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We have a beautiful company to chat to this morning, a classic festival wedding supplier, Warwickshire Yurt Hire, not only own the most beautiful yurt venue (as the name suggests!) but also a host of perfectly gorgeous bell tents to hire our as a wedding camp village or honeymoon suite!

If you love the outdoors, you’re looking for a perfectly chilled alternative venue and you’d quite like glamping-style accommodation for your guests too… Well! Boy have we got you covered today! Let’s chat to owner, Louise, about her beautiful canvas structures…

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Tell us a little about yourself…

I am Louise, founder, owner and bulk of the labour for Warwickshire Yurt and Bell Tent Hire. Brought up on a farm in Warwickshire, I have an interest in the great outdoors and enjoy being out and about with my 3 boys Seth, Fred and Thomas “Tank”.

What made you decide to start Warwickshire Yurt and Bell Tent Hire?

At a family wedding held on my parents farm, the groom had booked a wedding night yurt.

It was lovely and they were so pleased with it but it came from miles away and the bulk of the cost to them was delivery which got me thinking about a gap in the local area. I had just taken redundancy from my HR role of 12 years and had 3 small boys under 4 years so needed something that would work around them. Having never been in a yurt I took the leap of faith and bought my own on a wet and windy day in the middle of Wales!

That was 2014. Now, after some huge learning curves (who knew trailer reversing was SO difficult?!), the business has grown to something I never imagined, I now have multiple bell tents as well as my original yurt.

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Tell us a little bit more about your Yurt and Bell Tents…

The yurt is a wooden structure covered in white canvas with double doors and clear star gazing roof panel. It is 6m wide and often referred to as a Tardis as it so deceptively roomy.

The bell tents are sandstone in colour and are 4m, 5m and 6m wide with zipped in groundsheet.

The Lotus Belle Tent is cream and 4m wide. It is a cross between the yurt and bell tents with high walls like the yurt but bell tent canvas.

All the units can be used empty, with furnishings for glamping and wedding nights or sofas for chill out and kids areas. Also for exhibitions, workshops, and sitting/standing/eating in.

Their uses are endless. We have hosted parties, sit down meals, discos, bars, wedding nights, hen dos, soldiers, a polar explorer and festival goers to name a few.


What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous weddings/couples you’ve worked with?

The variety of weddings, events and people has made for some great memories.

We have set up at official venues alongside stately homes, in the middle of fields and forests alongside tipis and marquess and in fields with not a building or facility in site. Every wedding is so different.

We have met brides who have very specific ideas and brides who are so laid back they worry me! Until we arrive on the set-up day, or pre-visit, it’s always exciting what and who we are going to find there.

If our readers were to order your Yurt or Bell Tents for their wedding, what can they expect?

They can expect a friendly, flexible, honest and reliable service that delivers what they have requested on time and as specified.


What’s your best piece of advice for couples who’re trying to choose their yurt or bell tents?

Look around, but don’t hang about. It’s awful to set your heart on something only to find it already booked when you finally enquire.

Check for hidden costs. My costs are clearly stated on my website so there are no surprises and you know what you are getting.

Finally, what’s your life quote/motto?

Ask, you never know!

WYH7WYH4Somebody take me there, and quickly!

We just love Warkwickshire Yurt Hire, and it’s great to see a Midlands based company providing such gorgeous structures (I’m a Warwickshrie gal myself – what can I say!). Check out their beautiful listing in our directory now and get booking to avoid disappointment!

Peace + Love

Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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