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Desert Wanderer | Wedding inspiration from Faraway Sands

2 Apr

40 Oh heeeeyyyy!

I’m looking out the window this morning, and I’m not gonna lie to you, all I see is grey.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Spring in the UK, but April undeniably maintains more than its fair share of dull grey moments, no?

HOWEVER. It is Thursday, tomorrow is a bank holiday, and so we are calling today Little Friday and gettin’ those holiday weekend vibes a-rolling with this slice of sunshine: our Desert Wanderer moodboard.

So, kick back, relax and let me take you someplace the sun always shines, and inspire you to be anything but grey on your wedding day!

Let’s wander…

4 38 9 13 I’m dying already.

No, not from the scorching heat and lack of water, but from the sheer gorgeousness of this moodboard!

Incorporating a desert vibe into your wedding day can mean so many different things: for starters you’ll notice that as we walk through this barren landscape, we’re gonna also progress through a seriously beautiful range of colour.

Let’s begin with those crisp whites against the deep greens of tall cacti, enriched with hints of warm orange sands. Look to dark natural wood furniture, paired with sleek whites for your tableware and your cake, add depth with the luscious greens of succulents and warm through with warm terracotta pots.

This palette is all about the earthy tones of the desert, it spells warmth.

Plus, um hello? How amazing is this watercolour print by The Aestate? You definitely need to work that in to your styling…

2612 5 Oh, yes! This colour palette works oh-so beautifully for the bride too. A fresh, loose fitting gown against that deep, sun-kissed skin? Paired with tousled, windswept locks?!

Are you kiddin’ me? Perfect desert vibes.

And can we even MENTION that cactus light?! So. Dang. Cool.

Now – aahhh I love this bit – now I’m gonna take you to the Oasis. A haven in those dusty sands, the oasis is life-giving, restoring and hella beautiful.

We just love this love letter. She speaks of their entwinement, the sustaining nature of her loved one, their beautiful dependancy…

Major vow inspiration right here, guys and girls! Who wouldn’t wanna hear this?!

1 1032The Oasis: a refreshing blue mirage on the horizon of golden sands.

This colour palette works a contrast of shimming golden tones, against a crisp pop of blue.

It’s bright, it’s dreamy and it’s so freakin’ gorgeous you’re gonna wanna dive right on in.

And how do you bring the oasis to your British wedding?

OH lemme tell yah!

You take heavy, textured fabrics in the golden sandy tones: vintage velour arm chairs, antique Persian rugs, you add a glimmer of metallic gold to evoke the sparkling magic of water found in the desert: a dusting of glitter on your stationary, a series of metal rimmed glass planters as your centre piece and you finish with the brightest Kapow (yes, that’s a word) of Aegean blue: a painted caravan repurposed as a photobooth, a vintage decorator’s ladder to display your (vast) array of desserts upon… Whatever you feel needs a kick of colour, go for that Aegean blue.

And if you’re really lucky, the gods might bless you with a blue sky too…

18 3 14 33 39 17 21 23 29 8 7 It’s also totally worth mentioning that if you’re thinking of bringing those desert vibes to your wedding, your bridal look had better work it too!

Crocheted pieces are massive, worked with a hat (if you dare) and a collection of seriously boho jewels: bodychains, coined anklets, big turquoise rings… Yep, the lot!

Pair all this with windswept locks (not quite sandstorm locks, but you know the drill, a little mess is where’s its at!) bronzed skin, golden highlighting and a smudged out eye look for Desert Wanderer perfection.

22 11 16 Next up, we’re moving into the shadows of the evening light.

Desert vibes aren’t all richness and brights. Muted nudes, paired with a light dose of sparkle and softer, slightly warmer whites make for a beautiful presentation of the magical twilight of the desert.

Wash out the any blues (Chambray would work beautifully), employ a base colour of pale, greyed sand and add warmth with bridesmaid dresses in dusky mauves and muted heather…

You’ll find yourself transported to the cool, calm evening light of the dessert; evoking all the magic of that most beautiful sunset.

Uh. I don’t know about you, but I’m swooning over here.

Side note: can we talk about the look on that child’s face? She is simply divine.

35 15 19 20 28 24 26 37Oh my gosh, so if you haven’t already swooned enough this morning you totally (like really, you HAVE to do this) need to take a look at this Infinite Light editorial by the theLane.

