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Natures Dream: A Whimsical Bridal Shoot featuring Curious Fair Headpieces

18 Apr


Happy Friday Peeps!

Finally the long weekend is here! I don’t know about you lovely people but I for one have been gagging for this bank holiday weekend……………not to mention the many Easter treats that I am planning to eat! One of the great things about being pregnant is you have the perfect excuse to over indulge (within reason of course) so pass over those mini eggs and lets get cracking!

We have an absolutely stunning and unique bridal shoot to share with you today. Think unicorns, abstract headpieces inspired by nature, stunning hair and make-up, whimsical meets boho wedding dresses and some beautiful photography and you will pretty much have summed up Natures Dream.

Put together by the talented duo that is Lucy Davenport Photography and Jo Irving from Love Hair and working in collaboration with a Curious Fair, Natures Dream is an eclectic mix of bridal beauty with a dramatic theatrical edge. The styling gives the shoot a dreamlike quality and the animalistic headpieces by Curious Fair adds a fairy tail element that echoes the stories of The Grimm Brother’s or Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream. It is a lovely shoot and we are very excited to be sharing these exclusive images with you.

Lucy explains the ideas behind the shoot…..

I stumbled across Curious Fair on Instagram and knew immediately that I had to collaborate with them on a shoot.

Myself and Jo Irving at Lovehair got together to brainstorm, and we both took inspiration from Aynhoe Park, one of the wedding venues where I am a recommended wedding photographer. Aynhoe is constantly changing, but they currently have a Unicorn in their Orangery so Jo and I decided we wanted our own Unicorn to shoot!

With Natalie from Curious Fair on board, we gave her the brief to create pieces based on the Unicorn, and other aspects within nature – we wanted dreamy, inspiring pieces.

LDavenport LDavenport1

Wedding Dress: Rue de Seine – Louvre Dress; Ring: Stylists own; Head dress: Jenny Packham, stylists own.

Natalie at Curious Fair said:

We are creators of all things unique & handmade. Our bespoke headdresses & masks are perfect accessories for alternative weddings.

Our headdresses & masks are adorned with real feathers, dried flowers, vintage jewellery, antique lace, handmade paper & other natural materials. Each bespoke headdress & mask is made to order with great care and attention to detail ensuring no two headpieces are ever the same!

Lucy_Davenport_Photography-003 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-004

Wedding Dress: Kelsey Genna – Garden; Necklace: Isobel Vintage Chunky Necklace £36 from Rose & Aster; Head piece: Wild Feather Woodland Headdress

Lucy_Davenport_Photography-005 LDavenport2

Wedding Dress: Rue de Seine – Harper Dress

Jo, the hair stylist said:

I wanted to create pretty, feminine hair styles that could be worn at a wedding or a festival.

The model already had a pink wash in her hair but I enhanced that with flashes of bright pink using extensions. Tiny plaits look great and add a really wearable yet festival feel to any hair length and the accessories were just amazing so didn’t need much styling so I went for staple soft ‘boho’ waves to compliment the head pieces. I then got creative with plaits and used fishtail, regular, french plaits and knotting techniques to add texture.

Lucy_Davenport_Photography-007 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-008

Wedding Dress: Gwendolynne – Deco; Head piece: Unicorn Hair Headpiece


Wedding Dress: Gwendolynne – Deco; Head piece: Unicorn Hair Headpiece; Cape: Feather cape by Eaton Nott


Wedding Dress: Gwendolynne – Deco; Head piece: Spring Bird Nest Crown

On make up was Ana Ospina who is so creative, and having worked with her so much already, I knew she’d see our vision and help bring the look together.

Ana says: The Make Up Looks I designed to go with these fashion stories were not your typical Bridal Make Up Looks, the inspiration for the shoot was to showcase some beautiful Bridal designs in a more edgy and contemporary way. We wanted to go for something a little more editorial in style to give inspiration to those fashion savvy Brides that aren’t afraid to try something a little more daring. The main thing I wanted to translate on camera was a very dewy look to my models skin. I started of with a natural look using pale gold sheens on both eyes and lips. I kept cheeks a soft coral in tone and applied a full brow and false lash application. This created a make up style that was not only natural and soft but also quite dreamy.

For the next look I then introduced more colour using airbrush foundation by Temptu and even used their adjusters and shimmers on eyes and on cheeks to create a cut crease on the lids and a contour and highlight on the cheeks. I worked with a gold, copper, pink and plum palette.

For a final look I wanted to create some art on the face using a stencil and again a mix of the plum and copper layered through the stencil using my airbrush gave a little dimension to the roses design I applied. My models looks and face shape lent itself to the pixie/baroque style we ended up with. As with all artistic collaborations the looks evolved and we expanded on them all until we created an end result I can truly say rocked. It was amazing being part of such a creative team for this shoot.

LDavenport6 LDavenport7

Wedding Dress: Charlotte Casadejus – Maude; Head piece: Snow Hare Headdress; Choker (worn as bracelet): Lace and crystal choker £30 from Rose & Aster

LDavenport8 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-014

Wedding Dress: Rue de Seine – Louvre Dress; Head piece: Spring Bird Nest Crown

Line Up

Photographer: Lucy Davenport 
Head pieces: Curious Fair
Hair stylist: Jo Irving at Lovehair 
Make up: Ana Ospina
Dresses: Luella’s Boudoir
Jewellery: Rose & Aster
Cape: Jess Eaton
Please note, Roadkill Couture™ has a very strong ethical code and absolutely no animal was, or ever will be harmed or killed for the making of the collection.

