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Free Spirited Friday – A little bit of Grace

4 Apr

140206Graceloveslace04_27039-copy-683x1024 Happy Friday everyone…

The sun has graced us this week and everyone seems to have a spring in their step (It’s hiding again at the moment though – gggrrrr)

We wanted to share this lovely shoot with you. Sheree from Captain and the gypsy kid (coolest and cutest inspiration for freespirited folk) got all dressed up for a shoot with her beautiful daughter. She looked stunning is Grace loves lace. (One of our favourite Aussie brands!)

Sheree said ‘I had never put on a wedding dress before so when the Grace Loves Lace team asked if I wanted to put my spin on bridal I thought why not, beats being creepy in a wedding boutique. To my surprise wearing a wedding dress has a certain je ne sais quoi. I couldn’t go as far as the veil, small steps people, but there is something undefinably special about them. Either that or it had something to do with softly scalloped french lace and tumbling silk like tulle or the beautiful freedom of these gentle and feminine creations. I thoroughly enjoyed from a style point of view looking at an old age tradition in a different light. It got me to thinking about my wedding and what will Sugar think of my dress when she is a grown women and it belongs to her. Thank you GLL for the inspiration, reflection and chance to play x’

We are totally in love with her style and isn’t her little girl the cutest. Totally inspiring my free spirited day with little one!! So can a lovely UK bridal brand give us a call and recreate this shoot for me….

Photographer/Kane Skennar::Makeup+Hair/Charlie Kielty::Art Direction/Hayley Talbot:: Assistant to everybody, good sport and child wrangler/Vicki Ellen

Dresses by Grace Loves Lace worn with traditional and contemporary North American Indian jewellery from Four Winds Gallery. Dresses layered with One Teaspoon denim jeans and 3.1 PHILLIP LIM leather jacket. My little angel wears Tea Princess dresses with antique children’s pieces from Four Winds Gallery. White fur from MLM and multicoloured fur by Winston Wolfe.

Read all about it and see all the images here xx


Free Spirited Friday – The Perfect Balance

21 Feb

dove and raven

Imange Credit: Balance by WildArtStudio

It’s Friday and it’s sunny! Whoop whoop!

As you can tell the sunshine has put me in a very good mood today. Spring is on its way, you can smell it in the air and I am so looking forward to warmer temperatures, sweet smells and the burst of colour this fabulous season always brings.

Today for Free Spirited Friday, I want to share with you an inspirational article by Satish Kumar, Editor-in-Chief at Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine.

The article discusses balance, the importance of opposites and unity. It also challenges our socially conditioned perspective on separation and division and promotes a more holistic approach.

A lot can be taken from this article so pour yourself a brew and open up your mind to the wonderful world of Satish Kumar.


We must go beyond self-interest and embrace the idea of mutual interest.

We are all related. We are all connected. We are made of each other. The whole of existence is made of the same seven elements: earth, air, fire, water, space, time and consciousness. All these elements exist because of each other. No one element can exist by itself. There is a fundamental unity of life, which manifests in millions of forms. The unity and diversity are in an eternal dance. Quantum physics tells us that ultimately all is just one single energy: call it particles and waves!

Diversity does not mean division. Separation, fragmentation and dualism are mere perceptions fostered by external appearances. Dark appears to be opposite of light. Left appears to be opposite of right. Mind appears to be opposite of matter. But from a holistic perspective dark and light, left and right, mind and matter (and all the other apparent opposites) depend on each other and are complementary. The Chinese call it the harmony between yin and yang. There is yin within yang and yang within yin.

If we look at the world and see it as a whole we can heal all our political, religious, racial and environmental divisions with a single stroke. We can heal the division between science, spirituality and art; the division between head, heart and hands.

Plato proposed the idea of unity through the trinity of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. This three-dimensional philosophy represents a holistic worldview. Through science we seek truth, through spirituality we seek goodness, and through art we seek beauty. Then how can we put science, spirituality and the arts in three different departments or compartments?

Similarly with our heads we think and know the truth – that is science. With our hearts we cultivate and live goodness – that is spirituality. And with our hands we create and communicate beauty – that is art.

Thus science, spirituality and art are a continuum; there is no disconnection or division. Our body is a perfect example of this unity. We are made of all seven elements in perfect harmony. We can think. We feel. We make. We are whole. This sense of wholeness, completeness and relatedness is the first step towards sustainability.

The split between mind and matter started with the French philosopher René Descartes. He proclaimed the superiority of thought through his famous dictum, “I think therefore I am”. This Cartesian dualism became the foundation of Western philosophy and science. Gradually all our schools, universities and other educational institutions began to split knowledge into isolated subjects. Economy was taught without any reference to ecology; politics, without poetry; science, without spirituality; and every other subject was put in its own specialist department.

That tradition continues unabated. The study of parts is pursued without the presence of the whole. Students study the text without its context, psychology without anthropology; history without mystery; astronomy without arts. This partial education permeates into politics, business, medicine, agriculture and all other aspects of life. We divide the world into nations, religions, political and economic systems and above all make a division between humans and the rest of Nature. No wonder that we face multiple crises of environmental, economic, geopolitical and spiritual disharmony.

