural petal confetti is preferred by most churches and venues now. They normally have a strict rule which means couples can only have confetti if it is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Natural petal confetti is just like blossom falling from a tree and will disappear within a day or two, so there is no clearing up, unlike with paper or synthetic types.

Finally, what’s your life quote/motto?

We grow, you throw! Shropshire Box Pick and Mix  with Raspberry Fool, Cerise and Daisy Daisy £47.50 (3) Summer Nights Petals £11.50 per Vintage Bike Lavender and Wheat Bunches from £6.95 (4)Seriously, sprinkle that stuff all over me and leave me to bask in its gorgeousness!

Shropshire’s confetti is just BEYOND beautiful and we’re so stoked to have the opportunity to share more of their stunning products with you!

…And for more of that floral goodness find them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter + Pinterest!

Guys, go have yourselves an uh-mazing weekend! Chill, party and love it out!

Peace + Love

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