Big shout out to Lucy and Jo for sending in this stunning shoot and to Curious Fair for such innovative head pieces – we salute you ladies!

If you would like to see more work from Lucy and Jo then take a look at this gorgeous Boho Inspired Hair and Beauty Shoot we featured in January.

Big Easter Love

Festival Brides xxx

The Beauty of Coconut Oil : One Bandwagon You Don’t Wanna Miss

12 Mar

Coco 1

Image credit: Mind Body Green

Morning my sassy brides!

So, you might’ve heard the gentle buzz of twittering ladies at work, or noticed that your girlfriend’s been smelling remarkably like a Hawaiian beach recently, or maybe you’ve wondered (like every girl in the world) just how Miranda Kerr keeps her hair so luscious, her skin so radiant and her booty so slim. Two words for you, darlings: Coconut Oil.

This stuff is so hot right now, everybody’s talking about it. I’m here to tell you that whether you’re a blossoming bride-to-be, a budding bridesmaid, or (hell, let’s be honest here) a gorgeous groom who likes a bit of a pamper, you need coconut oil in your life. If you’re watching the pennies right now, bear with me here, I’ve got your back. At up to £6 for a 300ml jar this stuff might not sound the most cost effective solution at first glance, but with its multitude of uses (I’m talking 1 product replacing at least 5 everyday essentials) and guaranteed results (no, really!) coconut oil will give you that boost from within, ensuring you not only look like a wholesome, energised beauty, but feel it too! Show me a bride that isn’t gagging for some o’ that!

I hope you gals are ready for this. This pure, white goodness is gonna change your life!

Coco 4

Image credit: BLDG25

So, remember back in the 90s when somebody told you fats were bad for you? They said if it wasn’t ‘fat free’ you shouldn’t go near it, and you definitely shouldn’t eat it. Well, welcome to 2014, where avocados are accepted for their wonderful health-providing qualities and where coconut oil, whether you put it on yourself or eat it, is a top health kick for 2014. Now, before y’all race off to the shops to get a jar (kudos for being keen) there are a couple of super important things to note when buying coconut oil. Firstly, shop around: I’ve managed to get free postage and buy bigger tubs for cheaper online. Get your girlfriends involved and get buying in bulk! Secondly, whichever brand you buy, look for the following on the jar: it must be organic, cold-pressed and unrefined; ingredients should simply read ‘Organic Virgin Coconut Oil’. We don’t want no added nasties here, thank you very much! The shot below is of my jar of choice right now, purchased via Amazon. I kid you not, there are 5 jars in my house alone right now, not to mention the one I gave to my lovely pregnant sister-in-law the other day. What can I say; I’m an enthusiastic converter!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Image credit: @Clarelegs Instagram Feed

Ok, so let’s get into the ‘how to’ of this Holy Grail product. First up, I want to chat to you about the benefits of coconut oil for your bod. The downright dirty of this? You need to be smothering (and I mean smothering) this stuff everywhere you can, as often as you can! This white oil is solid at room temperature, but take a teaspoonful into your palms and it’ll melt easily into the best body moisturizer out there. Not a fan of oils? Yeah, neither was I. However, the divine fragrance and high absorbency rate of coconut oil makes it a true treasure. A couple of little tips for body application: a teaspoon heated up with 2 tablespoons of milk and then whisked together makes a gorgeous bath soak. The milk stops the oil from simply floating on the surface of the water, whilst indulging in a couple of drops of lavender oil will leave you a super soft, super chilled bride to be! Another great idea to see you through what’s left of this colder weather is to moisturise your body with the oil pre-shower; dehydrated winter skin is banished forever, a great bit of prep for a spring bride. Oh, and incase that’s not enough, my fellow eco hippie types will be chuffed to know you can eliminate a few more chemicals from your shower routine by using this oil in place of a shaving cream; hello, silken pins!

Coco 7 Coco 9

Image credit: Our Little Green Dot

Here at Festival Brides, we love a natural beauty, I mean like a true ‘I woke up like ‘dis’ beauty. It’s no secret that we boho brides crave that truly ‘au naturel’ facial look, but it can be somewhat elusive and it sure is hard to achieve with makeup. So we’re going out on a limb here by advocating a genuine glow that comes from taking great care of your face, which will hopefully allow you to employ a ‘less is more’ approach to your wedding makeup. First, and easiest of all, is the use of coconut oil as a lip balm: just a couple of dabs over night will see you with chap-free lips in whatever weather. Outdoor brides have no fear, we’ve got you covered.

Coco 6

Image credit: The Beauty Department

Aside from the fact that coconut oil is a great facial moisturizer (I use it daily, without fail), it also makes a super gentle eye makeup remover. Now, when I say ‘super gentle’ I mean it’s one of the kindest things you could apply to that delicate skin around your eyes. However, if we’re talking mascara-removing-power: this oil is the toughest remover out there, effortlessly lifting heavily waterproof eye makeup with ease. That’s right, ladies; say ‘no’ to repeated eye rubbing, and ‘yes’ to fresh, sparkly eyes with reduced lines.

Coco 13

Image credit: BLDG25

This last one is great for reducing the amount of ‘cover up’ you’ll need to get you picture perfect on your wedding day. The totally rad girls over at Free People’s BLDG25 have come up with this fabulous overnight treatment, using coconut and tea tree oil. The serum formed when these two oils are combined will help keep your pretty lil’ face blemish free and reduce any general redness, as well as that of scars. I told you, this stuff is worth its weight in gold.

