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2015 Boho Bridal Veils: We’ve got you Covered

4 Feb

BT6 What up dolls!

My goodness am I excited to kick off today’s post. ALWAYS a topic hot on the lips of brides-to-be, often the the subject of fierce debate with opinions reaching both ends of the scale, new trends for 2015 are in abundance, so the only question is: to veil, or not to veil?

So, I’m just gonna put this out there, I didn’t and I guess I’ll be forever wondering if I should’ve (nature of the job an’ all that!).

We see a lot of editorials and look books from some of the hottest bohemian bridal brands opting for veil alternatives: flower crowns, feather headdresses, golden hair pieces, or (as is most favoured right now) opting for no hair piece at all and simply focusing on the brides divine locks. That said, still a huge number of real brides opt for a veil, why? ‘Cause there’s a very strong argument that they complete the bridal look and feel, and because hello? There are some to-die-for styles out there that prove simply irresistible!

Whelp! Whatever you decide is right for you, when it comes to 2015 veil styles (of which there are several and, FYI, they’re all GLORIOUS) we’ve got you covered. (Yes, that pun is wholly intended, there’s no point denying it!)

Prepare to be converted to a pro-veil bride!


The Barely There Veil

So this trend is huge for 2015 brides, and in its various forms, it’s perfect for the gal looking for something subtle in her veil. As opposed to a full on, statement piece, these fabrics are so sheer and so lightweight that they’re really more of a suggestion of a veil, catching the sunlight at your neck.

Any heavier detailing is placed close to the head, appearing more prominently as a hair adornment, whether that be a bohemian band or an adorned cap style, while the veil itself remains ultra subtle, just a whisper of the traditional bridal statement.

BT3 BT4 BT15 BT5 The amazing Bo and Luca have got this subtle style totally nailed. Their Lola veil (above) is formed from a super fine, soft tulle, attached to a woven headpiece of hand cut silk petals and small stones. It’s a beautiful hybrid of the hairpiece and veil and the veil’s positioning, primarily at back of the head, makes it all the more subtle. We LOVE.

This bohemian headpiece-veil hybrid is also seen in Bo and Luca’s West Azur collection (If you haven’t already, go check out their lookbooks, insanely gorgeous and super inspiring!). These styles almost make you double take: is it a headpiece? Or is she wearing a veil? Truly the best of both worlds, they’re that perfectly understated nod to the veil tradition.

BT8 BT9 BT10 And lastly, the barely there category sees the ‘double veil’ trend that’s hit the catwalks for 2015. Again, employing an ultra fine tulle, the veil is a attached with two combs, behind either ear, allowing it to swag, in Grecian-like elegance, down the back.

It’s a beautiful statement style. Again, off the head, focusing on the appearance from behind, from a face-on view the double veil remains barely there; how we like our veils best for this year.

BT12 BT13 BT7-14 Left: Jannie Baltzer  Right: Utah Bride Blog

Aren’t they just incredible? Their super sheer nature makes them almost spiritual, it gives them a life of their own as they move fluidly at your back.

So, SO gorgeous. We’re swooning all over the shop here!

Next up…


The Ethereal Drop Veil

This style is here to stay! Getting even more magical, the mystery of the drop veil has gained more intrigue and interest for the 2015.

The ultimate portrait shot accessory, these coverings of fine silk tulle add the perfect dose of allure to your bridal ensemble.

Brides are often intimidated by this traditional style of veil covering the face, but there are SO many pros to wearing this style. First up, these bridal portraits are just to die for, no?

ED5 ED6 …Dreamy, hazy and simply sublime. Drop veils create a real sense of magic, moving away from the chaste imagery they originally carried, they now symbolise a certain sultriness that we. just. adore.

Secondly? Choosing to adorn yourself with a drop veil means you get that oh-gosh-beautiful moment of being ‘unveiled’ to your groom and guests… Like, really, there’s no bigger wow moment!

ED13 ED1-15 Left: TheLane  Right: Wedbook

ED9 ED2 ED12 ED3 For real. They’re just so beautiful. We can’t deal!

We love the woodland, almost nymph-like feel of wearing a leaf crown atop the drop veil, but for the ultimate ethereal goddess look, the drop veil is best left to its own devices; simply placed over the head, allowing the veil to become a part of your movement and being.

Beautiful, celestial and simply exquisite.

ED4 ED10 ED11 ED14 Seriously though, beach brides need to jump on this trend and ensure their photographer takes their portrait at sunset… This shot is just EVERYTHING.