Desert Goddess is like, an UNDERSTATEMENT.

And while we’re talking about further inspo, let me fill you in on a couple of my other favourite slices of desert-cool: this shoot and this shoot by our long-time-love, Spell and the Gypsy collective and THIS vow renewal video (omgsh, you’re gonna lose yourselves!)  by Central Studios

SO RADICULOUS. I can’t even!

25 27 34 30 31 36 Long story short? Desert vibes are rad.

Whether you go for colours of the rich sands, the blue oasis or that shimmering evening light…

Look to the desert for a truly stunning colour palette.

Have a beautiful Easter weekend full of family, love and (duh!) copious amounts of chocolate and we’ll catch you on the flip side.

Peace + Love

Clare X

Our March Pinterest Roundup: Thigh highs, Getaway Cars + Wheelie Bars

25 Mar

TR1…What a way to kick things off this fine Wednesday, hey?!

Have you ever even seen a Fiat 500 look that rad?! It was only upon the 3rd or 4th time of looking that I actually realised it was a Fiat… Clearly a few tassels and pompoms go a LONG way (on that note, wanna see more pompoms? Check out last week’s post!)

OK, so ‘get to it, Clare’ right? Today we’re hittin’ up our March Pinterest Roundup: our favourite images and trends that have been popping up this month and whelp! It’s incredible! March saw the first day of Spring and boy, did Pinterest recognise that fact! Prepare yourself for summer’s hottest bridal footwear style, mini bar trends, chilled treats for your guests and more colour than Lily Allen’s hair history.

If it’s cloudy where you are, who cares, put your shades on. If you just got your morning coffee, hell, blend some ice into it. ‘Cause we’re about to hit you with some seriously sunny Spring time vibes!

Let’s go!

The Getaway

So, it all started with the first image in today’s post, that Fiat 500. It totally inspired to believe that any car, as long as it’s paint job was complimented with the right colours in an array of tassels, pompoms and flowers could be turned into a totally rad bohemian bridal wagon.

Then. Then we met this girlie. She is OWNING that tuk tuk.

TR3And we concluded: man, really?! Anything goes! And clearly, the more playful the better!

Have fun with your getaway, sure you might struggle to get a tuk tuk over from Thailand, but go for a bold colour (that neon pink camper? We DIE) adorn it with all your favourite bohemian decor, or a mass of balloons, and yes, you should TOTALLY paint a ‘Just Married’ sign in chalk on the back window.

We heart it. Big time.

It’s your romantic getaway, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s up for a giggle and that makes it oh-so-sexy!

TR4 6Left: Crush Cul de Sac  Right: Wedding Chicks

TR5TR7 2Left: Brit  Right: Scoutmob

Really though! Those flower garlands… Swooning over here, badly!

I just want a fresh one attached to my car every morning, is that really so much to ask for in life?!

Thigh High + Laced up


So this trend? This trend is EVERYTHING.

Valentino are doing it, Cholé are doing it… In fact fashion week was quite simply inundated with thigh high lace up sandals, and we just adore them.

Insanely perfect for the boho bride, these super comfortable, yet super statement shoes are the only accessory you need to be worried about this summer! Go for suede, in whatever tone you feel right (we’ve seen a lot of black on the catwalk, but there’s a huge range of nudes, berry tones and tan suede on the high street market). Choose to disclose your secret statements only when lifting your dress to walk through the woods to your ceremony (yup, it is kinda necessary, talking from experience here!) or as you dance the night away!

They’re just incredible and best of all?! Our favourite Free People are just ALL OVER this trend and have the most incredible selection, so get your browse on, babes!

T9T2T3…The raddest bridesmaid statement you’ll see all summer, we think!

What’s better than a set of thigh high laced sandals… Five of them!


I’ll take a set of each please, bag ’em up, no receipt needed!

Dress Crushes

Now, it wouldn’t be a Pinterest round up without a sneaky peaky (that was a typo at first, butI kinda like it) into our most popular Pinterest board; DRESS STYLE.

Let’s be real here: it’s our favourite, it’s your favourite and y’all need a monthly update, right?!