Coco 14

Image credit: BLDG25

Coco 5

Image credit: BLDG25

Next up, we’re talking Oil Pulling. Still a topical application of coconut oil, this one’s a little quirkier, but the benefits are incredible. This is one of those moments when I’m gonna ask you to believe the hype, ‘cause I’m about to ask you to swish coconut oil in your mouth… for a whole 20 minutes… daily. Ok, pick your jaw up off the floor and hear me out. Oil pulling is an ancient Ayuverdic practice, whereby you swish a teaspoon of oil (coconut oil is of course my preferred choice) around your mouth for 20 minutes. The ‘sticky-ness’ of the oil allows it to draw and trap bacteria and toxins from places your toothbrush can’t reach as it travels around your mouth, turning it from a clear liquid oil, to a waterier, white liquid which you must then spit out. Sounds a little odd, hey? Believe me when I say this though: it’s surprisingly tolerable, in fact I’d even go so far as to say that I kinda like it now (2 months on). And I mean, hello? Did you see the list of benefits? If it promises whiter teeth and a detox, I’m game.

A couple of little tips as you embark upon your pulling journey: when you’re done, spit the oil out into the toilet or waste bin, we don’t want any clogged pipes! The best time to pull is first thing in the morning, before eating anything or brushed your teeth; it’s supposedly when there are the most toxins in your mouth. Post pulling, I like to give my teeth a good brush and drink a glass of water. I’ve seen my teeth brighten a few shades, feel more thoroughly clean throughout the day as well as experiencing reduced sensitivity and an overall improvement in the hydration of my skin. Good times.

Coco 8

Image credit: Our Little Green Dot 

Coco 10

Image credit: How to Hair Girl

Our last topical treatment with this oil is for your hair. Coconut oil offers a multitude of benefits to both your scalp and the shafts of your hair, making it a great all rounder. One of very few oils that can be absorbed by the shaft of hair itself, coconut oil makes a great conditioning treatment for that long bohemian mane of yours, penetrating the hair shaft and promoting luscious, healthy locks. Massaged into the scalp, coconut it encourages hair growth and has been known to relieve dry, itchy scalps. Oh, and did I mention it smells ace?! So simply melt a tablespoon in your hands and apply throughout the hair and to the scalp, leaving for anything between 5 and 20 minutes before gently combing through (use a wide tooth comb) and then thoroughly washing out.I’ve also read this amazing stuff can can be used to encourage fuller eyelashes by simply massaging it gently into the hair follicles at night; those false eyelashes you were debating just fluttered out the window, didn’t they? All hail the wholly natural, beautiful bride!

Ah, and whilst we’re all it, a tiny amount melted across your fingers and applied sparingly can work as a fabulous smoothing serum, banishing dryness and fly-aways in one swift manoeuvre.

Coco 2

Image credit: Updates Yourself

Finally, I want to encourage you future brides to ingest coconut oil daily. It sounds like a bit of a scary prospect, especially if you’re trying to slim down for your wedding. However, coconut oil contains a type of fats called triglycerides which research has shown can lead to efficient energy burning as a result of the process the liver employs to break these fats down. Put that into the real world, and you’ll find a study that followed a babe who ingested 2 teaspoons of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks, not only did she not gain weight, but she lowered her stomach fat, which is a super difficult place to lose fat. Suddenly those tummy-baring two-piece gowns are sounding real plausible, right?!

Set that (major) benefit aside, ingesting coconut oil can be a real game changer across the board. A spoonful can give you a natural energy boost, and if taken 20 minutes before a meal, can really aid digestion. Not only that, eating coconut oil can help prevent and cure headaches and migraines; that’s right, no stress headaches for our holistic-loving brides! And last but not least, coconut oil will seriously boost your immune system, which (trust me, I was sick as a dog on our wedding day) is an absolute must for any busy bride-to be!

Coco 3

Image credit: BLDG25

As ever, these are just my pick of the seemingly endless uses for coconut oil, so if you’re curious get out there and read more – we’d love to hear of your findings. I hope I’ve sold it to you, or at least made you curious, as I can’t think of any beauty product I would recommend more highly to you, my beautiful, blossoming brides. It’s totally boho, it’s got that hippie holistic edge and best of all it’s uncomplicated!

One tub; huge benefits. Get on this bandwagon!

Much love my favourites,

Clare xo

The Crescent Moon Crown… Flower Garlands for an Alternative Bride

26 Feb

Grec Gold 5

Image Credit: AvigailAdam

Afternoon gorgeous people!

We’ve finally reached the hump day, if you guys can conquer Wednesday, then rest assured the weekend is the next big thing! I’m pretty stoked to be bringing this seriously hot new trend to you guys today; it’s original and totally off the cuff so, as I’m sure you can imagine, I’m totally IN LOVE with it! Without any further ado, let’s do what we Festival Brides do best; let’s talk flower crowns.

Fabric 1

Image Credit: AvigailAdam

If I could tell you just one thing about weddings, it’d be this: anything goes. Your wedding is your licence to bend the rules and express yourself, and here at Festival Brides we wholly endorse a hefty dose of originality. Now I’m sure, as a bride who loves a bit of boho chic, you’ll be well acquainted with the much loved flower crown. Allow me to be a little controversial here though, when I say it’s nothing new. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I love more than to see gorgeous brides adorned with flourishes of romantic petals, but you’ll have probably realised by now that I like to mix things up a little. Enter: the Crescent Moon Crown. Haven’t heard of it? Yeah, that’s probably ‘cause I’ve coined that name for it! That’s right, this trend’s so fresh, it hasn’t even been labelled yet. So whether you’re into gold leaves embellished with delicate pearls, a twist of asymmetry or just something a little more low-key, I’m pretty sure this new style with reveal something you’ll love!