On to our next, slightly more controversial (of course!) styles…

AV3 AV4-5

The Anti-Veil Veil

Is it even a veil?!

No, that’s a bandana.

It’s made of feathers isn’t it?

But, it isn’t white!

…Basically, designers have totally thrown the rule book outta the window, and my gosh, do we LOVE them for it.

From employing blue tulle, and rebelliously forming it into a cross-forehead bandeau style…


…To this almost masquerade-like piece; perfectly sexy and mysterious…


…To these alternative styles: veils knotted at the side of the head, formed of feathers (SWOON) or Minna’s Ruth or Suki veil, which totally remind us of macrame (which can only EVER be a good thing!)

‘Cause who said a veil had to be sheer?

AV2-9 Left: Burnett’s Boards  Right: Jannie Baltzer

Ruth Suki Gorgeous, right? Like, beyond gorgeous!

And, of course, you can always count on Grace Loves Lace to completely obliterate the rule book (which we just ADORE about them) as they push boundaries with this veil-as-a-turban beach style…

AV12 AV13 So original. This style takes guts, but we know you guys will totally ace it!

Finally in this category we’re challenging the western white/cream veil ideal and simultaneously getting our wanderlust on. From heavily embellished bronze pieces, to a sheer tie-dye…

No one said the veil had to be white.

AV10 AV1-15 AV14 AV16 Does it get any more sultry? Love love LOVE the addition of a forehead embellishment also, it’s the perfect accompaniment.

Absolute boho goddess.

And, finally…


The Edge Orientated Veil

Yes. We thought we’d end on this here-to-stay style. A heavily embellished edge remains one of the top contenders for the 2015 bride and this year, really, the heavier the better (think a tasseled fringe… Oh yes!)

AE6 AE2 AE3-5 Left: Laure De Sagazan  Right: Kimberley Dadds

Worn slightly lower over the forehead, that tassel edge is insanely good, no? It adds a supremely bohemian spin on this style.

Or, of course, you could add a central feather to the front of your scallop-edge veil for an sultan-style queen vibe (you know the kind, right?!)

AE1 AE7 Just incredible.

Whether y’all had your minds set to veil or not at the start of this post, I hope you find yourselves enamoured by these beautifully boho styles. Here at Festival Brides we’re totally besotted with the 2015 trends, we really think the veil is having its day in the bohemian bridal world.

Buck the trend: wear a veil and play with this tradition!

Remember, there really are no rules!

Peace + Love

Clare X

Our January Pinterest Roundup: New Years, New Ideas

27 Jan

C4 Morning guys + dolls!

Thank goodness Monday’s over and done with, hey?! Well, we’re about to get super pretty all over yo’ face today as we round up some of our favourite Pinterest inspiration from the month of January! With the new year came a whole bunch of amazing new ideas: from superbly colourful ceremony back drops, to hanging flowers, to some seriously gorgeous texture inspiration for your bridal outfit.

We’ve been pinning our little hearts out to find you the freshest on point style to have you swooning with glee and bursting with ideas for your 2015 wedding.

So without any further ado, grab yourself a cup of Joe and prepare to be inspired beyond all you’ve ever dreamed of…

‘I Do’ …Want That Backdrop

For those in the know, ceremony backdrops have been a seriously hot concept for a little while now. We’ve seen streamers, we’ve seen glorious floral garlands, we’ve seen the lot! But as we came into the new year, 2 polar trends seem to be emerging where ceremony backdrops were concerned…

Au naturel…

C3 C5 C6 C7 …Think lace canopies, indigo hand-dyed fabrics, rustic woods, and candles all paired with a luscious dose of green foliage.

A simple, clean, hyper-natural palette paired with soft, humble textures.

Perfectly understated.

C2 C8-10 Left: Urban Outfitters  Right: Gaelle Barre

C13 I mean, is there anything better than those insanely gorgeous muted colours of those bunting triangles?

Plus, hello?! Who knew un-strung bunting could look so incredible?!

But then on the other side of the pond, things got a little more (wonderfully) cray-cray…

C1 C9 C11 Yah.

..Like a rainbow just slapped you in the face right?!


Summer weddings totally need to hit up this abundance of colour and texture for their ceremony backdrop.

More colour, more layers, more texture.

More is more.

C12 ‘Cos, come on! We know you want all the tassels.

Who doesn’t?!

Hang out your Flowers

So, I’m like, head over heels for this concept.

