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I love it when we receive a styled shoot at Festival Brides that is offering something completely different to what we have seen before. Whether it be a quirky take on an existing theme or showcasing a new trend or supplier that is innovative and unique. We have seen it before when we featured the Most Curious Wedding Fair’s 2016 Show Campaign where they fused their 2016 wedding trend predictions into one fabulous styled shoot. We also saw it with a shoot we featured back in 2013 called Animal Kingdom where art, sculptures and creative head wear were all showcased in one incredible, and slightly controversial, alternative bridal shoot. These types of shoots are always so exciting to share as they bring something new and inspiring to the wedding scene and challenge traditional boundaries.

Today’s gorgeous colloboration by Holly Cadogan Flowers and Liz Wan Photography is one of those shoots. They have taken a theme that I have not personally seen used before, an artists studio, and translated it into something that is clever, pretty and perfect for a wedding. It’s a great example of how any theme or passion can be used as inspiration for your day. You just need to be creative and clever with the execution and choose aspects of the theme to create the overall look.

Holly talks us through their ideas and inspiration for the shoot…..

An Artists Impression

Last Autumn we were invited to exhibit at a Yoghurt Rooms open day.  The venue is based in East Grinstead on a family owned working farm. It features an impressive barn, yurts, a vineyard as well as a wishing tree! So it tends to attract couples who are looking for something alternative to a traditional wedding venue and who are keen to be creative and DIY their own wedding day. With this in mind, we wanted to create a statement installation that we hoped couples would enjoy and find inspiration from.

Originality was key plus for this shoot. It had to have a creative edge to it that we felt would be fitting with the Yoghurt Rooms brand. Both Liz and I have a great appreciation for art in general and came across a visual series of real and beautiful working artist studios across various disciplines. But rather than try to make a floral installation/styled table look like an artist’s studio, we took textures, materials and objects typically found in studios such as ink, watercolours, ceramic and canvas and worked with those for ideas.

Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_1 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_2 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_3 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_4 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_5 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_6 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_7 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_8 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_9 Liz Wan Photography_Holly Cadogen_10

We love hanging flowers so it made sense to utilise one of the barn beams for the installation. An old painter’s ladder was used to form the structure of the hanging installation across the length of the table and had a mixture of foliage such as Populus, and Acacia weaved in between the ladder steps. Aconitum Napellus were then suspended from the stems down from the ladder to create a beautiful floral ceiling for dining guests.

The table runner consisted of natural flat canvases that we splattered with paint to create depth and interest and old food tins that we also dripped with paint were used as flower vases as well as to contain artist’s brushes for a simple prop.

Other props included miniature metallic-sprayed paint tubes with tiny flower bursts dotted around and for extra textures we added a locally made potter’s vase and dainty, ceramic candle pots with leaf imprints that are hand-made by Dublin-based artist Vicki Sutherland. The plates, cake and place cards each added an arty dimension with their individual ink wash patterns or hand painted watercolour effects.

We intended to keep the colour palette simple to muted tones of nudes, creams and stone grey to reflect typical colours in art studios but we ended up spiking it with teal blue, vibrant purple and black as well as shaking in some metallic colours!

Finally, although it wasn’t really planned at first, we think due to the venue location, we ended up adding little touches of nature such as the reindeer fur, wooden benches and wheat that gave the overall look a rustic feel.

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The Line Up

Concept & Styling: Holly Cadogan Flowers & Liz Wan Photography
Photography: Liz Wan 
Cake: Wicky Woo Woo Cakes 
Flowers: Holly Cadogan Flowers
Stationery: Billie Cadogan Illustration 
Venue: Yoghurt Rooms 

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