So! The dresses we’ve been losing our minds over this month (for real, sometimes I see them in my dreams!) look a little like this…

Kickin’ off with Chloé’s chiffon bell sleeves and drop waist in that insanely beautiful powder blue…

What can you say? It’s just everything.

D1D8Romantic as hell and simply the most laid back, easy-come, easy-go bridal style. We adore it.

Also, note her totally werkin’ those tie up sandals! YES!

Oh, and then last week, Vogue blew our minds with THIS cover shoot. Swifty and her BFF, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Karlie Kloss.

Those dresses though and that Airstream and a major dose of girl power sass?!

It’s just too. Much. Beautiful.

Can’t deal.

D5In fact, let’s be honest here…

Anything Karlie Kloss wears right now is hittin’ all our buttons.

Cape case in point:

D6Moving on from our obscenely blatant girl crush…

For Love and Lemons have been inspiring us all month to embrace the sheer, with their astoundingly gorgeous Spring line.

From carefully placed petal designs in a gown of sheer mesh, to these heavy floral cut-out designs, we are totally besotted with all things For Love and Lemons.

D3 FL FL2 FL6 FL3 D4Uh. They’re just all so gorgeous.

And with the right undergarments, those coloured petal pieces would make the most amazing white alternative for you free-spirited brides.

Now, onto our last trending favourite for this month: the dropped shoulder.

This trend is definitely sticking around all summer long, and rightly so!

D2 FL4 FL5 There’s just something so beautiful about a little extra shoulder, hey?!

Gypsy goddess. We heart it. Like, a lot.

Wheelie Bar Love

Taking a cue from the world of interior design on this one, where these little mini bars on wheels are just owning the show right now!

The concept was originally for one’s lounge, or dining area, allowing you to serve yourself and your guests without the need to leave the room and well, just because they look SO dang pretty.

Whelp. You better believe that translates in the wedding world. These perfectly formed mini bars are the ultimate accessory to any wedding lounge, allowing your guests to create, dress and play with their drinks without ever missing out on the conversation!

B6 B1 2 Left: Dwell Beautiful  Right: Style Me Pretty

B3 B4 Adorn with all kinds of pretty: cute napkins, vintage glassware, an amusing framed print, fresh cut flowers, a pompom garland… Maybe even a few cocktail recipes they can concoct from the available products!

They’re super fun, super gorgeous and SUPER handy if you’ve an upstairs bar at your evening reception (like we did) but have less able-bodied guests, who’d rather just chill in the snug area downstairs.

Bring the party to them!

Curious Cakes

Girls. I’m nobody to mess with a good cake, but when the almighty Pinterest tells you it’s a good idea… Well, you gotta sit up and listen!

Those magical baking masters are playing all kinds of tricks on us right now, but you know what? We’re kinda loving it! Curious ingredients, curious shapes, curious textures, sponge smattered with bright coloured candy, or topped with toffee covered popcorn?! Curiouser and curiouser…

Neapolitan ice cream cake, anyone?

C1 C2 3 Left: My Name is Yeh  Right: Style Me Pretty

C4 C5 C6 …Because who doesn’t love 3 packs of hundreds and thousands on one cake?!

Hashtag gimmie dat sugar rush

C7 And because meringue is ALWAYS a good idea, so a Pavlova wedding cake is surely the next logical step, no?

I know what I’m having for breakfast…

No I’m kiddin, ahem, kinda.

An Iced Summer

Keeping on with the foodie theme, Pinterest is totally enamoured with all things iced right now too.

Now, I know you might not be feelin’ it just yet (this is Britain, after all!) but as a self confessed ice addict, I can confirm that there’s nothing worse than being at a summer wedding, chatting to a fellow guest, to then find that your once glorious chilled cocktail has been warmed through by the sunshine…

Solution? Stick a lolly in it.

L2 L1 Or, indeed, just go ahead and have the cocktails made into lollies!

Super playful, summer vibes are guaranteed!

L4 L3 L5 …Seriously though, that last one looks like a Mojito pop and it is CALLING my name! (Yes, I know it’s 9am!)

So, babes! If you haven’t already, y’all need to head on over to our Pinterest feed and get-a-browsing, ’cause we share all sorts of goodness, including the extended version of most our inspiration posts, as we always curate the images that make it to the post… So get all you see on the blog and much more over in Pinworld right now!

Peace + Love

Clare X


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