So we have to say goodbye to monsieur Descartes and see the world as an interdependent whole. We have to go beyond the idea of self-interest and embrace the idea of mutual interest, reciprocity and interdependence.

And this can be the philosophy of unity with which we start a New Year.

Have a lovely weekend peeps.

We shall see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

Free Spirited Friday – Kyla La Grange: The River

31 Jan

For the past week I have been listening to the amazing debut album from Kyla La Grange called Ashes. Her music, voice and incredible lyrics have completely captured my heart………………..especially this song.

There is one line in The River that grabbed my attention the moment I heard it and has stayed with me ever since:

Now, fear is not a gentle thing although it has no fists
It crawls down from your thoughts and ties you by your skinny wrists

We all know how powerful your thoughts can be, especially when they are full of doubt or anxiety usually caused by a fear of some sort. Maybe a fear of not being accepted, maybe a fear of not being loved or maybe just a fear of not knowing what you want to do with your life. In this one sentence Kyla La Grange seems to sum up how restricting and paralysing this fear can be.

Whatever you are doing tonight, find time to give this song a listen. It’s truly amazing and the lyrics are incredible.

All I want to do is to float with the river so free……………

Have a great weekend peeps.

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

Free Spirited Friday – Be A Beautiful Fool….

24 Jan

Happy Friday!

So pleased that the weekend is only a matter of hours away. I am in desperate need of a duvet day as this cold I have had the pleasure of incubating for almost 3 weeks now (yes – 3 weeks) is really starting to grate on me. I’m thinking Breaking Bad and a couple of tubs of ice cream might just be the cure!

Apart from suffering with the common cold, I’m on a bit of high today as we managed to get tickets to the first ever BBC 6 Music Festival! There were just over 8000 tickets on sale and Bob and I were lucky to get two for the Saturday night! We will be seeing The National, Franz Ferdinand and Wild Beasts to name but a few and I’m hoping to get my funk and soul fix from Craig Charles’ DJ set! Bring it on!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead of you whether it be viewing possible venues or maybe even wedding dress shopping!

Whatever you are doing and where ever you are, be a fool………..a beautiful little fool.


Image Credit: farmnflea via Etsy

Big’its the weekend’Love

Festival Brides xx

Free Spirited Friday – A Giant Amongst Men

6 Dec

nelson mandela

Last night a great man passed away – a man who fought against racial discrimination and campaigned for equality and freedom. A man who changed the face of the South African Government and united a divided nation.

Nelson Mandela was a giant amongst men.

In the words of Nu Bride - “His legacy is now in our hands. Be inspired. Be Better.”


Dare to Sparkle – Alternative Bridal Makeup for a Festival Bride

4 Dec

If I said ‘Festival makeup’ to you my guess would be that glitter would be the first thought to pop into your mind, closely followed by bursts of bright colours, maybe the odd face jewel or two and not forgetting at least one beautiful feather.

Sounds heavenly, right? And such a bundle of fun. So why not embrace the full festival bride look, and don a little sparkle on your wedding day?

Fig 1a
Image Credit: Dior’s ‘Bright Eyes’ for Spring/Summer 2013 via Vogue

Does it sound a little too daunting to be this daring with your bridal make-up? Well sweetie, if it’s ok for Christian Dior, it’s A-OK by us! Here’s how we’d go about it…

Fig 1b

Image Credit: Into The Gloss

Let’s start with the most popular way to use this trend: to embellish your eyes. There are three main things to consider here: the shape you want to create, the products you want to use and how heavy or subtle you want the finished result to be.

Fig 1d   Fig 1c

Image Credit: Kikisloane and sfilante

Where eyes are concerned, gold is a huge trend this season. Just a quick nosey on Pinterest will unearth the endless possibilities. From a striking eye mask of gold glitter, to a dappled gold leaf effect down from the eyes or simply the tiniest of gold dots, directly below the eye. They all look absolutely stunning and the great thing about glitter and gold leaf is you don’t have to be so precise!

Fig 1e

Image Credit: Amy Shore Photography

Speaking of gold, I used a gold Snazaroo glitter to adorn my feet on our wedding day. I’m so glad I took the plunge and went for it – my husband can testify to my uncertainty beforehand – but it was such fun to see the surprise on our guest’s faces, and it just added a subtle bit of sparkle to the boho look I’d gone for.

Fig 2a

Fig 2b Fig 2c

Image Credits: Marionwd, Luiza Carlier and My Luscious Life

If metallics aren’t your thing, then you should consider a pop of matte colour. We love this neon orange liner, or pink triangle shape under the eye. The flash of colour just lifts everything and screams festival fun. As a blue eyed girl myself, I also fell love with that yellow shadow around the eyes, it really enhances the blue and looks so fresh for spring/summer weddings.

Fig 2d

Now, for a truly astonishing addition to you wedding look: a show-stopping line of false lashes from In Your Dreams. We are quite simply head over heels for these little pretties. This range of feathery, jeweled beauties stem from In Your Dreams success as festival face painters. Showcasing their skills at Shambala, Secret Garden Party and the Wilderness festival (to name but a few), go check out their instagram page for the ultimate in alternative makeup.

