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A Carnelian Sunset | Orange is the New Black

4 Mar

23 Morning, you fabulous humans!

I hope we find you well this fine Wednesday! Today we are announcing the arrival of Spring (it’s done, I just decided!). Screw the weatherman and any other official dates we’re supposed to adhere to, if we’re gonna survive the rest of the week, then a good dose of spring/summer brilliance and colourful cheer is in order, wouldn’t you agree?

And what other than this: our b-e-a-utiful ‘Carnelian Sunset’ moodboard.

Imagine yourself (you might wanna put your feet up and close your eyes for a moment) basking in the warmth of the setting sun on the edge of the warm sands of the Arizona desert, or strolling through the spice markets of Goa, inhaling the orange dusty haze rising from the towers of ground cumin or maybe, just maybe, you’re lounging by the Zambezi river with your beloved, gazing deep into the burning sunset…

Are you with me, or what?! Let’s escape this hump day and let our senses wander someplace a little warmer…


Orange really is the new black and especially for the brides and maids of spring/summer 2015.

Whether it’s Mara Hoffman’s shimming gold gowns and bronzed limbs against that dreamy desert-like set, a satsuma ombré skirt or a minimal, chic burst of colour with Wanderlustlife’s Carnelian necklace and rio drop earrings, you need to think only of these exotic reddish tones, gals.

10 38 11 12 Left: Wanderlustlife Necklace  Right: Wanderlustlife Rio Drop Earrings

39 18 26 Left: Refinery 29  Right: Chloé

That lingerie. No really, I want it seven days a week (and I’m sure my beau wouldn’t be complaining too loudly either!)


And that rusty tied neck maxi? It’s the ultimate in grown-up cool for your maids, paired with a smokey eye and messy hair, but you knew that already right?


15 6 7 Left: Americana Anna  Right: They Roared Vintage 

We love these pops of blissful coral warmth next to cooler shades of sparkle. Pair with slate grey silver and white, or dusky teal, smattered with gold for the ultimate bridesmaid palette.

Edgier that FKA twigs, and we love it.

Of course, as you’d expect, fashion’s twin sister ain’t missing out on this glorious shade either!

Butter London’s Silly Billy will not be leaving my claws from now ’til September. K? Thanks, bye!

33 36 37 Left: We Heart It  Right: Olivia Helena Taylor

That warm blush at Mac is just incredible, and the faked freckles? Kind of a big deal for this summer, just FYI.

34 3 5 Left: Design Love Fest  Right: Alexandra QT

35 31 32 Left: Your Green World Collections  Right: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

…Like, give us all the orange makeup. Now. We’re totally besotted with this look. Whether you’re in it for the delicious lips, the hyper-bright mani (and pedi; we’re not animals!) or festival-style-drama of orange eyes… Adventurous brides and super cool maids, come hither!

Now, the serious stuff: food is getting radiculously pretty right now…

(like, more than ever before! No, seriously it may steal your bridal thunder!)

…And orange coloured eats?

Undeniably delicious.

20 25 29 Left: K Werling  Right: One Kings Lane

28 Come on, though.

From serving fresh satsumas in place of canapés, to cakes topped with mini satsumas (I have no idea what they actually are?! But, for real, they’re awesome) to an abundance of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes to dress all your salads, these golden food stuffs are a must.

Now, from one plant to another…

(Tedious link, I know. Go with it, it’s a mood board!)

27 30 Left: Adored Vintage  Right: It is What it is

22 Flaming bouquets (No, not literally! Then again, if you’re looking for something truly original… No I’m kiddin’) are gonna be hitting Pinterest in their masses this spring/summer.

Big luscious blooms, with all shades of gold, coral, peach, rust and sunset yellow bundled into one stunning mass of colour, offset with grey-green, spindly foliage.

It’s bold, it’s unusual and it’ll make jaws hit the floor.

Just how we like it.

