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Savannah Miller x Stone Fox Bride – The 2016 Bridal Collection

8 Jan

SFB x SM Look 1_17992 1

Happy Friday, foxes!

So, let’s start at the beginning: first of all, we are HUGE fans of the Miller girls (I mean, who isn’t right?!). Yes, of course, Sienna, but in equal measure, her über cool, free-spirited sister, Savannah.

Second? We HEART (like in a borderline obsessive way) American bohemian ‘it girl’ designer, Stone Fox Bride’s Molly Guy. If you don’t follow her on Pinterest, get on board!

Now ladies, let me warn you, what you’re about to witness will probably blow your sweet minds (in a totally good way)… What do y’all think happened when British, chic-while-casj, Savannah, met NYC’s Stone Fox Bride?

Think mellow, meaningful designs, an oasis of bohemian sex appeal all with an undeniably British edge!

Wanna hear more about this incredible collaboration?! You better! Let’s chat to the babe herself, Molly…

SFB x SM Look 2_18052 SFB x SM Look 3_0511 SFB x SM Look 13_18919crop

What inspired you both to get into fashion design, specifically bridal fashion…

I didn’t come from a fashion background. Savannah has her own line with her sister and used to be Alexander McQueen’s assistant, she has the chicest style. I feel like I am a writer first and foremost, but when I was looking for wedding dresses back when I got engaged I couldn’t find something cool. I was overwhelmed by the pomp and circumstance and the ugly fluff at all of the places I looked. We both are really into fashion, great design, gorgeous gowns, and foxy women.

Who is a Stone Fox Bride…

A Stone Fox Bride is someone who feels good in the skin they’re in and wants to show that off at their wedding, whether its in a vintage high neck lace Edwardian dress or a slinky silk gown a la Carolyn Bessette.

SFB x SM Look 3_0557 1

SFB x SM Look 6_0662

How do you approach creating a wedding dress…

Inspiration is huge here at SFB. We take breaks from work to pour over magazines, Pinterest, books, newspapers, you name it. We have a huge mood board in our office that’s ever changing. There’s really more of a feeling behind each of our dresses, we know it’s a hit when we all get goosebumps at the thought.

How did the collaboration between you come about and what’s the inspiration behind the collection…

When I was googling wedding inspo back when I was planning my wedding – we didn’t have Pinterest, I literally was Google imaging dresses – I came across Savannah’s hippie bacchanalian wedding.

It was a true bohemian dream and the coolest wedding I had ever seen. I immediately screenshotted it. We connected a few years later on Instagram. I joked around about doing a collaborate because what could be a better match for SFB? She was down and months later we debuted Savannah x SFB – a gorgeous line of dresses that bring together that moody English garden party vibe with downtown NYC chic.

SFB x SM Look 4_18192 SFB x SM Look 5_18473 SFB x SM Look 4_18284crop

Tell us about the fabrics you chose for the collection…

All of our fabrics are sourced and the dresses are made here in NYC.

If you both had to choose one dress from the collection as your favourite, which one would it be and why…

I love the Lyra, the sexiest silhouette in a dreamy velvet. Perfect for a New Year’s wedding.

The Lyra

SFB x SM Look 7_18630 SFB x SM Look 7_18642

The Bali

SFB x SM Look 8_18687 SFB x SM Look 8_18677

The Chloe

SFB x SM Look 9_18711 SFB x SM Look 9_18691

Where can our UK brides find out more about the collection…

As of right now we don’t stock in the UK, but stay tuned… 

What are your trend predictions for bridal fashion in 2016…

Simple. We’re moving away from layers and crazy silhouettes. The fabrics will speak for themselves. Here at SFB we’re really into embroidery and clean lines for the upcoming collection. 

The Paloma

SFB x SM Look 10_18744 SFB x SM Look 10_18776

The Evelyn

SFB x SM Look 11_18784 SFB x SM Look 11_18819

The Josephine

SFB x SM Look 12_18829 SFB x SM Look 12_18861

Which song best represents the collection…

In the Pines – Nirvana

What’s the best piece of advice you can give a bride when it comes to searching for that her dress…

Come with someone you really trust and who makes you feel beautiful, but will be honest with you. Stay hydrated, only do a couple appointments at a time, have a good lunch in between, and don’t start drinking until you’re done.

And at the end of the day, screw everyone else; it’s your dress.

Finally, what is your life quote or mantra…

The love you take is equal to the love you make

The Dree

SFB x SM Look 13_18881v2 SFB x SM Look 13_18916

Everything. Literally EVERYTHING about this collab is just so, so right!