Asym 1

Image Credit: Grace Love Lace via Polkadot Bride

Nothing says ‘aesthetically gorgeous’ like a bit of asymmetry. It can take a bit of confidence to carry off this look sometimes, but it adds a whole dose of elegance and sophistication the moment it’s embraced. So to break it down, we’re simply talking about either an incomplete circle of flowers that sits on one side of the head, or a complete ring that is more substantial or prominent on one side, creating this off-centre look.

Asym 2 copy

Image Credits: Left, Confetti Daydreams Right,

The asymmetrical halo works brilliantly with real flowers. Softening the addition of colours, there’s nothing intimidating or overwhelming about this off centre crown. It gracefully poises itself on the side of the head, producing an effortlessly romantic look. We love the above images, the surge of purples really enhance her beautiful blonde hair and, of course, we adore the tones of Pantone’s colour for 2014: Radiant Orchid (seriously ladies, look that colour up. Divine).

Asym 3

Image Credit: Coast to Coast Central

It’s worth noting that this trend works particularly well with two hairstyles: the loose one-sided braid and a twisted knot at the nape of your neck. With the braided look, position the more substantial side of crown on the same side as the braid falls, don’t try and balance out your braid, embrace the asymmetry entirely! While a loosely twisted up do is perfect for the half-Crescent, as the ends of the crown can be nested in the twisted hair, giving you the best of both worlds: the perfectly dishevelled up do we all crave, with subtle hints of a flower crown. In so many of these instances, it’s about engineering a floral hairpiece that will compliment your desired hairstyle.

Asym 5

Asym 6

Image Credits: Top, Maggie Mowbray BRIDAL Pearl & Ivory Bottom, Maggie Mowbray BRIDAL White Blossom

Grec Gold 1

Grec Gold 1a

Image Credit: Sincerely Kinsey

Grec Gold 2

Image Credit: Erica Elizabeth Design

Now, if flowers just ain’t your thang, I have the perfect solution for you: the Grecian Crescent. Think luxuriously warm tones of gold, weaving their way from the back of your tousled locks, but not quite touching at the front… it’s pure Greek gorgeousness! At the edgier end of the scale, this is the most obvious way to showcase the Crescent crown. I love the flexibility of this crown: it can be worn with the leaves nestled at the nape of the neck with the opening at the front, or as more of a halo sitting across the front of one’s head, but placed back from the hairline. Equally dreamy, yet equally dramatic, these Grecian Crescents are showstoppers, especially for the brunette bride. Dammit, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: I wish I’d had one!

Grec Gold 3

Grec Gold 3a

Image Credit: Noaki

Grec Gold 4

Image Credit: AvigailAdam

Leaves 1 Leaves 1a

Image Credit: Sincerely Kinsey

Bring this look back to its roots, and you have a natural rendition of the Grecian Crescent. The vibrant green of these leaves works amazingly in all hair colours, creating a beautifully earthy crown that is quite simply everything. Woodland brides, I think this one’s for you, there’s something so humble about the leaf, but so striking; own it, ladies!

Leaves 2

Image Credit: 100 Layer Cake

Whilst we’re here, gazing adoringly at these pieces, the thrifty brides among you might be interested to know that both of the above leaf Crescent crowns are DIYs, just click the links to find out more.

Reverse 1

Image Credit: Glamour Magazine

Reverse 2 copy

Image Credit: Left, Percy Handmade Right, Huffington Post

I don’t know about you girls, but I am a huge fan of the half up, half down hairstyle. This final trend couldn’t be more perfectly suited to that laid back look and gives a subtle nod to our old faithful, the flower crown. There are so many brides that this look would suit: those unsure of a front heavy crown, those concerned that the reverse of their hair is a little plain and oh-my-goodness every beach bride would look killer with this little burst of floral; it suits the lot! Whether you go for surf-chic hibiscus, a little white poppy (I just died it’s so pretty) or a cluster of daises, this reverse Crescent is the playing-it-cool of flower crowns.

Reverse 3

Image Credit: Tessa J

Reverse 5

Image Credit: Stone Cold Fox for The Knot

The goddesses of bridal style, Stone Cold Fox, have embraced this reverse Crescent crown atop their veils. Starting at the nape of neck, the veil falls from a half-wreath of elegant greenery and delicate flowers. The reasons I love this look are twofold: it effortlessly softens the starting point of the veil without the need for an overly structured up do, whilst also highlighting the sensual, feminine nape of the bride’s neck. Yes, it’s ticking all my boxes.

Reverse 6

Image Credit: Intimate Weddings

So, that’s my take on the Crescent Moon Crown. We’ve taken a trend that’s made a fantastic resurgence over the past couple of years and given it a new life. To the bride that isn’t sure of the flower crown: girl, I hear you, and I implore you to do it your own way, the sky’s your limit. Be inspired by the ever-popular floral halo, but remember that free-spirited heart of yours and break the rules a little.

Much love my favourites,

Clare xo

How To Achieve Tousled Waves And Beachy Locks….

22 Jan

Happy Wednesday Lovely People!