21 19 Left: Lili Baba  Right: Reasons to Breathe

Of course, the florals don’t stop there!

With the rise of the Botanical Stationary trend, the aforementioned sunset blooms are hitting the paper too, babes.

In fact, bursts of these warm, saturated tones are cropping up all over the stationary market, and hot damn, do they look well, hot damn!

9 14 Left: Style Me Pretty  Right: Seven Swans

13 4 There really is nothing finer that a capitalised serif font in a shade of deep coral right now…

Ahem. I’ve put my font-geek back in it’s closet again, apologies!

And last, but my-goodness it’s not least, you’d better believe that Orange, along with her sister, Fuscia, and their twin brothers, Turquoise and Apple, have RSVP’d ‘yes’ to the party…

In other words, wedding reception colour palettes just got bright, bright, bright!

8 16 The ultimate shade of fun, orange isn’t just that exotic warmth you’re endeavouring to capture at your wedding, it’s the life and soul of the party.

Get a little wild with it!

As long as your material is of a natural, matte effect (e.g. paper, wool… You know the drill) and you’re only applying little punches of this powerful shade, orange is the key to a vibrant, playful reception!

17 There’s really only one word for it, and that’s ‘KAPOW!’

Here’s hoping we’ve reawakening your senses, your summer soul and a playful, exotic vibe in you this Wednesday!

Now, who else is craving a satsuma? Just me?

Peace + Love

Clare X

Our February Pinterest Roundup: Sweet, Strong + Exotic

25 Feb

BB1 What up, babes?!

Hoping you gals are dandy this fine Wednesday morning and ready for a whole lot of pretty… Yes, you guessed it, we’ve reached that point in the month where we look back and recap some of our favourite trends from our Pinterest feed aka lots of super pretty images and enough air-punching inspiration to brighten and lift any mid week blues you might be battling!

Talking of blues, I don’t know about you ladies, but I have been dreaming (literally, dreaming) of warm blue oceans and pale white sands recently. Call it the winter blues, call me a sun worshipper, but seriously, who isn’t dreaming of a little summer holiday right now?! So, let’s get into it and kick off with our fave February Pinterest trend…

Bali Bride


So, whether you’re heading to an exotic destination for your wedding and you’re looking for some inspo to bring your outfit into line with that tropical vibe, or you’re just looking to channel your inner wanderlust goddess with a hint of Bali style at your summer wedding OR if you’re just seeking a sunny pick-me-up…

Really, look. No. Further.

BB3 BB2 BB4 Beach ready crochet crop tops, sheer bohemian maxis and (of COURSE) throw in a hefty dose of pompoms.

Pair these crisp whites with salt-sprayed locks (or just take a dip in the sea the day before. Nothing, but NOTHING beats beach hair!), a deep dark tan (real or otherwise!) and finish with a splash of bright, exotic colour…

BB10 BB5 BB6 BB7 Fuelled by the Spell & Gypsy Collective’s Island Boho lookbook (yes, I give you permission to momentarily leave this article to drool over their collection!) these über laid back looks would work insanely well for any beach bride, but really any outdoor wedding with a slightly casj-cool vibe would be a perfect backdrop for a bali bride!

Seriously though, I could get lost in this photo…

BB8 BB9 BB11 Get it girl!

So gorgeous, it’s that honeymoon glow, but it starts on your wedding day!

(Topless look is optional, just FYI)

Bloomin’ Luscious

Ok, so right now on Pinterest? Blooms are big.


They’re big, they’re bursting with petals and they’re everywhere.

Seriously though, no sparse wilting blooms hiding in the corner here!

Flowers are making a serious entrance at you’re wedding, they have shotgunned a front seat and they’re refusing to be quiet!

JUST how we like them.

LB6 LB1 LB2 Taking over the stairs, stealing the camera focus, even getting in on your feature macrame hanging; they’re bright, bold and just so freakin’ beaut!

