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Festival Brides Love: Rosie Willett Designs

29 Jul

concept image 1 Morning gorgeous creatures!

Oh BOY do we have a sparkly treat for you gals today: meet Rosie Willett Designs, the most incredible designer of bridal headdresses… Like really, prepare to swoon your little heart out!

We’ve gotten the low dow on all her fabulous pieces, the inspiration behind her collection and an exclusive discount code for our readers, so keep on scrolling, babes!

concept image 3

Tell us a little about yourself…

I am a designer of bridal headpieces and jewellery and my company is Rosie Willett Designs. My background is in fashion and textiles, so I love colour and I’m inspired by nature. There’s nothing I love more than walking around a garden of beautiful flowers.

If you had a chance to go to any music festival, which one would it be?

I would love to go to The Secret Garden Party festival in Cambridgeshire. As well as some great bands, there’s boating and swimming in the lake, games, art, vintage clothes and luxury camping, which is a must for me. I’m not very good at slumming it!

concept image 7 Amaris wedding hair combs modelled 2, u00A3195,

What made you decide to start Rosie Willett Designs?

I was designing headpieces whilst at Northumbria University studying Fashion Marketing. It started as a hobby and grew into a part time business as I began supplying a local bridal boutique. After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree, I decided to launch the business properly and I now work full time at Rosie Willett Designs. At the time the business started, most of the bridal headpieces on the market were mass produced and traditional in style. I felt that I could offer a stylish alternative for brides looking for something more special.

Tell us a little bit more about your pieces…

I make each and every headpiece individually by hand, using Swarovski crystal and pearl. More recently, I have been working with some beautiful Mother of Pearl flowers and freshwater pearl, which has a lovely natural look. I also use French lace and silks in some of my work. There is a wide range of styles in my collection, including bohemian forehead bands, delicate hair vines, floral headbands, side tiaras and combs.

What are some of your favourite memories + experiences from previous brides you’ve worked with?

I really enjoy making bespoke orders and I’ve recently made a headpiece for a bride whose inspiration was her mother’s own wedding headpiece. I recreated it for her but updated the design so that it was more current. I thought it was such a lovely idea and I can’t wait to see her photographs. Another favourite is the hair vine I created for model Georgia Horsley’s wedding to McBusted’s Danny Jones. Their wedding was featured on the cover of Hello! Magazine and the ‘Georgia’ hair vine is now my best selling design.

Bryony Wedding Hair Vine Modelled Carina 3 wedding headpiece modelled Dawn wedding hair vine modelled

If our readers were to order your headdresses, or create a bespoke design with you for their wedding, what can they expect?

My customers always tell me that customer service at Rosie Willett Designs is second to none. They are often surprised that they can correspond directly with the designer, but I think this is so important as it’s a personal service and I can offer the best advice on my own designs. Brides often contact me with questions about the right headpiece to suit their hair style or dress and I’m happy to help with this. Bespoke orders involve an even more personal service as I send sketches and photographs of the piece in progress to ensure that the bride is happy with the design I create.

I feel this customer testimonial sums up what Rosie Willett Designs is all about:

“After searching online for what seemed like hours, I came across Rosie Willett Designs. I fell in love with a number of headdresses but after I saw the ‘Georgia’ headpiece I knew it was perfect for the look I was going for. I emailed Rosie to ask her a few questions and she couldn’t have been more helpful.  She assisted me with my ribbon tie colour choice and also helped me to choose the perfect earrings to go with the headdress. I can’t thank or praise her enough for her professionalism and help. I absolutely loved wearing the headdress and got so many compliments on the day and afterwards as people have seen photos. I felt it was very individual and gave me a different look to other brides which is what I wanted. It’s beautifully made and is of a high quality. Thank you so much”

How do you know if a Rosie Willett piece is right for your wedding?

I am getting married myself this September, so I have first hand experience of choosing the best suppliers to work with. I think one of the most important things is attention to detail. As an accessories designer, this comes naturally to me, but I’ve come across some suppliers where this has been lacking. I have chosen to work with people who have gone out of their way to help me and who seem to genuinely care about my wedding as much as I do. I will always do my utmost to help customers find their perfect headpiece.

Delphine Wedding Tiara Modelled Laurel Wedding Tiara Modelled, u00A3286, Willow Wedding Hair Comb Modelled, u00A3130,

What’s your best piece of advice for brides who’re trying to choose their wedding headpiece?