If you’re anything like me then you will be pretty rubbish with styling your hair. I’d love to be one of those ladies who can just whip up a cool looking hair style in a matter of minutes but unfortunately the most I can come up with is a plait (and not even a fancy one at that) or a simple blow-dry. I just don’t have that creative stylist streak which is why this guest post from the lovely Jo from Lovehair is perfect for me. It’s a guide to choosing the correct products for your hair to help you achieve that tousled beach look that would be perfect for a boho or Festival Bride.

Over to Jo….

If you are going for the cool, undone, beachy hair look on your wedding day there is definitely no need to book a stylist, but let me help you to choose the right products to help you get the look you want first time.

So, whether you are going for soft waves, glossy waves, textured straight or all out salty mussed up hair it’s the products that are going to give you the look you want and these are the boys you need:

Jo-lovehair jo-love-hair1

Left to Right from top

Bumble & Bumble, Surf Foam Wash Shampoo

A gorgeous shampoo full of natural minerals and sea botanicals. Cleanses the hair of impurities, gives bounce and encourages curl in a ‘just got out the surf’ kinda way. Smells good too!

Percy & Reed, Volumising Mousse

Not a mousse as we know it- this stuff is light and doesn’t leave a residue or crunch! Best used brushed through your hair whilst dry then blow dry and style to create soft volumous hair with stay-ability, perfect if you are thinking of pinning hair up. Great used as it was meant to be too, on hair that needs volume – apply to damp hair and rough dry.

Oribe, Surfcomber Mousse

This mousse creates textured yet touchable hair, for admirers of beach waves without the grit. Oribe is available at Space NK , I thoroughly recommend this brand (And yes, it smells incredible)

L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert ,Volumetry SOS Volume Spray

Good for fine hair that needs volume. It removes any excess oils and leaves a powdery matt finish that still feels soft to touch. Ideal for the soft waves that are looking to be big in 2014. This product is better on blondes in my opinion plus comes in a small bag size can (I’m not blondist I promise!)

Percy & Reed, No Oil Oil.

All that textured goodness and salty beach waves needs to be evened out every now and again and for thick hair this stuff is great. It’s a serum without the greasy residue and can be used from root to tip. Great for smoothing flyaways, it contains pro vitamin B5 to strengthen and nourish the hair AND it has heat protection. A must have!

Percy and Reed, Dry conditioner

Product overload? Gone too far? Try Percy and Read’s Dry Conditioner to get back to being able to put your fingers through your hair without actually washing and starting again. Matt, textured hair is all well and good but deep down we all love glossy waves right?

Oribe, Dry Texturizing spray

This stuff is a dream come true and smells divine but at £38 a bottle it’s not cheap.

Create sexy tousled hair and volume, simply spray into blow dried hair. I love it for half up styles too that need a bit of oomph! It feels invisible and soaks up natural oils like a very cool dry shampoo. I cannot live without it for the scent alone. Perfect if your stylist has told you not to wash your hair the day of your wedding – Wash it the night before and use this to freshen and add grip on the day. BOOM!

Toni and Guy, Casual Rough Texturiser

LOVE this stuff, definitely my go to product for adding texture and without it going TOO crunchy, it gives more of a soft powdery finish and it smells AMAZING (Yes I do love a product that smells good)

Spray through tousled hair for desired effect

L’oreal Professional, Fresh Dust

This a powder that works by adding texture and substance to the hair allowing you t pin it up in ‘undone looks easier. Think of it as backcombing in a pot – I love using this for unstructured beehive looks. Nice and easy to get quick results if you like a bit of Va-va-voom

Steer clear if you are after glossy waves this guy adds a serious matte finish.

Bumble & Bumble, Surf Spray

Want to go all out surf chick? You can’t beat Bumble & Bumbles salt spray, simply spray at your hair and watch the beachy texture appear. Magic. Or looking for more waves? twist into knots, hold the ends and push up with your other hand to create texture, let go and voila! Great for prepping hair ready to pin up too

Or just do it properly and go for a surf the morning of your wedding! Refreshing, fun, stress relieving and surf chick hair-afying! Bliss..

If you are still looking for a hair stylist for your wedding then we couldn’t recommend Jo enough. Here are just a few examples of the gorgeous looks she can create for your wedding:

Love-Hair Love-Hair1 Love-Hair2 Love-Hair3

Image Credit: Lucy Davenport


For more information on Jo and her styling services please visit Lovehair’s website.

Big Love

Festival Brides xxx

Boho Inspired Hair and Beauty Shoot Featuring Kelly Spence Hair Accessories

17 Jan


Happy Friday Lovely People,

To brighten up this wet, miserable and cold winters day, we thought we’d share with you a beautiful shoot put together by Lucy Davenport and Jo of Love Hair. The focus of the shoot was to showcase the gorgeous Kelly Spence hair accessories and to provide hair style inspiration for those of you who are hoping to channel your inner boho beauty on your wedding day.

“For this shoot we wanted a real boho feel with soft textures” Lucy Davenport explains. ”From a photographic perspective, I wanted to create fresh, clean and beautifully simple images in order to showcase the hair, make up and accessories.

The model choice was key, we wanted to shoot with two models, with contrasting looks, but ensuring that when the images were pulled together, they worked as a set.”

The shoot features some of Kelly Spence’s most popular pieces and a handful of accessories from their new Gilded Woodland Collection. This new collection is inspired by sunny woodland walks and features golden autumnal leaves, spring blossoms and water droplet jewelled web strands.

