We absolutely love these latest accessories to hit the festival scene.. Band 4 Hope. These awesome copper bands are a statement piece for your festival outfit and the best thing about them is they’re for a good cause!!

Band4Hope is a not for profit organisation aiming to encourage acts of kindness worldwide. A Band4Hope is a free travelling spirit that touches the lives of millions.. labeled by the founders as ‘a gift that keeps giving’.

You can purchase bands for £15, where proceeds go towards your chosen charity. Charities include TearfundFreeToBeKidsClient EarthPlayground Ideas and Fountains of Hope. 

The band design

The design of the bands was inspired by the carved geometric cuffs of the Himba people. Traditionally the cuffs are carved from bone and are given as tokens of love, brotherhood, good luck, virility and wisdom.

The organisation prides itself on ethically manufacturing the bands, which are made in Zimbabwe by fairly paid craftsmen using only the finest copper found in Africa… awesome! You can wear your band with pride knowing that it is a real piece of Africa… already enchanted by the hopes of its skilled Zimbabwean craftsmen!

Trail of hope

Although these bands are quirky and COOL!!… you are encouraged to enjoy it for a month, feel empowered & make a difference. You must then pass your band on..allowing the chain of hope to continue! It may be someone that you have met in the street and inspired you or a friend in need of some hope… or even a loved one about to set off on a voyage around the world! Who you pass it onto is your choice… choose wisely & encourage them to make a difference..

The bands have been uniquely designed with a ID…. this crazy clever ID mechanism enables the bands history to be tracked online. As you pass your band on to the next person, sharing hope and inspiring acts of kindness… your ‘hope trial’ begins. The trial records the bands journey and the memories had whilst it has been worn. These memories can be documented online before you pass the band on to the next person. Each person who receives the band has the opportunity to make a donation to your chosen charity before they give it to the next person. As it makes its way from person to person a story emerges and is tracked online. In this way, your Band4Hope can raise donations for your chosen charity for years to come!

Tree 4 Hope

You may have seen our previous post on Wishing Tree’s .. here is a shining example! Band4Hope graced festival goers at Wilderness in 2012.. spreading awareness of the charity. Guests had the chance of putting their dreams and aspirations in the hands of ‘The Tree 4 Hope’ and purchasing bands.

(Photo credits: All images courtesy of Band4Hope)

So if you want to share some hope and make a difference to lives worldwide.. buy a band now! I will certainly be rocking one of these bands on my travels around Europe… I wonder who will be the lucky new owner when I pass it on…..

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Festival Brides xx



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