We had a lovely time checking out the new launches from some of our fave brands at London Bridal Fashion Week at Old Billingsgate Market on the 17-19th May, with fashion and wedding ‘tog Natalie J Watts in tow. Some collections had not even been shot at the time so you could say our images are exclusive sneak peaks!

First up we saw the total babes Alice and Hannah, that are the award-winning cult womenswear brand Belle & Bunty – before we even saw the dresses the whole deal was on point. Palm wallpaper, Fleetwood Mac playing, a peacock chair – can these guys be any more bridal cool?

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0610 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0611 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0614 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0618 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0620LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0662 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0663 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0666 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0718

The new bridal collection, a mixture of gowns and separates which launched at the show, is called A Piece of My Heart. It continues their much sort after elegant cool style with overtones of soft meets sexy that their signature look exudes, but with plenty of nods to 1960’s and 70’s rock genre style icons. Think Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell meets city bride and you’re on the money.

As the girls say…

‘Combining clean fluid lines and clouds of silk, the collection encapsulates the aesthetic of a free-spirited Bride that is carefree and bohemian in feel yet still retains an air of confidence, romance and mischievous charm.’

Sound like anyone you know??

Belle & Bunty’s model tried on a few new peices for us, including the loose lacey Babette that can be changed up depending on what colour slip you wear.

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0689 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0694 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0698 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0705 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0714

Then the Brooke top and Scarlett skirt, modest from the front but with a beautiful scooped back.


We fell in love with the embroidered Birds of Paradise detail on the Marlowe dress too. So beautiful.

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0642 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0644 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0646 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0647 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0650 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0651 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0656

Prices start from £1450. Get involved guys!

We think you are going to be SUPER into the lookbook images as well. Nailing it left right and centre ladies, stepping into the zeitgeist between boho and grown up chic in your cowboy boots rather perfectly!

Luna Dress full Luna Dress hatBrooke Top & Scarlett Skirt

Dusty Dress 2 Dusty Dress back2 Joni Dress with palm 2Joni Dress close up

Terry Fox had some new whimsical fairytale-like treats with the Siren Song 2015 collection. Check out the embroidery on this gown (dusty pink no less) and beautiful tiered bolero. A slammin’ ceremony show stopper that would translate into the evening with ease, for flopping and flouncing around a meadow at dusk, like a perfectly overdressed Rolling Stones WAG. Wonderbar!

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0944 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0947 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0950 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0995

Next up was a new find for us that had our jaws on the floor! Ritva Westenius merged the modest simple look with the embellished and beaded dream with two piece numbers like the silk and sequins combo, entitled Mauritious seen here. Pictured with uber cool RW team member!

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0728LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0732LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0735 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0733 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0756

Alongside billowing kimonos, graceful lace skirts and flirty open silk shirts, we spied and particularly loved this beaded back chain detail too.

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0737 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0738

Another must mention is Charlie Brear’s brand spanking new collection that was a lesson in the simple relaxed look with t-shirt dresses, cropped separates and pocketed skirts. It was launched at the show and we loved it! We were also a bit too obsessed with the graphic motif raffia screen but now is not the time..

Their model rocked a few numbers for us with ease, with a little ad hoc styling of cropping the slip top under the latest loose lace Augustine overdress, for a bit of midrif action.

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0786 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0789LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0842 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0850 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0852

Hard to decide which was our fave – the ankle length washed satin t-shirt dress (named Paita) with powder blue heels?

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0821 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0824 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0828 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0834

Or this dropped waist skirt with Palm embroidery and matching top? (Both entitled Livonia if you want to get googling)

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0797 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0798 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0799 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0806 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0807 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0809 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0816

I think it’s gotta be the drop waist palm leaf look – it created the type of stirrings of wanting to wed again that have never happened before in a whole 7 years!

As if by magic, walking past the stand was a completely arresting Spanish hottie in this crocheted gown.




After stealing her for a few images, we followed her around the corner which lead to the Barcelona-based Yolan Cris, the creator of this knock out dress!

The range is a veritable wonderland of glam boho drama and bling, as well as some completely fresh white cotton pieces too including fringed sleeveless waistcoats, rope tie wedges and skirts called Frida – need we say more.

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0897LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0883 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0886 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0889 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0891LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0894

The sun shone as the model showed us a few more looks.

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0900 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0902 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0906 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0910 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0922LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0924 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0927 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0930

Last but by no means least we visited the accessories hall where we were drawn like moths to a flame to the hanging cacti and clean lined wood and cork frame stand of AM Faulkner Millinery.

LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0955 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0957 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0959 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0962 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0963 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0965 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0966 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0967 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0973 LondonBridalFashionWeek2015_0982

This girl just ‘gets us’ ya know. The lovely Ann Marie is half British-half Filipino and a little something exotic permeates through her work as well as uber simplicity and a focus on geometric forms and inspiration from the natural world.

Less is often more with her work, with minimal veils and tiny head bands as well as a smattering of more statement pieces such as succulent fascinators and goddess-like headdresses.

A newbie on the scene, Ann Marie launched the alternative bridal wear company in December 2014, which includes hats, head pieces and veils. She is currently working on her 2016 collection, inspired by the film The Wicker Man and will include wheat, tulle and preserved flowers. Sounds like something we want to be on board with, watch this space!

All show images by Natalie J Weddings

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