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Accessorising a Romantic Lace Wedding Gown for Spring with BHLDN

13 May


Every festival bride knows that her wedding day look isn’t just about what she wears; it’s about how she feels and the ambiance she creates: romantic, unique and free-spirited. She embraces her individuality and expresses it through both her own ensemble and the special touches that she incorporates into her wedding day.

When it comes to finding a wedding gown with this same relaxed, Bohemian feel, vintage-inspired lace makes for the perfect choice. Here to help Festival Brides find the perfect romantic lace wedding gown and accompanying accessories is one of BHLDN’s expert stylists, Claire Stepherson.

“Whether it’s head-to-toe lace, eyelash trim, or intricate lace applique, this ultra-femme fabric can be key to creating an ethereal, boho-inspired look,” says Claire. “The Marivana Gown and Matilda Jumpsuit are examples of two different all over lace styles that can serve as a blank canvas for creative accessorizing. The Georgia Gown and Mia Dress, on the other hand, need only a few special accents to create a complete bridal look.”


The understated elegance of this all over lace gown by Tadashi Shoji is a classic. Pair it with a statement bracelet, an eye-catching headpiece and a great pair of strappy sandals for a look that is elevated yet relaxed…..


For the festival bride who pushes convention aside, the corded lace Matilda Jumpsuit is a breath of fresh air in the bridal world. Its deep-v scalloped halter neckline and wide-legged, toe-skimming hem create the perfect foundation for adding just a few refined accessories.


A great pair of chandelier earrings, a pair of closed toe pointed pumps and a simple sash (for some added waist definition!) are all you need to bring this boho chic look full circle.


With a touch of Old World romance, the Georgia Gown features an illusion neckline, lace applique, tulle overlay, and delicate scattering of sequins. Its soft silhouette and eyelash lace lend a feminine air that pairs perfectly with delicate pearl jewelry and sandals.


Festival brides are meant to stand out in the crowd. The tiered, ivory lace and gold metallic overlay of the Mia Dress make it a refreshing, of-the-moment showstopper she’s bound to fall in love with.


To maintain its majestic appeal, try pairing this dress with a gold accented headpiece and nature-inspired clutch. For brides looking to add a little more sparkle to their wedding ensemble, opt for a delicate crystal bracelet or shimmering heel.


For more information on how to purchase these beautiful boho products, or to view BHLDN’s amazing range of wedding dresses and bridal accessories, please visit their website.

Many thanks to the fantastic team at BHLDN for sharing this guest post with us today. You all rock!

Have a lovely sunny Wednesday peeps.

Big Love

Laura xxx



Badass Bride | Five Steps That’ll Take You Over to the Dark Side

8 Apr

14 Like, WOAH.

Prepare to have your pretty little mind blown this morning ladies. We’re talking bridal style and we’re taking it over the dark side!

Still keeping things strictly bohemian, you know us, we know what we like, but we’re adding a huge serving of sass, a handful of nonchalance and just a sprinkling of attitude to give you 5 looks that just have that edge, you know?

That ‘I’m-too-cool-for-a-traditional-bridal-look-and-I’m-gonna-let-y’all-know-it’ edge.

A bit badass, insanely cool and with all the sexiness you could imagine, today’s bridal styles are next level gorgeous, and taking just one of these five little steps could completely transform your look. If you bought the dress already, don’t worry, if your hair just isn’t long enough for a faux hawk, no problem, this a pick n’ mix scenario and one of the 5 styles is bound to be a goer!

So, if you’re looking for some not-so-prissy bridal inspo, you better walk this way, girl!

The Faux Hawk

Kickin’ things of with this hair style: if you have long-ish (um hey, extensions!) hair and you were considering a braided look for the occasion, then a is Faux Hawk is the one.

No really, EVERYONE’S talking about it for this Spring/Summer.

Exactly as it suggests, this style mimmicks the mohawk with no side shaving necessary (Phew! I mean we’re not quite that badass, yet!).

Arriving in a number of forms, from a hair-down style that simply sees volume created in the top centre area of the hair, pulling this hair back off the face, and then scraped-back sides to imitate the mohawk shape, to braided up dos consisting of smaller (sometimes cornrow style) braids on the sides of the head, and a larger, braid down the centre… This style rocks, however you execute it.

Case. In. Point.

