On Wednesday evening The Festival Brides and friends attended Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School evening at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern. All in aid of a special brithday celebration, we thought we would check out the night as a potential alternative Hen Do idea!! And what a night it was…

Dr Sketchy was founded in 2005 by artist, author and former artists model Molly Crabapple. It’s a little Brooklyn event that has become a movement. Now taking place in 150 cities (and counting) around the world. 

Opening it’s doors in 2007 Dr. Sketchy London is organised by Clare Marie and hosted by Dusty Limits the king of underground cabaret. The idea being that life drawing should be more than just nude models and serious sketching.

Dr Sketchy London set out to find beautiful burlesque performers, bizarre circus acts, and rippling hunks of man-flesh. Then they let them loose on stage to release the artist in you! Dr Sketchy isn’t about being an amazing artist, as long as you can put pencil to paper and move it around that’s good enough and you never know you might just unleash that artist inside.

Well we certainly unleashed our inner artist, in fact we quite shocked ourselves. Laura had not drawn since school and we discovered her proportion and scale to be pretty much perfect!!!

The night was hosted by Dusty Limits, a very funny red wine drinking compare!! The beautiful Sarina Del Fuego performed a smoking perfomance and then posed for sketches.

Everyone was enjoying their skeching and drinking.. I think the sketches got better as the night progressed!! No idea why!!

Here are a few of our sketches from the evening…

And here is what made the night.. The perfect entertainment for an alternative hen do. I was invited on stage as birthday girl only to be greeted with a sword placed between my knees!! I was not sure how this was going to end and I’m not great at being centre of attention on stage…An act named Spencer Maybe came out in full on knight gear, helmet and all!! This scared me ever more but it was very entertaining. He striped off loosing his tights and wellies with a little help by moi.. He then pulled the sword from my knees wearing only a chain thong.. What an experience!! Not sure if anyone was sketching at this point but his performance got everyone in good spirits for his later seductive poses!

Heres how it looked …

If you would like to book your Hen Do at Dr Sketchy visit their website for further details and dates http://www.drsketchylondon.co.uk/index.html

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