cosmos-veil-hr-6Good morning, babes! BOY are we excited to share today’s post with you! When this treasure landed in our inbox, before I’d even opened the image folder, I knew we were in for an absolute treat, and let’s just say I wasn’t wrong! (Understatement of the century!)

What am I being all mysterious about? Well, my friends, today marks the launch of bridal designer, AM Faulkner’s brand new bridal veil and headpiece collection for 2017, Plantlife, and we are SO chuffed to be giving you the first look at this insanely beautiful new line.

We’ve loved AM Faulkner’s designs for a long time now. They’re the epitome of cool-it-girl style, with an original, personal vibe that we just love, and after finally meeting the gorgeous Ann Marie in March of this year, let me tell you she gives off the exact same vibe! You’re gonna love her!

Grab yourself a coffee (has the weather turned or what?! It’s chilly over here!) and let’s get chatting to Ann Marie about Plantlife…


Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m originally from Luton and went to art school at 16 thinking I would become a fine art sculptor. However I discovered textile design and fell in love with that so went onto study a degree in Constructed Textile design at Duncan of Jordanstone school of art in Dundee. I moved to London and after interning and freelancing at a few textile agencies I decided the industry wasn’t for me as it was so fast paced and designs were almost thrown away. I’ve always been a bit obsessed with hats so decided to study millinery with Rose Cory the Queen Mothers former milliner and it was then I found my calling! I set my mainline label up in 2012 and after a lot of commissions for alternative bridal headwear I decided to set my sister bridal label up at the end of 2014 and haven’t looked back since.

I love learning new techniques and skills and this year have been on some courses in experimental embroidery at Hand & Lock, which I have tried to transfer into my new 2017 collection.

I’m supposed to be on maternity leave right now as I’m expecting my first child in about two weeks but have just booked onto a lace making course for November. Maybe not such a good idea timing wise but I can’t help it – I’m obsessed!

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Who is an AM Faulkner bride?

An AM Faulkner bride is someone looking for something a bit different. They are super laid back and usually not into the whole traditional wedding scene. They still want to feel like a bride on their day, but also themselves.

How do you approach creating a headpiece or veil?

I always have a little sketch book on me as inspiration can strike in the strangest of places.

If I’m designing a collection, there is usually something I’m a bit obsessed with at the time and I constantly research that topic and sketch and play with materials until I can come up with designs. However, if I’m designing a personal commission I work closely with the client, we discuss what it is they would like, then I sketch and experiment with mock-ups of the piece until they are happy.

blossom-hr-1 blossom-veil-hr-4 blossom-veil-hr-3 blossom-veil-hr-2 blossom-veil-hr-1 blossom-set-hr-4 blossom-set-hr-3 blossom-set-hr-2 blossom-set-hr-1 blossom-hr-3 blossom-hr-2

Can you tell us more about what inspired the Plantlife collection?

I really love plants – my house is a bit of jungle – so knew I wanted to produce a collection based on this.

It was when I was up in Pitlochry in Scotland last year I found a really old book in a charity shop called ‘Plants that heal us’. The book was about 20p and a bit battered, but full of amazing illustrations of flowers and foliage that totally inspired this collection.

Tell us about the fabrics and embellishments used in the Plantlife collection…

I usually produce a lot of the fabrics myself, but for this collection half of the fabrics have been sourced as I tried to create a “baby proof” collection! Not sure how juggling being a new mum and running a label will pan out, so I tried to make my life a bit simpler by sourcing some of the fabrics.

I’ve sourced gorgeous silk tulles and laces from France, and beautiful devore silk velvet from Italy. A few of the pieces – ‘Blossom’ , ‘Pollen Wrap’, and ‘Cosmos’ – are completely embellished by hand though, using over sized sequins, beads and stones and ‘Willow’ is made using hand appliquéd laser cut silk velvet.

cosmos-hr-1 cosmos-veil-hr-8 cosmos-veil-hr-7 cosmos-veil-hr-6 cosmos-veil-hr-5 cosmos-veil-hr-4 cosmos-veil-hr-3 cosmos-veil-hr-2 cosmos-veil-hr-1 cosmos-set-hr-3 cosmos-set-hr-2 cosmos-set-hr-1 cosmos-hr-3 cosmos-hr-2

Do you have a favourite piece from the Plantlife?

Probably ‘Pollen Wrap’ (below) as its totally different to anything else. Its made on a senimay band which has been hand beaded and grips around your up do.

Where can our brides see your pieces and try them on?

The full collection is at my studio and showroom in Stratford, East London.

You can email to make an appointment and try some pieces on and also take advantage of the studio gin bar! I’m also stocked at Frou Frou Bridal Boutique in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Rock the Frock Bridal in Essex and Scottish brides will soon be able to see a selection of pieces at Rachel Scott Couture in Edinburgh.

pollen-hr-1 pollen-hr-7 pollen-hr-6 pollen-hr-5 pollen-hr-4 pollen-hr-3 pollen-hr-2

How do you think bridal fashion has evolved since your first collection?

Its definitely becoming more fashion focused and non traditional. I think brides now realise they can wear what ever they want and can feel like themselves on the day. A lot more modern bridal labels are popping up too, which is great as there’s so much choice in bridal fashion now.

What are your trend predictions for bridal fashion for the next 12 months?

I try not to pay too much attention to trends, but I do think brides are wanting something more personal now and appreciate craft and artistry a lot more.

Embroidery is really popular and will continue to be. I really love brands like Hermione de Paula and Poppy Dover who use embroidery to add personal elements to outfits.

fern-hr-1 jasmine-hr-3 jasmine-hr-2 jasmine-hr-1 fern-hr-6 fern-hr-5 fern-hr-4 fern-hr-3 fern-hr-2 marguerite-hr-3 marguerite-hr-2 marguerite-hr-1

What song the best represents the collection and why?

That’s a tricky one! But probably ‘Fatima – Circle’ purely for the fact that her Yellow Memories album was on repeat in the studio when I was producing the collection, so whenever I look at the collection this song pops into my head.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to a bride considering a veil or headpiece?

Try on everything!

I often get brides who are adamant they don’t want a veil but after trying one on they usually change their mind as there is something to suit everyone.

The same goes for headpieces. Try lots of different styles on until you find one you are comfortable in.

Finally, what’s your life quote / motto?

“Blessed are the curious for they shall have adventures”

wallflower-hr-1 willow-hr-7 willow-hr-6 willow-hr-5 willow-hr-4 willow-hr-3 willow-hr-2 willow-hr-1 wallflower-hr-5 wallflower-hr-4 wallflower-hr-3 wallflower-hr-2I mean, could you just die?!

(As always) Ann Marie has created a vision of understated, completely unique bridal wear that we are head over heels for, and with a baby on the way too – are there no ends to this woman’s talents?!

Plantlife launches today over on Ann Marie’s website, so be sure to take a look at the range piece by piece and get booked in to see the collection in reality and try all those beautiful veils on!

I must not be jealous. I must not be jealous. I must not be jea…

(Safe to assume, I would totally be wearing AM Faulkner were I getting married right now!)

Have an awesome day you guys!


Peace + Love


Clare XO

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