17 16 12 15 Left: Style Me Pretty  Right: Off Beat Bride 

18 I mean! Somebody, braid my hair, this instant! Please!

It suits any hair colour, it’s super flattering to the face, and um hello?! It’s ridiculously cool.

Don’t be intimidated by this style either, more often than not the stylists use hair pieces/extensions in these shots (because really, who actually has that much hair?!) and some of the step-by-step tutorials available to create something akin to this look prove simpler than you’d imagine!

Just for the record: we heart, big time.

All Smoked Out

Yes! Yes! YES!

Ok so, another way to rock a large dose of sassiness on your wedding day?

Two words, gals: Smokey Eye.

Now just hold on a second there, don’t you go skipping out this section just ‘cos you’re like: ‘Nah, just can’t see it, Clare. Big black smokey eyes just won’t do for my wedding day’

…Who said anything about black?

We are ALL about the natural smoked out eye! Go for whatever compliments your colouring, dusty warm browns, or cooler bluey greys and then smoke it out!

We are totally obsessed (OBSESSED, I tell you!) with the Naked palettes for this job. Take Naked Basics for a warmer look, or their Basics 2 palette to create cooler tones.

31 33 27 32 Left: Things Which Inspire  Right: Kelly Reilly

28 30 24 25 Left: Burnetts Boards  Right: Huffington Post

29 See? Not a panda eye in sight!

A smokey eye can sound so intimidating and kinda overdone when it comes to bridal style, but with the right complimentary shades and a tonne of blending (like seriously, blend blend blend! There’s nothing worse that harsh lines in your shadow!) and the smokey eye is just pure sex appeal.

Your man will LOVE it.

…And ultimately he’s the one you’re dressing for!

The Fierce Fedora

Ultimate it-girl cool.

I really don’t need to say any more, (but you know I’m gonna) if y’all are still stumped on the veil/flower crown/head piece debate and just nothing feels quite ‘you’ enough then girl, you know it’s a hat you’re looking for!

The hats we know and love on the festival scene are beginning to emerge more and more in styled wedding shoots and we are just *dying* to see a few more boho brides nail this look.

Such nonchalance. We’re ALL over it!

23 21 19 20 36 40 35 Like really, though.

Is there a more badass statement?!


OMGSH. This is the holy grail of necessity for summer brides:


A tricky one to master, to be sure, a lot of brides attempt the sunglasses thing in their moment of squinty-need on that gloriously hot (perhaps unexpectedly so!) summer’s day…

All I’m gonna say to you gals is this: plan ahead.

The sunnies you rock on a daily basis might be the hottest thing on the high street right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right style to compliment the shape of your up do, or maybe they’re just not quite right with your dress.

Forethought is required, ladies, because when sunglasses and your LWD are paired correctly, oh my! THAT’S when the magic happens.

Ultra-feminine, easygoing cool is just one pair of sunnies away…

11 37 41 43 Left: We Heart It  Right: Shop Style

42 44 45 …And you know if you wanna take things super boho, a pair of Lennon style shades are the only way to go!

With that dress? And that fringe? SWOON.

Dare to Bare

Last, but by no means least, maybe this one’s kind of a given, but if y’all wanna do something a little bit sassy and rock a look with a bit of attitude, then you know daring to bare just an inch of extra skin is just pure gold.

Whether it’s merely the suggestion of skin in a sheer gown, a peep of midriff in a cheeky separate or if you wanna seriously sass it up and get your gorgeous pins out… A little extra skin is so (so so) scandalous, and utter heavenly badass!

Hearts for eyes.

1 2 38 MH_CARDS 8 13 Side note here: check out the model’s hair in the above shot by designer Rime Arodaky, we swooned SO hard over this.

Cornrow style braids on just one side of the head?

Utterly badass. Utterly feminine.


10 26 9 6 4 5 And, of course, still as badass as ever?

The backless dress, baby!

Work it with an incredible feature body chain like the babe above, your own tattoos (we LOVE when brides showcase their ink, ultimate statement of individuality, power to you!) or a super-low back with a funked up Mara Hoffman style design.

So rad and always sure to be a show stopper.

22 And that’s it! 5 little moves that’ll let your badass self shine on through!

Hoping this leaves you feeling empowered to be totally original and totally you on your wedding day! Tell us what you think in the comments below, mwah!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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