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I thought you might like to see a little sneak peek from our wedding……….so here it is!

Animated Wedding Gif

Aren’t those lovely ladies at Cotton Candy Wedding’s clever!!? Love this shot!

It was soooooooo windy on our wedding day as this picture illustrates! But do you know what – we didn’t care and that is why I love this image so much because it shows! We had a ball and I can honestly say that after the initial shock of walking out to a huge gust of wind (that almost blew my veil off), I didn’t even notice how windy it was. In fact, if this picture is anything to go by the wind actually added to our day so in someways I’m glad it was so windy!

Out of all the things I stressed about in the days leading up to the wedding, the weather had to be my biggest worry. Everyday for 2 weeks I was checking the weather forecast – I even downloaded a new app that was apparently (according to Google) the most reliable weather app you could buy! Yep – I was getting a bit neurotic about it but wouldn’t you if the majority of your wedding was planned outside? We had a plan B of course, in case it rained, but it wasn’t a patch on plan A! Plan A was getting married in a small woodland that overlooked the surrounding countryside that stretched for as far as the eye could see. Plan B was getting married in the Tipi. But on the Friday before the wedding the weather was glorious and my newly purchased app was promising 17 degrees of sunshine for the Saturday………I could relax……or so I thought!

As it turned out, my weather app was wrong (thanks Google). After a bright start on Saturday morning the weather turned and at 11am  it started to rain and rain and rain. And then the wind started. I was gutted………..I’d like to pretend that I was on such a high that it didn’t matter but that would be a lie…..it did matter. We had to decide whether to pull getting married outside, or to pray that the weather would improve in the next hour. Well, the rain did stop and even though the clouds were grey, it didn’t rain for about 30 minutes. Despite this I was still not sure what to do – it was still spitting and I was worried about our guests getting wet. It wasn’t until Sabrina Lily (my amazing make-up artist) talked some sense into me and said I would regret it for the rest of my life if we didn’t have the ceremony outside. She said this is your dream and it’s only a little rain. It was a festival wedding after all she reminded me! And she was right, so with that we got married outside……………..and guess what? The sun shone! Out of nowhere, just before I walked down the aisle the clouds broke and the sun shined for 20 minutes or so during the ceremony. Thank god I decided to stick with plan A.

There was nothing we could do about the wind though. Our only saving grace was that each hay bale in the ceremony area had a blanket just in case our guests got cold so they were all put to good use! Bob and I on the other hand hardly noticed the wind. I didn’t even realise that the sun was shining for most of the ceremony until I saw the pictures!

For the rest of the day, from what I’ve been told, it only rained once but the wind didn’t drop until the evening. I hardly noticed!! I was too busy enjoying the day to care and I really mean that. My hair was wind swept and my dress was blowing all over the place but that didn’t stop us having our photos taken in the woodland and surrounding fields. In fact, if it wasn’t for the wind we wouldn’t have the amazing picture above!

The weather is the one thing that we can’t control, all we can do is prepare for the worst and then embrace it if it comes. As hard as it is, try not to worry about the weather because there really isn’t anything you can do about it and on the day you won’t care – I promise!

Also, don’t waste your money on weather apps. They’ll only lie to you!

Big Love

Festival Brides xx

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