Hello Beauties!! We hope you have been enjoying our DIY posts these past few weeks, we have had an absolute blast creating them for you and want to say a huge thank you to Festival Brides for inviting us to be part of their wonderful blog. Today is our last DIY for now but we promise you it is an absolute cracker. For those of you heading off to festivals this summer, this boho head chain will be the perfect accessory to glam up your wellies!

This tutorial is a tinsy bit more difficult than the ones we have shared with you previously but I am confident that with our step by step instructions you will have no problems what so ever, so lets get to it…

MainYou Will Need: 2 x 1M Gold Chain// 4 x 5mm Open Jump Rings// 1 x Chinese Turquoise 16x9mm Top-Drilled Teardrop Bead// 3 x 6mm Gold Folding End Connectors// 3 x Craft Feathers// 12cm Ergonomic Chain Nose Pliers//

This piece of head jewellery is made up of two chains for the purpose of this tutorial we will call the first chain the main chain and the second as the draping chain.

Step 1: Take your first gold chain and hook an open jump ring at one end.

Step 2: Position the hook ring so that you are holding it in the centre of your forehead, just below the hairline, then take the chain around the circumference of the head, hooking it at the point at which the chain meets. At this point you need to make sure the chain is pulled tight enough around the head so that it sits securely but not too loose so that the chain will droop down the head.

Step 3: Take the remainder of the chain and pull across the top of head following the centre parting of the hair. Secure this to the to the back of the chain at the cross section where the two meet using another open jump ring. Leave the remainder of the chain loose down the back of the head.

Step 4: Take your bead and hook an open jump ring through the top. Secure this to the cross section at the front of the head.

Step 5: Now take your second chain, again attach an open jump ring. Starting at the left temple , begin to attach to your draping chain.

Step 6: Now you will need to attach an open jump ring to the other end of your draping train, leaving around 15cms free. Attach this to the other side of your main chain again just above the right temple.

Step 7: You will now see that the chain drapes dramatically at the back. Take the mid-section of this chain and secure to the cross section at the back of the main chain.

Step 8: For your last step you will need to attach your end connectors to the tops of your craft feathers. Secure these feathers with open jump rings to different sections of the jewellery. We placed the first at the bottom of the 15cm of remaining chain at the front of the jewellery, the second on the remainder of the main chain at the back of the head and the third along the draping chain on the other side of the head.

Whether you are attending a festival or not, this head chain is sure to get you in the summer spirit. For more DIY ideas and inspiration head on over to Bespoke Bride!

All that is left to do is to thank Kelly & Laura for having us, you ladies rock!
Much Bespoke Love
Emily & Jess x

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