MUA Susan Yates and Hair Stlyist Jo from Lovehair talk us through each look…..

Our Blonde Model

To get this minimal and no-fuss look, makeup is kept fresh and clean with no hard lines. 

A light mix of a peachy and taupe colour (Urban Decay Naked) is washed over the eyelid with a small amount of highlighter in the inner corner of the eye to make the eye pop. Black eyeliner is blended into the lash line followed with layers of mascara. Cheeks have a natual flush (Shu Uemura) and lips are filled in with a nude lipliner (Mac Suburgatory) topped with a coat of clear lipgloss.

The Plait


“For this look I wanted to create a plait with a difference.” say’s Jo of Lovehair “So I inter weaved different styles of braids to create this beautifully intricate style. I love how the accessories enhance the structure and show the direction of the hair. I used Percy and Reed’s ‘Volumising Mousse’ blow dried into dry hair before starting to give the hair substance and Casual ‘rough texturiser’ by Toni & Guy for just that.”

Hair Accessories

Image 1: Sprig Hairpins @ £130 for 5 – Ultra delicate pins of golden leafy branches accented with a small cluster of freshwater pearls.

Image 2: Delilah Pearl Hairstrand @ £135 – a long silver flexible tendril, jewelled with tiny freshwater pearls secured with hairpins or tied with an organza ribbon. This versatile piece can also be worn as a choker.

Wedding Dress: Darcey by Belle & Bunty from Bridal Path

The Curls


“With our model’s gorgeous pink hues this style has a real wanderlust, perfect for a ‘Festival Bride’. Central parting, relaxed roots and brushed out disco curls. I used my hands to create volume and Oribe’s texturizing spray to give it a powdery and voluminous finish.”

Hair Accessory

Thea Comb – @ £270 – a statement comb of dazzling Swarowski diamantes in a sunburst design that sits closely against the curves head radiating forward.

Wedding Dress: Darcey by Belle & Bunty from Bridal Path

The Up Do


“Hair was curled and given plenty of volume before gently pinning and twisting in to the nape of her neck. We added a middle parting to stay on trend and keep the front simple. The hair accessory is the focal point here. It makes me think of ‘The Never Ending Story’ like she may or may not have a unicorn waiting to give her a lift home.”

Hair Accessory

Gin Fizz Hair Necklace @ £195 – A silver and Swarovski diamante beaded central motif held on the forehead with a web of sterling silver strands with temple droplets of freshwater pearls and a pearl dotted parting chain

Wedding Dress: Darcey by Belle & Bunty from Bridal Path

The Beehive

“For this look we changed the Make-Up” Say’s Susan. “To get the 1960′s vibe, a darker shade (Prescriptives- Burgundy) is blended into the socket line and under the lower lash line. A thicker layer of black gel eyeliner (Bobbi Brown) is applied to the top lash line and completed with a set of false eyelashes. Lips are as before, filled with lipliner  (Mac Soar) for longlasting colour and topped with a clear lip balm (Kiehls).”


“For the hair with this look we went for more of a sixties feel with a modern edge. I loved this look with the pink candy floss hair and all the ‘nesty,’ messy texture with a lovely solid edge. Totally over the top, but oddly wearable at the same time.”

Hair Accessory

Evette Mother of Pearl Combs @ £210 for 3 – Mini combs of mother of pearl and Swarovski crystals

Wedding Dress: I Dreamed a Dream by Stewart Parvin from Bridal Path

Our Redhead Model

“It’s all about the smoky eyes here, with skin kept glowing (Sleek Face Form) and lips kept clear of colour. For eyes (Dior Nightgolds) sweep a dark colour along the upper and lower lash lid and from the inner corners blend out a small amount of a gold colour for instant vintage glamour. Line the upper lashes with black pencil and apply several layers of mascara to complete the look.”

The Braidy bunches


“I love plaits, especially French plaits and again they have a very bohemian feel.  But often from the from front you can’t see the detail so I divided the hair into 2 and plaited both sections with a middle parting to give a symmetry and add a little innocence.”

Hair Accessory

Larksong double comb hair chain @ £210 – Two small Deco inspired golden Swarovski accented combs connected by a twinkling chain of Swarovski diamantes draped across the forehead.

Wedding Dress: Faye worn with Illusion tulle jacket with lace appliqué both by Sassi Holford from Bridal Path

The Crown Braid



“For me the plait around the crown is the classic festival boho hair style. It’s extremely flattering due to the hair being pulled off the face at just the right angle but still leaving all important height.  I used Label M’s Power paste to seal the hair and give wonderful shine.”

Hair Accessories

Image 1: Bramble Gold & Pearl Hairstrand @ £190 – A strand of tiny golden leaves and freshwater pearls nestled cross the hairline.

Wedding Dress: Darcey by Belle & Bunty from Bridal Path

Image 2: Harvest Comb @ £265 – A stunning comb of cascading golden leaves highlighted with budding tendrils of freshwater pearls

Wedding Dress: Darcey by Belle & Bunty from Bridal Path

The Half Up Half Down




“We wanted more of a relaxed undone look for the final 2 shots as the hair accessories speak for themselves.  I added and scrunched in Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray to add structure to previously loose waves.”

Hair Accessories

Image 1: Betulah May Hair clip @£225 – An extremely versatile accent piece of golden leaves and scattered freshwater pearl petals held in place with tiny invisible clips that hold securely anywhere on the head even on the finest of hair!

