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So, when today’s supplier first landed in my inbox, I gotta tell yah, I swooned. Oh, I swooned hard.

Totally original, totally charming, The Plank Company creates beautifully crafted timber frame geo dome venues and, in case that wasn’t enough, they’ll provide all the furniture for your stunning venue too!

I’ve never seen anything else like this in the UK wedding industry, so I’d highly recommend you grab a cuppa and take a read; they’re a venue like no other…

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Tell us a little about yourself…

Okay, I’ll try and keep it short. We are The Plank Company and we come from humble beginnings…

My name is Josh and after making all the furniture for my wedding in 2013, I realised the style was proving popular when friends asked to buy it all afterwards.

Fast forward through a handful of other business ideas and directions (much to my understanding wife’s dismay) to April 2014, Ed (co owner) returned from travels in Australia and was keen to jump on board with the idea of making furniture from reclaimed timber. With Ed’s carpentry knowledge in tow, The Plank Company was born.

At first we were making custom items: tables, benches etc in a derelict old barn (not without its charm!) which gave us the leg up to then rent our first real workshop/office. We went on to make batches of tables, bars and other bits for hire for weddings and events for the 2015 season which with overwhelming popularity prompted us to take on the talented and ever-efficient, Lianne. With her super admin powers and weird love of spreadsheets, she is our secret weapon. We always try to look forward so are now taking bookings for the service of hiring our truly unique timber framed dome venues for the oncoming 2016 season, and having just moved to our brand new premises with a bigger workshop/storage area and office/showroom things are on the up!

If you had the chance to go to any festival, which would it be?

Josh – I’m not sure. I think to be honest i’m not so much a fan of the big music festivals anymore as I tend to get over excited too quickly and end up asleep just as everyone else is ready to go wild. I think the last time I went to Glastonbury I barely made it out of our tent area and came home with jet lag. There used to be an awesome little folk festival in Lynton and Lynmouth which was weird and wonderful.

Ed – I’ve been going to festivals all over the country for years now and I seem to go in and out of phases with which ones I want to go to. Having been to Glastonbury 4 years running, I started to see the appeal in some of the smaller festivals like Boomtown, Shambala, Secret Garden Party etc where if you lose your friends, then you know they’ll be at one of just a few places rather than one of several hundred places! Having said that, you simply can’t beat the wow factor of Glastonbury! It’s a simple fix though, just do them all!

Lianne – I’ve been to quite a few weird and wonderful festivals over the last few years and thats what I generally love about them… Totally weird and totally wonderful! My favourites are Secret Garden Party and Boomtown, they delight the inner hippy/butterfly/princess that likes to be allowed off the leash at times. Having said that, I have yet to go to Glastonbury and that is definitely on the bucket list for this year… All I ever hear is ‘awesome, unbelievable, brilliant’, so I’m convinced it will be a worthy little break this summer season.

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Why the Plank Company?

We both fall in and out of love with the name The Plank Company.

On one hand its a great name, before using lots of types of reclaimed timber, we mainly (and still do) use old scaffold planks, so it’s pretty fitting!

On the other hand, we get some sniggers from suppliers when asked what company we are from… “I’m sorry, can you repeat that?” …But then I guess when you have to repeat the name a dozen times people are less likely to forget?!

Oh and “Here come The Plankers” is a classic from friends that never gets old… *sigh*

How would you best describe what you guys do?

Hmmmmm tricky.

We are Searchers of the Mystical, Creators of the Unique, Masters of the Universe……

Ummm I mean… We supply unique wedding/event venues with a rustic twist.

Good, wholesome, light and healthy event spaces with all the trimmings to make your day truly unforgettable, not just for you but also for your guests.

If our readers were to book you for their wedding, what can they expect?

I think they could lean back and be safe in the knowledge that they have booked a venue which is truly unique.

Our double dome design is the only one of its kind in the UK (a unicorn, if you will) and lends itself to any type of theme or style you have in mind. Add to that our slick and simple booking system and the fact that if we don’t supply something already, we know someone that does, a we make life a lot easier when it comes to planning your wedding.

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What’s the best advice you can give when it comes to choosing a wedding supplier?

We now have quite the black book of suppliers and work on the basis of ‘if you scratch my back’… That sounds slightly weird when typing it, but you get the idea!

I guess the best advice is just to ask suppliers who they recommend if they don’t have availability and, as far as an industry goes, I think the Wedding bunch are pretty friendly so they should have quite a few similar suppliers details to pass on. Its always nice to receive an enquiry saying, “such and such recommended you”.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for a price match with other supplier’s quotes either. Whats the worst that can happen? You might be pleasantly surprised.

Finally what’s your life quote?

My grandad always said to me, “Life’s too short not to get married in a timber framed dome” and I’ve tried to live that way ever since.

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Sally & Owain Wedding 722Aren’t they just incredible?!

What a stunning space to hold your wedding reception! We heart the Plank Company big time, and you can find them looking pretty rad in our wedding directory now.

See you back here tomorrow for the first 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely of March!

Peace + Love

Clare XO

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