The dress should always be chosen first, with accessories that will help to bring your look together. For example, a soft and floaty bohemian dress looks beautiful when accessorised with a forehead band or soft lace flowers in the hair. Hairstyle is also an important consideration. Most headpieces at Rosie Willett Designs are versatile and can be worn with hair up or down, but some look better with particular hairstyles so it’s helpful if you have a rough idea of this before ordering your headpiece. You should also try to coordinate and balance your jewellery with your headpiece. Rosie Willett Designs offers a wide selection of jewellery to complement all of our headpiece designs.

Finally, what’s your life quote/motto?

“Make your own path”. I’ve learned that following the herd doesn’t really suit me and finding the confidence to do my own thing has made me much happier. Individuality and the things we do differently from others is what makes people interesting.

Visit Rosie Willett’s website to see her range of bridal tiaras and hair vines, including the ‘Georgia’, created for Georgia Horsley’s wedding to McBusted’s Danny Jones.

Georgia Jones McFly wedding hair vine modelled, u00A3138, I mean, come on!

We love the stunning boho edge that Rosie gives to her sparkly pieces, and what’s more we’ve got an exclusive 20% discount code for our Festival Brides! Simple quote FESTIVAL20 at the checkout!

Happy shopping beautiful brides and be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see your beautiful Rosie Willett pieces!

Peace + Love

Clare X

The Perfect Finish | 2015’s hottest bridal style details

23 Jul

17 What up babes?!

It is Thursday, the weekend is on the horizon and we are feeling oh-SO-fine today! I’m so psyched to share today’s post with you – I’ve had so many ideas bubbling away inspired by the treasure I find and share on our Pinterest and Instagram feeds – so it’s super rad to be chatting to y’all today about these seeeeriously hot trends!

We’re nailing the Perfect Finish today; the icing on your perfectly formed bridal-look cake, if you will!

There are some pretty out there ideas around in the world of style this Summer and, never ones to shy away from the drama, we’re all over these looks! From reformed makeup concepts, to simply sliding your bangle from your wrist to your palm (confused much? It’ll all become clear very soon, I promise) these subtle shifts can make your bridal style really cutting edge, and we LOVE a bride who isn’t scared to go near the edge!

Oh, and one other minor detail that I’m sure no Festival bride ever would be interested in (PAH!) we’ll be summarising the hottest braided hair styles for summer 2015 too – there are some CORKERS (think Ms Moss circa ’92).

So we best crack on, hey? These tiny details are no small deal!

Visage: Strobing

SO! As far as 2015 is concerned: ‘Dewy’ is the new sculpted and therefore ‘Strobing’ is the new highlighting.

Don’t be fooled my friends, this seemingly subtle shift in the finishing touches to the visage can make the world of difference to the completed look! Having been preached to about the benefits of contouring one’s face (à la Kimmy K) for the last few years, the beauty world is shifting towards a less carved out, structured look that focuses on creating shadows (at the risk of looking a little ‘muddy’, if not done correctly) and instead, towards a focus on highlighting in order to create the appearance of light and shade, a.k.a ‘Strobing’.

With me so far?! Ha!

Strobing is achieved by applying a perfectly toned highlighter (we’re HUGE Opal + Moonstone by Becca fans) to your cheekbones, along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, below your brow bone, in the corners of your eyes, and above your cupid’s bow, enhancing all those beautiful natural features.

Take a look for yourselfie…

18 16 19 20 So dewy and glowy, who doesn’t want that? Seriously?!

There’s been a bit of neggie commentary on this newly coined term, but we’re pretty big fans here at FBrides. Our reasoning is thus: whereas contouring seeks to create a shape that isn’t already there (a deep shadow beneath the cheek bone or maybe a slimmer nose, for example), strobing simply highlights those beautiful features that already, naturally exist. Strobing allows a gal to simply draw the eye to her favoured features!

We heart it, and we think you brides should too!

Bijoux: The Palm Cuff

This trend is LIFE.

I cannot (and will not) stop talking about these b-e-a-u-tiful pieces. But seriously, my inner (jewellery obsessed) child is screaming for joy!

Totally innovative, totally original and just a showstopping alternative to the ‘right-hand-ring’ scenario for brides-to-be.

Is it a bracelet? Is it a ring? Nobody knows, but everybody is drooling at the mere sight of it!

