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Turquoise Rocks (And Always Will!)

17 Sep

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What up gorgeous readers!

Now, if you’re followers of our instagram feed, you’ll know that last week I received a gorgeous little brown box in the post, and upon opening it found the sweetest little 5 stoned turquoise and yellow gold ring. It had, of course, flown all the way from Jerusalem, a gift from my all time favourite designer, Artemer Studio. I’d always wanted to add turquoise to my yellow gold and diamond stack, so this understated, delicate piece was the was the perfect gift!


It got me thinking though, I’d always had a bit of a ‘thing’ for that combination: yellow gold, turquoise and diamonds. A spin on the traditionally bohemian silver and turquoise jewellery, with the rise in popularity of white gold the underdog, yellow gold, seems to have risen to occasion, becoming the more alternative choice. Pair that with turquoise, and now we’re REALLY talking.

I mean, take a cue from some of Artemer’s other designs, they’re just divine.

13 14

A Simple Equation

Turquoise + White + Gold = EVERYTHING

Yes, it’s that simple. This equation underlines the definition of boho, and it’s the surest way to set off that crisp white dress, to illuminate your glowing skin and may your gold shine. And for this reason, TURQUOISE ROCKS.


16 17

…I mean! That last image is from one of my favourite real back yard weddings, and check out how those chunky turquoise stones enhance the otherwise neutral palette of the bridesmaids. Throw on a chunky turquoise necklace and we’re talking immediate boho vibes and a burst of stunning, albeit still very natural looking, colour!

The Crowing Glory

As always, we’re huge fans of adorning our heads with something a little alternative, and doesn’t this Free People crown just scream ‘Goddess’?! I love the raw, uncut feel to the crystals and turquoise, and they’ll look so incredibly striking against any hair colour!

8 8a 9

If you fancy something a little more gentle, simply weaving strings of small turquoise chips through your flower crown, allowing them to fall delicately across your dishevelled locks is the perfect answer… Don’t they just make that portrait?!

The Low Slung Gypsy Belt

A piece for the gypsy-loving, folk inspired brides, these low slung belts have been sneaking their way on to my Pinterest feed for months now, and they’ve made the Free People collection too. Worn over an unstructured dress, low slung on the hips, these gorgeous metallic pieces take any minimalistic dress to seriously beautiful hippy heights! And that’s right, we’re all about the turquoise embellished pieces, making your dress look fresh and white than white and enhancing your skin’s gorgeous glow.

12 10 10a

Striking Rocks

When it comes to turquoise, we are ALL about statement pieces here at Festival Brides. In many cases, statement means ‘big’ in the jewellery world, and although that is the case for some of these designs, the deep, mermaid blue of Turquoise is striking in any form, especially when worn by a bride.

Plus, how cute is that Hamsa necklace below…

26 18

We LOVE a choker right now, and this one my Regal Rose is totally on point (as is their entire collection!). Seriously stand out.

15 31

Bright to the Right

Whether it’s a statement rock or a delicate smattering of tiny rings, adorning your right hand with turquoise is just perfection.

This piece by the (oh-so-incredible) Oxford Trunk has got us head over heels, especially alongside that sweet little diamond. I mean!

32 24 25 23 22 27

Boho Blue Piercings

For all my pierced brides to be – I envy you! I’ve given up getting pierced, as my body just doesn’t seem to want to comply, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still lust after them! I wore tiny turquoise studs in all 4 of my piercings on my wedding day; perfectly boho, and striking without being overwhelming… Oh how we adore you, Turquoise!

20 29 19 28

…That Medusa piercing is incredible – is there an easy solution to faking a Medusa?! Somebody inform me, please!

Like a Mermaid

So, if I’ve captured your heart with my rather ardent expressions of love for this precious stone, you might just wanna consider this: majorly trending with all my daring brides to be are turquoise locks. Yup, for pure, undiluted festival vibes on your wedding day, a turquoise mane is the pièce de résistance!

7 6 5 1

…Who doesn’t want mermaid hair, seriously?! That said, if you love the mermaid feel of turquoise, but have all your jewellery planned and dying your hair isn’t quite your thang, drop the girls at In Your Dreams a bell, for shimming turquoise adornments and striking eyes!


…All that, from one tiny little ring! Artemer’s pieces, quite clearly, are super inspiring!

