When the lovely Debs Ivelja got in touch with Festival Brides a few months ago, not only did we instantly fall in love with her photography style but we also fell in with her…………….who couldn’t love a girl who, and I quote, says ‘fab’ and ‘awesome’ a lot!’ (now who does that sound like I wonder!) and is addicted to Diet Coke but only if it’s from the can or bottle!’

Debs is a girl after our own hearts but what striked us the most is her passion for photography which is a ‘must have’ quality you should look for in your hunt for a photographer. If they love what they do with a passion, then you know they will work their little butts off to make sure your photos are the best they possibly could be. From taking them on the day to editing them in their studio – passion drives all of that and Deb’s has bucket loads full!

‘I have always loved to paint, sew and make things but photography is my passion. I started my photographic journey in 2000 when I did an evening class which resulted in the spare room at home being converted into a darkroom and an obsession that grew into a part of my daily life. I began photographing weddings in 2010, jumping into working for myself full time and leaving a fab marketing job…. and have never looked back. I love what I do and consider myself very fortunate to be a part of such an incredible time in a couples life.’

‘If we get to meet I will tell you how much I love stuff. I love a lot of things but amongst them are travel, dogs, elephants, swallows (ask me about the swallow thing in my logo if we meet), VW camper vans and VW beetles’ (can this girl get any cooler?) ‘cups of tea, open fires, the 70’s, Cornwall, Africa, my family, my husband, really cheesy music, Pearl Jam, watching the sea and imagining I can surf, watching animals, watching people, eating chocolate, CSI (apart from Horatio Caine), crime books, pub lunches and walks along the Thames.’

So if seeing Deb’s photography hasn’t sealed the deal then surely reading the above has!?

Debs is based in the UK and Australia but an avid traveller so she is also available to shoot weddings anywhere in the world.

For more information or to view more of Deb’s photography, please visit her website or contact her direct – we know she’d love to hear from you.

Happy Thursday peeps

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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