Wedding Dress: Faye by Sassi Holford worn with Olivia jacket by Sabina Motasem both from Bridal Path

Image 2: Veil – Bowes Vintage Style Nape Gathered Veil @ £155

Wedding Dress: Faye by Sassi Holford worn with jacket by Sabina Motasem from Bridal Path

Image 3: Provence Lace Cap with Silk Flower @ £143

Wedding Dress: Faye by Sassi Holford worn with jacket by Sabina Motasemboth from Bridal Path

The Line Up

Photographer – Lucy Davenport 
Hair stylist – Jo Irving of Lovehair
MUA – Susan Yates
Hair Accessories – Kelly Spence
Dresses from Bridal Path Wedding Boutique

Thank you so much to Lucy and Jo for sharing this lovely shoot with us.

How amazing was that plait! Wish I had seen that when I was planning my wedding as I would have been all over it!!

Have a lovely weekend peeps and we will see you on Monday.

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

Wedding Veils Unveiled…….

19 Nov


And how is everyone today? Sun in shining and I’m nice and toasty in my slippers so I’m a happy lady!

We have some exciting news to share with you all today. We have a new recruit and she is more than a little bit awesome!

You may remember back in October we featured a beautiful woodland wedding that was held at our secret venue in Kent. Well the lovely bride aka Clare Pattinson impressed us so much with planning her inspirational wedding in just 9 weeks that we had to offer her a job!

You see, throughout her planning process she was posting all her ideas and inspiration to her Instagram page and we were hooked! Each day she brought a new creative idea that she showcased either through video, slideshows or images and we loved what she was doing so much that we just had to have her doing the same for us. So, she is!!!

Clare is now in full control of our Instagram page and already she has been posting brilliant inspiration from quirky favour ideas to cool little videos with things I know you Festival Brides will love. She’s also promoting our daily blog posts by sharing little teasers to what’s either already on our festival pages or what’s coming up.

You can check out all the wonderful things she’s doing by following us on Instagram.

Clare will also be sharing some of her ideas and passions here on Festival Brides which leads me nicely to this gorgeous post she has done on veils.

So without further ado I am going to hand you over to the lovely Mrs Pattinson………….

Never thought of yourself as a veil kinda girl?  Ditto.

I always wanted to keep my wedding look casual, maintaining that boho edge. In my mind, a veil might look too cutesy, too traditional (not my thing thing at all) or maybe just a little too expected. Well, let me assure you, the veil trends buzzing around right now are certainly not what your guests will expect! My post-wedding veil research has left me wishing I’d bitten the bullet and indulged in one of these beauties. I can guarantee I’ll be green with envy of any bride that embraces one of these amazing looks. So here’s the line up:

Think chic Carey Mulligan in this year’s ‘The Great Gatsby’, only in your imagination, she and DiCaprio actually walk down the aisle and she dons the most amazing hair piece… enter the Juliet Cap veil.

For those willing to fully embrace this 1920s trend, a Juliet cap fitted to the head sees this style at it’s most distinctive. Look for scalloped edges, perhaps an oversized flower to the side and lightly polka-dotted tulle. It’s also worth noting the stronger colour palette and luscious lashes adorning these model’s eyes, they really sing next to the cap veil.

Melinda Rose Design’s Dotted Bridal Cap:


Image Credit: Altas & Elia Photography via Etsy

It meets the brief and so much more, allowing sight of a stunning up-do at the nape of the neck too.

Megan Therese Couture’s Renaissance Skull Cap:


Image Credit: Megan Therese Couture for Etsy

I love the one-sided drop from this veil- it softens the cap, and in a delicate champagne lace? It’s too good.

For those that love this idea, but fancy something a little less structured, a little more ‘oh-I-just-slung-it-on’; you’ll welcome the looser Juliet cap with open arms. Look for lightweight tulle with edges adorned with a striking lace trim and wear them sat back on the head to get that ‘cap’ effect.

The Foliage Trim:


Image Credit: Amy Oliver Photography 

A gentle, yet distinctive symmetrical foliage trim embellishes this real bride’s soft veil. Perfect for woodland inspired weddings – hell, I’d theme the whole darn thing around that trim!

Now that I’m done gushing over Carey Mulligan’s styling, lets go even more boho… let’s talk about the head wrap. Using sheer, light tulle this style is a subtle nod to the veil, whilst proving an increasingly popular alternative to the flower crown.

These headbands work amazingly for those looking to wear their locks down and long for their wedding day. They give that ‘touche finale’ to your disheveled look. Go for textured, full-bodied hair and wear the head wrap just slightly down onto your forehead.

Johanna Johnson’s Wheat Headband:


Image Credit: Johanna Johnson

A simple, but oh-so-elegant ivory tulle tie band gives this look a super cool edge that seems to be just pouring out of Australian designers right now.

Grace Loves Lace Sansa Headpiece:


Image Credit: Grace Loves Lace via Etsy

No words, right?! It’s just everything we want and more. Grace Loves Lace nailed it!

Mata Haris Daughter’s Angelique Headpiece:


Image Credit via Etsy

Just incase you’re still not convinced: Tassels and feathers. Need I say anymore?

This next concept takes something traditional: the Spanish Mantilla veil and knots it. Not sure what I mean? Let me show you the humble, earthy elegance of this effortlessly cool DIY trend:


Image Credit: 2 Brides Photography 

A simple over-hand knot, sitting beneath this bride’s gorgeously low-seated up-do creates a stunning, feminine addition.