Not all brides are full on flower gals, (yes, that’s me you can see, raising my hand), and for those brides looking to add a whole load of originality to the flowers involved in their wedding, look no further.

Go for all foliage, or add in deep dusky pinks or lavender and simply: hang your flowers.

Yeah, you understood right, hang them upside down like, as if you’re drying them…

H1 H2 H11 This trend is popping up everywhere. All the it-girl fashion shoots are making this wholly natural statement.

It puts such an unusual, rustic edge on the fresh-flowered look.

It’s effortless chic and we just can’t get enough of it.

H3 H4 H6 H5 H7 And just to add a little spin to it, why not hang oversized cactic leaves? Or single stems in test tubes?

As long as the leaves or blooms aren’t conventionally arranged, you’re pretty much nailing this trend, gals!

H9 H10 And yes, this pantry-esq look compliments our favourite 2015 trend, Industrial Styling, insanely well!

Knots + Braids + Knots + Braids

Honey, it’s safe to say this trend is sticking around, and I dunno about you gals, but I couldn’t be more stoked!

Whether it’s a braid or a knotted look, your locks are gonna look SO DANG FINE on your wedding day!

…And FYI (yes, speaking from experience here) nothing lasts as well as a braided up do! Aside from attempting to pick copious amounts of lavender confetti out of my hair on our wedding day (rather unsuccessfully I might add. Dude, I was so chilled for the rest of the wedding!) my hair stayed intact for the entire day without a second thought (or hair grip!).

And umm hi, they’re SO friggin’ priddy!

HA1-5 Left: They All Hate Us   Right: Opening Ceremony

HA2 Add ribbon. Definitely add ribbon.

And as for this almost mowhawk-style knotted up-do..

Well, SWOON.

HA3 HA4 HA6-7 Left: Become Gorgeous  Right: Intl BFF

HA8-10 Left: Zsa Zsa Bellagio  Right: They All Hate Us

HA9 Every hair tone, every length.

Knots or braids; babes, you can’t go wrong.

You Can Sit With Us


The kindness movement, the antithesis of that infamous Mean Girls line ‘ You can’t sit with us’, this all inclusive, sociable vibration is catching, and it’s spreading right into the wedding world also!

We’ve see so many crazy-good pins inspiring couples to create spaces that encourage socialising and interacting with fellow guests.

Outdoor lounges are a great place to start, still ridiculously on trend, you really can sit with us, whether there’s a spare seat on the Chestfield, the edge of a hay bale or simply a spot of grass left, congregate together around a focal point, be it a gorgeous chest-come-coffee-table, the guestbook or a fire pit…

Get your guests together!

S1 S2 And duh, NOTHING makes people socialise like food, and a share platter is hands down the best way to get people chatting, laughing and sharing stories!

S9 S3 S6 Customisable spaces are just everything.

Us British peeps all too often resign ourselves to our designated seat, whether it’s sat where we wanna be, where we’re comfortable, or not. To the point where we’ll leave a conversation unfinished, even though we’re completely captivated chatting to said person, just to take our rightful seat…

Whelp, 2015 is the year of taking whichever seat you like. Encourage guests to customise spaces, to congregate naturally, organically, to move the floor cushions, to sit on the walls… There’s such freedom and positivity to be had in allowing people to socialise and group naturally!

Power to human instinct!

S7-8 Left: Design Love Fest  Right: Daily Dose of Stuf

S5 S4 And lastly, add a little playfullness to proceedings to get your guests gelling and causing a raucous!

Who said crackers were only a Christmas thing, anyways?

She’s Got Texture on her Texture, Darling

Last up there’s some SERIOUSLY luscious dress inspiration all over Pinterest right now and one of the key elements?

TEXTURE, darling.

After all, why be 2 dimensional when you could be 3?

T1-2 Left: Oh My Wedding Planners  Right: This is Glamorous

T4 T5 Ruffles, dreaded faux furs, heavily textured lace, if it’s feels interesting, if it moves, it’s HAWT.

Drape veils for dreamy portrait shots, push up your sleeves for added dimension, swish that tulle skirt, spin in your fur… Werk it, girl!

T3-6 Left: The Lane  Right: Roswe

T9 T10 Young & Hungry Left: Oasis Mag  Right: Kinfolk

For. Real. The year of texture is here and not just one: layer up those fabrics for maximum impact and on point bridal style.

And then? Then send us a photo so we can drool at your magnificence and wish we could be brides again. #justkiddin #actuallybeingserious

Ahem! See y’all tomorrow dolls!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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