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Well hello lovely people!

Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous sunshine we are having today. It’s blooming marvelous in Kent so I am taking full advantage of the last of the summer sun by sitting in the garden with a G&T – and why not! If you can, I think you should all follow suit and grab some rays this afternoon (whilst reading Festival Brides of course) as the sun is just too good to miss.

For those creative brides (& grooms) amongst you, we have a simple yet effective DIY post for you today, sent in from the lovely people at Ruby & Diva.

Getting crafty and creating your own wedding decor and styling yourself can be such a great way of injecting a bit of your personality into your wedding. It’s fun, can help to keep the ever increasing budget down and it really doesn’t have to be that complicated to be eye-catching as this post illustrates.

A Glass Bottle and a lick of paint….

A simple and quick painted bottle table number DIY. Perfect for thrifty Brides who like the idea of up-cycling everyday objects into something rather nice for their wedding!

You will need;

2 tester pots of paint, one light, one dark. We used white and grey for this, but you could experiment with dark greens or purples, depending on your wedding palette. Your choice of bottle, washed well in soapy water to remove all label residue or grease. We’ve used a Pimms bottle here as it has a nice shape.

you need

1. Experiment with number styles first  – Pinterest is a good source for this, keep scribbling until you feel confident about painting the numbers.

Style practice

2. Once you’ve decided a style, take the light colour and paint your first number, the trick is to move with confidence and dont be too slow with the brush. Keep a damp cloth to hand and if you’re not happy with it, wipe away, dry the surface and try again.

first coat

3. Take the darker colour and paint the number again slightly away from the first. The idea with this, is that the two paint mix slightly to make it ‘painterly’ but if you prefer a more defined number, simply let the first coat dry before applying the dark coat.

second coat

4. To help make this bottle number style really work, I suggest you mix in other, smaller bottles to make the tablecentre really eclectic and pretty. You can pick up vintage bottles for a few pounds or less at most boot fairs.

Styling idea



And its as simple as that!

If you are planning on doing a bit of DIY at your wedding then we would love to hear your ideas.

For more cool DIY inspiration, check out this post on making your own tattoos by Clare – it’s a little bit awesome.

Big shout out to Ruby & Diva for sharing this post with us.

Happy Tuesday folks.

Big Love

Laura xxx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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