As you know we have been promoting the Fabulous Wedding Festival on the blog this year.. Its creeping up fast, so we hope you have got your tickets and wellies at the ready!!

Becky Joiner who is running the Fabulous Wedding Festival  is also a cool wedding photographer My Fabulous Life. She wanted to capture the essence of a festival wedding to promote the event taking place on 16th March 2013. Shot at Muddifords Court using suppliers that will actually be exhibiting at the fair. Get your tickets here

Becky Joiner My Fabulous LIfeBecky Joiner My Fabulous LIfeBecky Joiner My Fabulous LIfe Becky Joiner My Fabulous LIfeWe think she has totally captured the energy of a festival wedding scene, the colour, the movement and vibrancy of the festival backdrop!! Becky says….

 “I aimed to conjure up the feeling of wilderness, fun, freedom, love, glamour, magical, party, music, creativeness as an eclectic mix and represent it in the photographs.”

“I totally loved creating this shoot as I had the freedom to create the whole look. The dresses from Alexandra King were particularly great as they helped to showcase the idea that wedding can be whatever you want it to be. I also took some of the shots on an old 35 mm film camera as I wanted the pictures to look a bit dirty, grungy and most of all festivally!”

More on Fabulous Wedding Festival next week xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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