Do you know of any farms, land, meadows or woods that aren’t already wedding venues? We are inundated with couples looking for beautiful surroundings to hold their festival wedding!! We often put shout outs on twitter and facebook, but we are on a mission for find these secret places and hidden gems!! We know they exist!!

For the landowner there is a great opportunity to earn extra income and we all know farming is a hard game in the current climate. For our readers we actually can bring them a truly unique place to hold their festival wedding.

We are happy to offer a directory service or a full management service for the land owner, therefore offering a hassle free service at no cost to the owner.

Things to think about before getting in touch:

  • Does the land have good access?
  • Is there space for camping or is there accommodation near by?
  • Is the land larger than 2 acres

We are only looking for 5 or 6 places across the UK, so please contact us today if you think your land has potential!!

Get in touch to find out more:

Kelly – 07812 179292 /


Wedding beauty on its way!

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