For real though, if I was getting married right now, I’d be all about the Bali! That train down the back has me, heart and soul!

Which is your favourite? Drop us a comment, we wanna know! In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted about SFB‘s arrival in the UK. Like you, I’m sure, we’re beyond excited about this brand!

Have yourselves a sweet weekend foxes, and we’ll see you the flip side!

Peace + Love

Clare XO

Truvelle is coming to the UK with their stunning 2016 bridal collection…

6 Jan


Morning Lovely Peeps,

We have some very exciting news to share with you today.  The uber cool Canadian bridal company Truvelle are coming to UK with their beautiful 2016 collection and we have details of where you can find them and when. We are also very lucky to share with you some exclusive images of the new collection shoot which are yet to be shared on any UK blog! Excited? You should be! Truvelle are the epitome of bohemian luxe with their unconventional wedding dresses designed for the one-of-a-kind bride. If you are looking for a dress with exquisite details and attention to detail then this could be the collection for you.

Truvelle2016collection-48 Truvelle2016collection-49 Truvelle2016collection-51 Truvelle2016collection-58 Truvelle2016collection-61 Truvelle2016collection-64 Truvelle2016collection-66 Truvelle2016collection-70 Truvelle2016collection-75 Truvelle2016collection-77

We are so excited to be available to the brides of the UK, and finding a shop has long been on our radar! We have had a lot of interest from brides near London through our online shops and we have been waiting for the right union with a boutique in the UK. We have always wanted these brides to be able to have a hands-on experience with our gowns and feel our fabrics in person. We finally had a chance to meet Cecilia from Heart Aflutter at New York Bridal Market, and we knew she would be an amazing home for Truvelle!

Truvelle2016collection-78 Truvelle2016collection-79 Truvelle2016collection-80 Truvelle2016collection-81 Truvelle2016collection-86 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-8 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-11 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-13 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-20 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-26A Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-27 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-36 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-38 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-40 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-44 Truvelle2016collection-Lolo&Noa-46

So what can we expect from the 2016 Collection….

The 2016 collection is a step away from the warmer hues seen in past collections. With a cooler toned palette, designer Gaby Bayona takes the 2016 collection into a direction of creamy ivories, frosty embellishments, and subtle metallic details. Dove grey chiffon, hand beaded lace and dainty double straps adorn the Alexandra gown (pictured below) which was an instant staff favourite, and proved to be so with Truvelle retailers and brides alike.


Gaby’s personal favourite, the Carolina gown, features a new bodice style for the brand with unique layers and a fuller, silvery jacquard skirt, which is also seen on the Shannon gown in reverse! Truvelle’s flowing chiffon skirts are seen in both straight and waterfall styles, as well as intermixed with opalescent shimmer, making for a striking stride down the aisle. Both the Madeline and Brianna gowns feature this distinctive and glistening fabric with extra statement finishes of white sequins or a plunging neckline.

Carolina2_1024x1024 View More: View More: Brianna2_1024x1024

The Cara gown is a romantic gown featuring a sweetheart neckline, low back, lace straps and a uniquely layered skirt. For the bride looking to make an unconventional statement, Truvelle’s Bernadette gown is sure to turn heads with its textured bodice showcasing silver sequinned side panels, giving a modern edge to a feminine and classic silhouette. The skirt flows effortlessly from the waist to the floor.

Cara2_1024x1024 Bernadette2_1024x1024

Another fan favourite, the Jordan gown, is delicately dramatic and a fresh take on the Nicolet gown seen in Truvelle’s 2015 collection. The bodice perfectly balances creamy chiffon, silver panels, and luxurious French lace. Jordan can easily be accessorized with a statement belt for a personalized effect, while Truvelle’s silk sashes and grosgrain ribbons add a refined finish to each gown.


If you would like to get your hands on one of these stunning dresses (my personal favourite is Alexandra. One word: Wow!) then contact Ceclia from Heart Aflutter by clicking here. There will also be a UK trunk show with all three, full collections from Truvelle at Heart Aflutter on the weekend of February 27th – 28th, 2016. If you would like to request an appointment please click here.

For more details on all of Truvelle’s bridal collections please visit their website.

The Line Up

Photography: Lolo & Noa Photography
Hair & Makeup: Minoldo Hair & Beauty Bar
Florals: Married in The Mountains Floral Design
Models: Britt Schafer at Richards Models & Katrina Huebert

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