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Happy Friday Lovely People,

I don’t know about you but I am LOVING this weather! The Spring sunshine never fails to put a smile on my face – maybe because it’s a sign that the weather is only going to get better from now on. Rumour has it that its going to be 16 degrees tomorrow so yes, you’ve guessed it, those beloved havaianas flip flops of mine are coming out to play once again.

If you are a bride still searching for those all important wedding suppliers, then dear readers, you need to get yourself to London this weekend for one of the industries best wedding fairs: A Most Curious Wedding Fair.

Most Curious, the wedding show for the style-savvy couple is taking over the Truman Brewery on London’s Brick Lane with over 100 fashion, fun and design-led exhibitors, inspiration installations on the 7-8 March. There’s even the Cereal Killer Cafe providing the in-house cafe, as well as live music and exciting fashion shows throughout the day, showcasing the biggest trends of 2015 and beyond to celebrate the suppliers with their fingers on the pulse and creativity in their hearts – just like the couples who will come to meet them! There’s even a few spaces left for exhibitors too if you fancy joining the gang of suppliers!

Festival Brides is offering a 25% off VIP Tickets too DISCOUNT CODE : FESTCURIOUS

Which will earn you a goody bag that includes a boho brass ring from indie jewellery brand Eclectic Eccentricity, make up treats from Benefit, a glass of bubbly from Barefoot Wines, VIP badge by Oh Squirrel, fast track entry and more surprises on the day!

To celebrate the 2015 opening of this brilliant alternative wedding fair, the organisers of the show put together a cool DIY for us to share with you today…..



This traditional coarse lacework and knotted weaving has found its way into our bridal style aesthetic and we are so in to it, it is starting to hurt! And you can see why, it’s beautiful, its decorative but has a rustic, handmade feel – but it’s also quite complicated to do and takes a long time so when we were given some hand me down crocheted runners and doilies, we had a brain wave.

A total life hack way of making something similar to the real deal yarn and bead beauts, if not so fiddly and knotty, but still rather fetching. With a little added modern neon cool to give it extra deco punch.

You will need:


Vintage table linen, such as runners or doilies – look out for them in charity shops.
2 metres of thin soft rope
1 metre of dowel, chopped in half
paintbrush (not pictured!)
masking tape

Lets Get Started!

1. Fold the top of the larger doilie over one of the dowels, as you want it to appear. Take the string and work out how much you need to fasten it and create a hanging loop. Fasten the string around the dowel, pushing it through the front to the back. Cutting excess string to make neat.


2. Add a little extra fasten if you are working with a round piece of crochet/lace to keep it from drooping. And voila, actually that looks pretty as it is, but read on if you want to take it up a notch!


3. Now do the same with your second section of linen with the other dowel.


4. Time to get a little light macrame on, so fetch your rope and cut into four looped equal sections.


5. Take one loop and put under the second dowel, bring the ends up through it. You just macrame-ed!


6. Poke each end through the edge of the top section to join them where you want, and tie at the back.


7. Do it on both sides evenly so the two sections are now attached. Ta dah!

8. Now to add a little macrame tassle magic to the end. I decided to make mine a little shorter so cut the rope sections in half again. And did the same loop knots in four of the holes at the edge of the bottom section.


8. Cute huh?! I trimmed the two edge tassles to give it a little extra punctuation!


9. Now it’s time for some neon action. So wrap your masking tape about an inch in from each dowel end. And paint!


10. And paint about an inch up of your bottom tassles, so to speak…


Slightly watered down can be good to create a softer edge to maximise a dip dye feel.

11. Allow to dry and remove the tape and you are ready to hang your creation!


We would say ‘trailing house plant optional’ but really, we think it is utterly necessary!

Not only would this wall hanging make a cool accessory to your home but we also think it would look amazing at a vintage meets festival wedding. Swap the white dowel for some bright colourful ones to add a bit more personality and hang above the top table, at the alter, on trees………..the possibilities are endless! You could even make small versions to attach to the back of your reception chairs. Now there’s a good idea!

Big shout out to the guys from Most Curious for sharing this with awesome tutorial with us.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and we shall see your gorgeous faces on Monday.

Big Love

Laura xxx

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