Personally, we are major fans of these diamond, almost vine-like styles. They appear almost as though they’re moving, flowing over the hand… Ergh, I die!

4 3 For reals, we are just sat here, jaws on the floor, not blinking.

Too much pretty, can’t handle it!

If a multitude diamonds aren’t your thing then you can leave now then check out these brassy alternatives… Ahem!

A little more casj, these super boho pieces work beautifully alongside other jewels, creating intrigue without stealing the show.

1 2 6 left: Oracle Fox  right: Free People

7 5 Très, très cool hey?

They’re like the midi rings of the bangle world and we are next level besotted with them!

Cheveux: the 2015 Braids

The moment you’ve all been scrolling for! Our Summer 2015 braid round up!

It’s no secret that here at FBrides we kinda like braids…

HA! Man, sometimes even I can’t take myself seriously! That was the understatement of the century!

Put simply: Festival Brides LOVES Braids.

Forever and ever amen.

So, you remember back in our Badass Bride post in April, we mentioned the Fauxhawk? Yah, well that’s not gone anywhere! The wedding world is still utterly obsessed with this style and its many, many interpretations!

At one end of the scale the ‘hawks are getting sleeker, more elegant and hyper-feminine…

(Like, I could cry this is so pretty!)

12 13 …And at the other end of the scale, the ‘hawks are getting a more chill vibe: looser, more dishevelled fishtails (the bohemian girl in me is totally on side with this style, the struggle to pick a favourite is real right now!). However your interpretation of the Fauxhawk goes, you’re sure to still be bang on trend.

Moving on to slightly edgier, more urban waters and you might’ve noticed that the world of fashion is harping back to the 90s in a HUGE way! Which, as an aside, was the decade of my childhood, I couldn’t be any more in my element this season!

Cornrows are back, babes! And although their return has been embraced alongside those Normcore, grungy looks that we know and love from the 90s, the catwalk has also allowed them to transcend into the world of high end.

Suddenly ‘rows are one of the chicest hairstyles on the block, and we are just A-OK with that!

8 29 28 10 30 14 Like, have you ever seen ‘rows look that damn chic?!

How did that even happen?! Who cares, I’m totally on board!

In essence: the closer to your head the braid sits, the more on trend it is for this Summer!

Which leads us to the simple french-plaited pigtails: so original for a bride, these simpler braids work stunningly in multi-tonal blonde hair.

11 27 They’re so incredibly flattering, especially alongside a strong brow!

And the final look in this, our curation of braided masterpieces, is inspired by the idol that is Kate.

Perfectly 90s, with a carefree, playful vibe is this double braided look:

26 9 Cute freckles / bubblegum is optional, but totally advised.

So, our advice for braided brides this Summer? Simply take a trip down memory lane, honey.

Visage: Fake Freckles

The metaphorical sprinkles atop your now perfectly iced cake, if you will!

A seriously gorgeous addition, fake freckles are a big news in the beauty world, and just so you know I’m a huge advocate so things are about to get reeeeaal biased right now.

The vast majority of Summer brides seek but one thing from their makeup; to appear naturally sunkissed and beautiful.

Well girl, unless you were born with such qualities, there ain’t no shame: fake it ’til you make it!

25 24 I first stumbled across this trend when stalking perusing one of my personal Instagram favourites, Jordi of @likestory_ and @itslikelymakeup (the super babe above!), be sure to check out her Instagram tutorial on her perfectly formed little ‘Fackles’, but in the meantime here’s how…

Once your makeup is complete, using a brow product in various shades of taupe/brown (be that a brow pencil, or a gel product paired with one of those spoolie thingies), dot freckles of varying sizes, shapes and colour intensities (this variation is encouraged to achieve a natural look) across the bridge of the nose, the upper cheeks/temples and even the forehead to achieve that natural (albeit completely artificial) look of sun kissed beauty.

If the freckles appear too intense, or to simpley achieve a more subtle finish, use a Beauty Blender (preferably with any left-over foundation/concealer still on it) to gently dab (never swipe!) the freckles out a bit. Finish with a setting spray or powder to keep your freckles all day long!

21 23 22 Of course, who said they had to be brown?

Face paint, I mean, resistance is futile, right?!

Now, go! I can tell you’re all itching to go try some fake freckling in the office bathroom!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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