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Seriously Pinteresting……… Inspiration of the Moment

15 Oct

Dress 6

Afternoon favourites!

Happy hump day to you, we thought we’d take this opportunity to pick you up out of that mid week lull with a round up of some of our favourite pins of the moment! Everyone knows that Pinterest is a HUGE source of inspiration for budding creative brides-to-be, (like seriously, what did brides do before Pinterest?!), but it can also be pretty overwhelming, right?

So, we’ve stepped back from our desk, moved our mouse away from the little red ‘Pin It’ button and allowed some of this incredible inspiration to actually soak in… Yes, even us bloggers get a little overwhelmed sometimes (a lot of the time!)

Let’s take a moment, shall we?

The Dresses

Always a firm favourite with our Pinterest followers is our ‘Beautiful Dresses’ board, I mean, it’s kind of a key element, hey?!

There are so many great trends buzzing around this autumn, many of which we’ve mentioned before, but they’re starting to really come into their own! For starters, the blush trend isn’t going anywhere, it has however taken on a slightly dustier pink edge to cool it off for the season…

Dress 1

And of course, minimal clean lines and loose fitting shapes are what you gals should be looking at buying for next summer. That long skinny keyhole detail though, some serious #bridalswag…

Dress 2

For autumn/winter brides, it’s all about the runway sparkle, we love the extra dimension it adds to any photo…

Dress 3

Of course, the astrology trend (we talked about it pretty extensively here) is going absolutely nowhere! As you’ll know if you follow our Instagram feed, I remain completely besotted with this McQueen dress; it simply gets better every time I see it. I mean, the naked baby adds a certain ‘something’, don’t you think?!…

Dress 4

And lastly, remember the separates trend we talked about a while back? Yup, still a MAJOR hit and we remain completely besotted with that little peep of stomach paired super long lace sleeves. Come on…

Dress 5

The Up and The Coming

Ok, so you heard it from our mouths first: these little numbers are gonna be kind of a big deal over the coming months and into spring of next year.

First up? Marble… You. Are. Welcome.

View More:

Emerging 3 …Seriously though, crumbled marble as your centre piece; does is get any more effortlessly luxe!? I can’t even.

Also set to be a massive trend: decor that makes you look up, a.k.a. all things that hang.

Whether it’s boho clusters of drying flowers and herbs paired with spindly, vertical garlands…

Emerging 4a

Emerging 4b

Or some tiny hanging brass bells (PERFECT for autumn and winter!), or if you plan to use some of these incredible plant hangers (seriously, someone buy me one for Christmas, please?!)…

Emerging 5a 8 Left: Tyyli & Koti  Right: Concrete Geometric via Etsy

Or a series of chic, origami-inspired geometric lanterns, suspended using invisible thread. However you choose to go about it, wedding decor is all about the mid-air installation!

Emerging 5b

The Details

Haha, so do you guys ever get the sense that the Pinterest gods want you to take note of a fine detail? Can’t help but notice a subtle detail that just keeps cropping up in your feed, like Pinterest is trying to subliminally tell you something? Well, these are for you guys!

We couldn’t help but take note of the seriously clever stationary that’s starting to emerge on our feed… I mean, DIY tepee Save the Dates?! Can I get married again, please!?

Emerging 2a

And we’re also totally loving this little fan of postcards to get all the details in one place, while remaining super clean cut and cool…

Emerging 2

Now, I don’t care if it’s a little muslin pouch to hold you favours, a square of linen as your invite or handkerchiefs for your parents to blub their way through the ceremony, y’all NEED to incorporate a hand screen-printed element to your wedding; it’s kind of a big deal right now!

Emerging  7

Emerging 6

Last but certainly not least of our finer detail pins, while sipping my morning coffee and perusing our Pinterest feed, a little something popped up.

I probably won’t surprise you when I say, Free People have done it again: Hair Charmsies.

Emerging 9a

Hair 1 Hair 2

First off, how freakin’ cute did they wanna be with that name, ‘Charmsies’?!

Secondly, they couldn’t be easier to apply. We’re talking instant, dishevelled boho beauty. Check it out:

Am I right?! We’re totally obsessed.

Emerging 9b

A Bride in Motion

Finally, we need to take a serious moment to appreciate this photography trend; movement, and plenty of it.

Shots 1

Shots 5

Whether you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a beautifully breezy day, or you resort to other means, getting movement into your wedding photography is being SERIOUSLY encouraged right now!

Now, I’m not saying y’all resort to learning to dance point, but check out this in-flippin-credible shoot by Amy Osaba for some serious inspiration and take note on their extensive use of shadows and the dynamic that the layers of that beautiful dress create. S-WOON.

Shots 2

Shots 3

Shots 4

Have a divine evening beautiful people and get dreaming!

Peace + Love

Clare X

Festival Brides Loves: 27 Dresses Designs

23 Sep


What up gorgeous brides to be!

I have got a treat for you this morning: we’re privileged enough to say we’re doing the big reveal on an incredible, original collection by 27 Dresses Designs, from across the pond!

Before we delve into the beautiful depths of her new bohemian collection, 27 Dresses Designs have so generously offered all you lovely Festival Brides readers a 20% discount! I know, right?! So sweet! Simply quote ‘FB2015’ at the checkout in her Etsy shop to get your discount. Happy shopping!

Now, I won’t hold you back any longer, let’s talk about this stunning designer and her out of the box thinking!

Free-spirited brides… Meet a free-spirited designer!

2f 3f 1f


A Love for Vintage and the Bohemian

27 Dresses Designs was started in August of 2012 by Christina Mays after a friend asked her to design her bridal headpiece and something for her bridesmaids.

After attending the wedding and seeing her work strut down the aisle, Christina knew she was meant for this, and started offering her services to local brides.  A short while later, she opened her Etsy shop.  At first, she posted a few pieces for every style of wedding, using the film 27 Dresses for ideas (hence the name), but soon after realised she had a true love in vintage and bohemian inspired looks.

Offering custom work has also proved to be a crowd pleaser:

“Christina customised this piece for me to use as a belt for my wedding (which was something nobody else was able to do for me!).  She was very attentive to detail and communicated other options to make the piece look exactly as I wanted it.  The final product and the unique, vintage, and romantic look of this piece is perfect for my all lace wedding gown.  This is a beautiful product and a wonderful shop!”  

7f 8f 6f 10f 9f

The 2015 Collection

The 27 Dresses Designs 2015 Collection includes 3 unique gowns, 5 headpieces, and 4 miscellaneous bridal accessories.  With this collection, Christina has strived to create by thinking organically and originally, getting out and about and being inspired by her surroundings.  The result? Designs such as the tulle headband with detachable flower, pin on ruffle straps, and lace armbands; perfectly flexible, and oh-so-boho!

All items from this collection are handmade with love in Christina’s home studio in her artsy hometown of Chesterton, Indiana. Being chock full of musicians, artists, and antique shops, Chesterton has become the heartbeat of her inspiration and pushes her to keep thinking outside of the box.

Please visit for more information on Christina and her other designs.

16f 18f 19f 17f

And the line up looks a little something like this:

Gowns, Accessories, and Headpieces: 27 Dresses Designs

Photography: Mel Klemz Photography

Photo Shoot Styling: AKM Events

Hair and Makeup: Beauty Pros

Florals: Lake Effect Florals

Model: Raven Bond

11f 12f 13f 14f 15f 20f

…Just incredible aren’t they?! Those lace straps are sure to transform any dress into a perfect little gypsy number. We LOVE.

Thanks so much to Christina for allowing us to exhibit her new collection – we’re totally besotted – get your orders in gals!

Peace + Love,

Clare X

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