Let’s take a second to lust over our favourites from the collection Your Aztec Lash (right) and Your Tribal Lash (left).


Fig 2e

This next concept has got to be one of my absolute favourites: the jeweled forehead. An alternative to the crown/head-chain trend we’ve seen, these subtle dots of luxury are so beautifully ethnic – and can be worn in a multitude of ways.

Fig 3a Fig 3b

Image Credits: Young Heart to and Wolf cub Chronicles

Take simple, diamond face gems and follow the line of your brow for a subtle, delicate addition to your look, or maybe even for your bridesmaids. Or alternatively, you could use an assortment of bindi-style gems to form a symmetrical line of jewels across your forehead. Pair these styles with disheveled braids or loosely curled locks to create that stunningly ‘underdone’ festival vibe.

Fig 3c

Image Credit: Planet Video and Hippie Style 2012

Again, if you love this trend, but you’re not sure of the sparkle, it’s also been beautifully demonstrated using white paint. Illustrate simple line and dot patterns or venture into more intricate designs across the forehead. We love the white as it maintains that bridal feel and, on fair skin, produces a softer look than a colour might. Again, hairstyles that sit softly across the forehead will help to maintain a subtle style and, as with all forehead adornments, keeping you eyes looking strong but simple will eliminate any risk of looking overdone.

Now for some truly festival inspired style, let’s talk about body art. You might have seen me sing the praises of Flash Tattoo on Instagram a week or so ago, well here I go again… Essentially, we’re talking about those temporary tatts you wore when you were a kid, but with a whole other level of grown up sass! Think delicate peacock feathers, cuffs formed of leaves, chevrons and a host of other beautiful designs to choose from. They’re available in black, gold, white or silver and will adorn whichever part of your body you choose.

Fig 4c Fig 4b Fig 4a

Image Credit: Flash Tattoos

Put simply, we at Festival Brides think of Flash Tattoos as wonderfully formed little slices of luxury, and if you want to play out this trend in a low-key-yet-totally-awesome kind of way, you’ll love them too!

In a nutshell, this makeup concept is super fun and quite simply bang on trend. Why not get your guests involved too? Pay our buddies The Parlour a visit (you can find them in our directory) and let this interactive make up team take your wedding by storm! You could even introduce these guys as a part of your evening entertainment, adding that festival sparkle to your wedding party.

Be brave ladies, and grab that pot of glitter!

Big Love

Clare xx

Free Spirited Friday – Existential Bummer (Jason Silva)

29 Nov

Morning campers!! Kelly checking in here (8 days overdue and a drinking raspberry leaf tea on the hour, every raspberry!!) I’m in a ‘doing’ mood today and cleared out some cupboards yesterday so hopefully this means we have a baby on the way!!

In the meantime I want to transport you and indulge you in a bit of deeper thinking today! Get ready for this guy, you might just get a little addicted and possibly overwhelmed by him. (Warning – he talks pretty fast, so keep up) I have watched all his videos and am totally caught up in his thoughts and theories.. I will be a psychologist one day!!

Enjoy this one about love and the biggest existential bummer of all!! xx

Free Spirited Friday – Hello November

1 Nov


Image via Pinterest 

Morning…. Did I actually just blink and October is over? So hello.. November – The month before xmas and when I start to panic about everything that needs to be done for the festive season. With a baby due on the 21st of this month I’m kinda burying my head on the Autumn leaves and thinking I can just have a break from Xmas this year?!!? I would love to be one of those organised individuals who has everything bought and wrapped by 5th November.. (it will never happen)

This also brings me onto Halloween which in case you missed it happened yesterday.. Sorry there were no H related posts but I really have to questions the relevance for wedding inspiration, apart from the fact that pumpkins are pretty and orange!! Maybe motherhood will change me but I just don’t get the whole dress up, scare yourself thing.. (Maybe this is a childhood memory I would rather forget?)

So for November – it’s all about cosying up, getting inspired by online shopping, walks in the woods, baking cakes, sipping on warm hot chocolate, oh and some well deserved warming tipples once the bubba arrives!!

XX Enjoy November….. The calm before the storm!!

Free Spirited Friday – Flower Bath

25 Oct

5432c05a7289fd035d06cdd6748d9d4a Image via Pinterest

Happy Friday everyone.. Where has this week gone?? I have just blinked and it’s gone!! Hope you all have some lovely plans for the weekend. The weather is set to be rubbish again… So cosy up and get inspired by reading our posts full of ideas for your festival wedding! And here is an idea and a half… A bath full of flowers – Such a pretty centrepiece for any festival wedding. Bath tubs have been used widely this summer as giant wine and beer coolers but here is a pretty idea with festival flair!! One for the mood board guys….

We are off to the woodland this weekend to meet more lovely couples who wish to marry ‘In the woods.” Bring your wellies guys !! Be sure to check back on the blog later today as we will be featuring a beautiful bohemian wedding ‘Wed in the Woods’  that took place in September….

Have a fab weekend xx

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