Weddings… the perfect occasion for a real knees up with your nearest and dearest!! But just exactly how are you going to present and serve your alcoholic delights? Be creative and innovative……..there are plenty of quirky ways to serve your drinks rather than splashing out and hiring a third party to serve your guests all night long! We’ve compiled our favourites…. a mixture of booze baths, creative creations, wheelbarrow wonders and crazy cocktails….I’m getting thirsty already and its not even Pimm’s ‘O’ Clock!!

Booze Baths

We love the idea of letting your guests just grab their drinks from your display and go party! lso great for a bring your own option….


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Creative Creations


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Wheelbarrow Wonders


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We are introduced to new and quirky drink companies on a daily basis.. Our favourites have to be the The Cocktail Caravan.. Two very cool festival loving girls who love a party have converted their caravan into quirky cocktail bar!! We like the sound of Moscow Disco…

Another bar service that has recently launched is the Bug Bar – A cool VW campervan converted into an all singing bar and DJ booth!! Talk about entertainment…

Thats all for now.. If you love your cocktails then pop back later this week for our list of favourites!!

If you have a cool drink related company then please do get in touch

Big Monday Love xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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