I hope you babes are ready to swoon your socks (and all other undergarments) off! We are talking evening vibes today, and you may have probably guessed by now, that means we’re mainly talking FAIRY LIGHTS!

I don’t know about you, but we are obsessed with good lighting. Like, honestly, it can make or break any given scenario as far as we’re concerned! Good lighting = good mood!

A little extreme? Well, yeah maybe! But nevertheless, when planning your evening reception, lighting is one thing you really do not want to overlook.

First up, we’re gonna jump straight in with one of our favourite ways to use lighting: to light the way. Be it candles (a labour of love, but oh-SO-worth it!), strings of festoons, lanterns… However you go about it, lining the pathway or entrance to your evening reception makes for a truly magical experience for your guests! Especially those guests who’re joining you just for the evening, what an entrance!

 Ummm, that beach setup? I died! Just go ahead and line the entire perimeter of your wedding venue with beautiful lights, why don’t you?!

Now, as I mentioned a moment ago, candles can be something of a labour of love, but they do pretty much take the title for the ultimate in atmospheric lighting. As we see it, the more flames flickering in the breeze the better!

They add such a delicate light, with their gentle movement, but be sure to consider that they also add warmth… Sounds silly right? Trust me on this one! The only table decor my beau and I had at our wedding were white church candles lining the centre of each table, and things got real toasty!

 But seriously, though. How beautiful?!

If you guys are rocking out a tipi for your wedding, then you definitely need to get on the fairy light bandwagon. The incredible structure of giant tipis lends itself perfectly to dynamic, twisting lighting. Not only does this highlight their incredible form so it can be appreciated all night long, but it’ll add a soft glow to corners that may otherwise be a little dark, opening up the space for the evening.

If you’ve opted for a tent or marque for you wedding, maybe consider hanging your light down from the ceiling (be it chandeliers, lanterns, or on-trend pendant bulbs) this creates a really exciting environment for you guests to be in, as the decor is both at eye level and above them.

Now, if you’re browsing Festival Brides, I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you’re into the idea of an outdoors wedding! Why not make a feature of the beautiful outdoor elements of your venue? I mean, who’s to say your outdoor wedding has to migrate inside once the sun goes down? Add magic and warmth to the outside space by creating features of trees, twisting lights around their trunks and looping them through branches.

It’s an enchanting effect – and we love the addition of a swing for the kids (and adults!) to enjoy…

Of course! A starlit tree would also make the perfect spot for a lounging space! Get it!

Now ladies, seriously, hold onto you socks, because you about to SWOON!

It’s imperative that we mention in this post that fairly lights (and LOTS of them) make for the most incredible photo opportunity! Create a gloriously and intensely sparkling nook with a tonne of hung fairy lights so that you, and your guests can capture some seriously beautiful evening memories. Honestly, what could be more romantic?!

 And warm white fairy lighting is flattering AF. So it’s a winner all round!

When it comes to your dance floor, think canopies of festoons and illuminated lettering for a truly fairytale space.

Whether you go completely al fresco or the dancing’s held within your venue, beautiful warm white lighting makes for an understated alternative to the classic disco style lights. We love it!

 Those chandeliers in the last image though, heart eyes! Floral by daytime, lit up by night… Beautiful.

Lighting can prove paramount in creating the atmosphere you dream of in your space. With the right fixings, you can so easily create a romantic, relaxed ambience in the flick of a switch, and it’s such a simple, yet impacting addition to you decor!

If you want to understand the magic of fairy lights, take a closer look at the images below… You’ll notice that often the structures from which the lighting is hung from isn’t particularly pretty, but do you know what? None of that matters, because all your guests will see is the beautiful shine of your lighting!

Play with overlaying sheer fabrics too, that glorious little tipi in the last picture shows just how much lighting can add to an otherwise simple space.

Scatter that sparkle everywhere!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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