Image Credit: Taylor Clarke Bridals 

Note the delicate polka dot making a reappearance again here. This stunning, shorter version of the knotted veil is arranged with a looser fit over the bride’s head, enhancing the dotted texture of the sheer fabric.

Now, if I still haven’t managed to sway your wild spirit into the idea of a veil, these photos just might…

Grace Loves Lace strikes again with their Jasmine Veil:


Image Credit: Grace Loves Lace via Etsy

Kristi Bonnici’s gold dot drop veil


Image Credit: Kristi Bonnici

It’s safe to say that the veil is the ultimate in photo props. Whether you’re dancing in the wind with your super long style, or creating a hazy portrait shot with a simple drop veil, the fluidity of the sheer fabric makes for astounding shots, who doesn’t want that?!

So, we’ve taken one of the most definitive features of the traditional bride, then capped it, tied it and knotted it into a style that screams ‘Festival Bride’.

Whether it’s 1920s Gatsby, hippie-love headbands or the graceful nape-of-your-neck knot, the old school veil has been unveiled as a major trend for 2013/2014.

Clare xx

How gorgeous is that over hand knot veil from Taylor Clarke Bridals - love love LOVE!

For my wedding I wore a beautiful Juliet cap veil handmade by Charlotte from Wilden Bride London. The veil was embroidered with vines of lace and daisies scattered down the edging with different shades of handpicked blue crystal beads sewn into the lace. It really was stunning and completely unique. I loved it so much that I didn’t take it off all day!

You’ll be able to see pictures of my veil next week as I will be posting our full wedding on Festival Brides. Can’t wait!

So are you planning on wearing a veil or do you think you’d rather go for a feather headdress instead!? We’d love to know!

Big Love

Festival Brides xxx

Look what the postie brought us…………!

30 Aug


Kelly and I were very lucky to receive two very cool and very pretty hair accessories from the lovely people at Crown and Glory this week. Just in time for us to wear them at In The Woods Festival this weekend – bring it on!

What makes these two hair accessories that extra bit special is they have been specially created by the wedding blog queen herself – Rock N Roll Bride – hair candy just got that little bit cooler!

You can view the full range here but in the meantime here’s Kelly looking beautiful in her Emma Bright Floral Headband and moi dressing up my tresses with the Rachel Bunny Ears – these bad boys aren’t coming off!!


Have a great weekend peeps.

Big Bunny Ear Love

Festival Brides xx

Ps They’re really not coming off!

Alternative Flower Crown/Garland Inspiration

15 Jul

Doesn’t this weather just make you want to put on your floaty dress and walk barefoot through a flower meadow?!!? Well if you do the best accessory is a flower crown or garland. Now we are a big lover of this trend but there are so many options to choose from. As much as we love a soft ring of beautiful roses we are more keen on off centre and lop sided flower crowns!! Take a look at our inspiration x


Don’t think you have to wear your hair down when wearing a crown.. They look super cool woven into an up do or placed over a high pleat!!

We also love the idea of wearing a full on crown for an alternative accessory look. You can think about attaching feathers and flowers to a jewelled number. The more eclectic the better!!


Our Latitude bride will be wearing a pretty awesome off centre flower crown for her wedding this weekend at Latitude.. We can’t wait to show you.. It’s going to be bright and beautiful!! xx

Festival Brides Love: Lucy Jayne Make-up

31 Jan

Lucy Jayne is an award winning makeup artist and one of our favourite MUAs to collaborate with!! She is always up for a shoot in the middle of a muddy woodland or field often in the freezing cold! She has also been known to work in some pretty dusty barns! She’s an extremely passionate artist who can turn her hand to pretty much any look or style.
When it comes to bridal make-up Lucy prides herself on creating her brides vision and her interpretations have always been spot on.
Lucy says ‘What I have learnt from my brides is that they don’t want to look back at their pictures and think ‘what was I thinking?’ They want a look that is timeless, that captures their natural beauty and also their personality.
Lucy always tries to have as many pictures of varied make-up styles for brides to look through and be inspired by. Lucy loves that bridal make-up isn’t so traditional any more, ‘brides like to push the boundaries especially as they see celebrities on the red carpet looking glamorous and are becoming a lot braver with their own make-up.’
Lucy Jayne’s bridal make-up tips:
1. Your skin is the most important thing for your make-up to look flawless, so it needs to be looked after. Cleanse and moisturise and think about booking some facials in the months leading up to the wedding.
2. Your make-up is an important part of your overall look so if you are not confident when it comes to make-up and don’t have a make-up style in mind, look into celebrity styles that you like or you think will suit you. Your make-up artist will help with inspiration! They should take into consideration your dress, personal make-up style, wedding style, colour themes, your natural colouring and facial features to create a make-up look that is perfect (and of course making sure you still look like you!)
3. Be constructive, remember you are paying for their service so if you are not happy with anything then say so. A good make-up artist should factor in time to make changes and tweak things until you are 100% happy with your finished look.
4. Try to coordinate your hair and make-up trial on the same day so you can see your finished beauty look together (try to wear a colour close to your wedding dress because anything patterned or bright can be distracting).
5. Don’t panic about timings on the wedding day, your make-up artist, hair stylist and photographer should give you a timetable so the morning flows nicely and is as enjoyable as possible… All you need to worry about is getting up and what time you will be opening the champers!
Bride consultation £45 wedding Day £80 = £125
Bridal Party (per person) consultation £20 wedding day £35 = £55
 T: 07969 619934   E:
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