We just can’t get enough of these boisterous, untamed blooms!

LB8 LB3 LB4 LB9 LB5 LB7 LB10 For real. Flowers in place of pompoms.


Dat Ring Haul

These ring shots are my drug right now. Like, I just can’t get enough. It’s a real problem!

All the sparkle, all the shapes, the colours, the clusters… And all on one (perfectly manicured) hand!

Mociun, undeniably, OWN this trend. Par exemple…

RH1 RH2 RH3 RH4 RH5 RH6 RH7 RH8 Whether you and your beau are looking for engagement ring concepts, wedding rings, eternity rings, right hand jewellery for the big day, or (like me) you’re just a little bit addicted to staring at diamonds (what?! I told you, it’s a real problem!) you will love this trend.  RH9 Oh, Catbird.

Y’all leave us starry eyed!

Sugar High

If you’re hungry, really, look away now.

(Or head to your nearest bakery!)

ST1 ST2 I don’t know if it was the whole Valentine’s thang or the world’s just got a hankerin’ for iced baked goods, but February has seen an influx of brightly decorated sweet treats!

Whether you’re looking for canapé alternatives, favours or a little midnight snack for your guests, or even if you bridesmaids are seeking out the perfect hen party nibbles, ‘sweet’ and ‘baked’ are the only two words you need to hear from me this month!

Remember that RADICULOUSLY cool ASOS event we attended a few weeks ago? (If you missed it, we’re no longer friends! Just kiddin, read more here!) Whelp, you better believe they paired amazing tunes and manicures with painfully good white chocolate dipped pretzels!

You also better believe that I totally placed an order for a replica batch for my birthday with my hubby this week! Ha!

ST10 ST4 12 Left: The Glitter Guide  Right: Sallys Baking Addiction

ST5 Painted chocolate dipped letters.

Give us the whole alphabet. No, seriously, we need them!

ST6 ST3 ST8 ST7 ST9 ST11 And of course, donuts. What else?!

They remain a super cool snack choice for your wedding and, genuinely, those sprinkles you had in the nineties on your icecream when you were eight?

Yeah. They’re back in a big way!

Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

Fierce Women

Last on our Pinterest agenda comes the new wave of girl power that continues to gain momentum in 2015!

With the spotlight on  the passionate #HeForShe campaign Emma Watson’s famously (and beautifully) backing, the new Lottery funded #thisgirlcan movement as well as twitter’s #askhermore initiative we saw at the Oscars last week, strong, free-spirited, original women are getting a lot of air time right now. And. We. Love. It.

We picked just a couple of our favourite strengthening, girl boss and downright rad words and images from this month for y’all…

It’s time to be taken seriously, ladies!

SW3 SW2 She is a queen. That is all.


SW4 SW5 SW1 SW6 And of course, these notions of feminism, of equality and freedom are relevant for all women, that includes all brides too!

You know, we talk dresses and beauty trends all the time on this blog to inspire you gals, but at the heart of FBrides, our message is to feel free and empowered in your wedding planning: to feel that your look, your wedding day, truly is an equal expression of you both as a couple, and to shake off anyone who ain’t cool with that!

Hell! If you wanna wear a mini dress, you wear that mini dress.

You wanna wear a cute white trouser suit? Girl, own it!

Are you one of those killer cool gals that never wears makeup? Then go ahead and embrace your natural glow for your wedding day too!

Be yourself, unapologetically!

And even more than that, don’t get hung up on it. Sure, you wanna look pretty dope on your wedding day, but it’s so much bigger than that.

Don’t waste precious moments stuck checking your lashes in the bathroom. Have love-filled, meaningful conversations with your guests, rather than relaying the same story about your dress choosing process… Enjoy this experience, relish every single moment and soak it all up.

SW10 SW7 SW8 SW9 Power to you!

Man, it feels good to be leaving you girls on that empowering note. Go kick ass today, honeys!

Peace + Love

Clare X

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