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We have a gorgeous festival wedding to share with you today captured beautifully by Clair Estelle Photography. Not only have I been swooning over Steph’s stunning vintage wedding dress (she looks gorgeous), but I’ve also been swooning over the groom’s style too! Gotta love those brogues with their cool inner sole and blue laces – he looks very dapper!

Andrew and Steph had their ‘Big Day Out‘ on 29th September 2012 at Surney Farm, Haslemere and had what they’ve described as ‘a  fun relaxed affair that was fun for family and friends – young and old.’

Enjoy this one guys – it’s deliciously chilled and full of smiles.

Steph tells us all about it………..

Andrew-&-Steph1 Andrew-&-Steph2 Andrew-&-Steph3 Andrew-&-Steph4 Andrew-&-Steph5 Andrew-&-Steph6 Andrew-&-Steph7

A homespun festival on a farm……

Our ceremony consisted of hay bales and open spaces in the sun. Steph arrived to the ceremony via a tractor that was driven by the couple who own the farm. The reception was held in the Bar on the property. A white Marquee was also hired and added on to the entry of the Barn to accommodate guests dinning.

The barn was saved for dancing with beams laced with fairy lights and a big warm air blower was hired to create warmth inside. A lot of the guests camped out at the farm on site in tepee style tents or they brought there own. During the time in between the ceremony and the evening, guests were treated to wonderful picnic hampers prepared by family and friends. Lots of love went into these hampers that were delivered in crates to guests on picnic blankets in the sun. Olives, quiches, wine, dips, healthy snacks, games for the kids were all included. A lot of the catering was done by family in farm kitchen on site. Andrew also made his own Home Brew for the Day too! He called this Buttbells and it was had via the bottles during the afternoon/picnic then guests helped themselves via a keg in the evening.

Andrew-&-Steph8 Andrew-&-Steph9 Andrew-&-Steph10 Andrew-&-Steph11 Andrew-&-Steph12

Andrew-&-Steph13 Andrew-&-Steph14

Andrew-&-Steph15 Andrew-&-Steph16

Andrew-&-Steph17 Andrew-&-Steph18 Andrew-&-Steph19 Andrew-&-Steph20 Andrew-&-Steph21 Andrew-&-Steph22 Andrew-&-Steph23

Andrew-&-Steph24 Andrew-&-Steph25


Instead of a cake massive wheels of cheese were provided for guests to help themselves to later on in the evening. Bread rolls to boot!: Gorgeous Brownies were also provided by the couple as well for dessert – yummo!

Marsh mellows on the fire were also a fun option!



A friend played DJ during the ceremony then a Wedding Dj arrived for the evening celebrations and dancing in the warm barn!

Andrew-&-Steph28 Andrew-&-Steph29

Favourite moment of the day…..

Favouite moments 1, the moment before I started walking into the field when I saw everything and everyone for the first time and the relief of ‘this is it’!  2, standing and watching with Andrew whilst everyone was tucking into hogroast, chatting and drinking and thinking ‘this is our family, they are here for us and this is an awesome party!’

The Line Up

Photographer – Clair Estelle Photography
Venue – Surney Farm, Haslemere
Tents & Yurt – Funky Monkey Tents
Brides dress – Annie’s Vintage Clothing
Bridesmaids – OasisJohn Lewis (Maid of Honour)
Flowers – Sun flower Bouquet’s made with love by Steph and her family tied together with Jute Ribbon.

Big Shout out to Steph and Andrew for sharing their Big Day Out with us – loved the relaxed vibe to your day. It really didi look like you had an awesome day.

Steph and Andrew’s first dance will be featured under Independent Love Song on Monday so don’t be a stranger!

Have a lovely weekend guys – we’re off to sample the menu for our wedding and I can’t wait! Its Caribbean food so its going to soulful and delicious.

Jealous much!?

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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Wedding beauty on its way!