Peace + Love,

Clare X

The Top Festival Trends of 2014

13 Aug

Morning sweet people!

So, August 13th and we are in full festival swing, so now seemed as good a time as ever to chat about some of the huge trends on the scene this summer!

So obviously, these trends are just straight up awesome, but we’ve specifically looked those that’ll take your wedding day to a whole new level of awesome! Whether it’s adorning yourself with beautiful bindis and sparkle (yes, that trend is stronger than ever and we’re STILL loving it!), sipping on bubble tea post ceremony or totally pimping your bridesmaid braids with bright chalks – you’ll find it here.

Bleach Tepee

Tapestries + Chalk

If you haven’t met them already, let me just change your life with this introduction: meet Bleach London and their hairy festival tipi. So, these guys are all kinds of hot in the hair world and their latest festival looks are just killer… Enter the hair tapestry. Yes, you heard! This’d make such an original, boho look for your maids or a great option for you guests to have done at your reception. Hair is pinned into an embroidery hoop, sectioned and woven with your choice of embroidery threads to produce these gorgeous little works of art!

Hair 7

Hair 8

Hair 1

Now, hair chalks have been around a little while now, but the gals over at Bleach London are still totally acing this instant colour look and the life and fun they can bring to a twisted or braided style just scream ‘festival vibes!’ Create a temporary dip-dyed look (that blue is to die for), or enhance braids with a single coloured strand.

All sounding a bit too hippy for your ceremony? No worries, hair chalks can be so quickly applied that adding an extra dose of ‘festival’ to your evening look couldn’t be easier!

Hair 3

HAir 4

Hair 6

Hair 5

Hair 2

Sparkle, Like Everywhere

That’s right, this trend is not going anywhere! You might remember we had a good chat about all things body art back in our ‘Dare to Sparkle’ post way back in December, well ladies it’s safe to say that with festival season at its peak, this trend is stronger than ever and the sparkle is spreading!

Bindi 3

Bindi 1

Of course, not ones to leave you girls high and dry, our Festival Brides directory now features our favourite body-adorning babes: In Your Dreams. These gals totally know how to add that beaut festival sparkle, experimenting with placements and materials (think oversized sequins and gold leaf) and pushing the level of gorgeousness to a whole new place! The shimmering mermaid look below… I mean!

Bindi 2

Bindi 4

Bindi 5

Bindi 6

…We are just head over heels for the placement of that bindi on her neck… Seriously, why didn’t we think of that?! Subtle and just straight up lush.

Show Your Straps

It’s taken me a little while to come around to this one, then Free People’s blog posted these pictures and I was all like, ‘SOLD!’ It might go against every grain in your pretty little body, but exposing your bra straps (albeit, your super cool geometrically arranged straps) is one of the biggest trends at festivals in the  US this year, so you can throw yet another traditionally faux pas outta the window!

Bra 1

Bra 3

Whether you dare to incorporate this into your bridal look (we think it could be a totally rad addition to an otherwise minimal dress) or let your maids rock some seriously nonchalant black straps under a sweet little gypsy number, we love the truly effortlessly cool vibe it creates!

Bra 2

Bra 4

The Only Welcome Drink of 2014

Yes indeedy; this is Bubble Tea. The latest addition to the foodie festival vans this year, Zhen Zhu Nai Cha which literally translates as ‘pearl milk tea’ originated in Taiwan and consists of a flavoured, usually milky drink with the addition of tapioca pearls which is then shaken to enhance its flavour, producing a bubbly foam. Don’t be mistaken in thinking the ‘bubble’ aspect of it’s name is in reference to the tapioca pearls, it merely refers to this foamy top!

Tea 3

BubblTea 1

This little beverage is sure to be a seriously fun welcome drink for your guests and make a great talking point as they guzzle their flavoured (maybe even alcoholic!) bubble tea, getting a pearl sized tapioca surprise with every slurp! Seriously though, how fun?!

Tea 2

So, that’s our top 5 festival trends of 2014 complete! We can’t wait to see y’all rocking your bra straps and hair chalk, while your guests get their hair tapestries and enjoy a bubble tea.

Don’t ever say we don’t keep your wedding inspo fresh here at Festival Brides! ;)

Peace + Love,

Clare X

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