We love hearing from our readers and brides to be.. They often contact us to find venues, inspiration or maybe just to have a chat about a festival style for their wedding!! To help all our readers we hope to bring you lots of advice, inspiration and ideas from our readers who are planning their Festival Wedding!!

Liz Chambers and her fiance are planning a festival wedding for next year… She has called their day WEDFEST!! Here is Liz’s story so far….

After my graduation my boyfriend took me for a lovely meal in Cambridge followed by a walk. As we crossed Clare Bridge he got down on one knee…. That was 3 months ago.

Now friends have been known to call me Monica in the past, but I honestly don’t think I’m that bad! Within month one we had fallen in love with Normanton Church, Rutland, where I grew up. We had decided that as we met at the Cambridge Beer Festival that would be our reception inspiration and so when I came across the tipi’s we knew we had to have them.

Source: Uploaded by user via Liz on Pinterest


The main problem was finding the field to put them up in! After a few weeks of no joy my amazing little sister Wendy came to the rescue simply saying “Don’t worry, I can sort that out” and she did!! We both come from families that had four children and so that has meant that we have a number of nephews and nieces. I have always worked with children so we wanted a child friendly atmosphere. Our caterer, Gourmet Rutland was very understanding about our vision and produced an amazing tasty relaxed buffet menu including party appetisers for the younger crowd such as pineapple and cheese on a stick!

DIY wedding means everyone is getting involved, which is something I would normally hate (MY WEDDING! – Foot stamp) but I’m loving the things that people are coming up with and the ways they would like to help. It started with the invites. Designed primarily by my MILTB, she sent me lots of different shaped hearts and colours of ribbon, types of card etc as she tried to work out what image I actually had stashed away in the back of my brain. I’m not the best at expressing what I’m thinking of and I am certainly not creative. That said; I’m giving it a go! I have lately been beading gold gems onto little gold embossed hearts… The sister who found my field is crocheting blankets for guests to sit on/keep warm (depending on weather). My other little sister is going to play a piano while my old housemate will sing me down the aisle. Dad and HTB have picked and cut up the apples from my parent’s garden to help my Mum and I make flavoured vodka. My parents have bought a vintage car that Dad is working on to make it wedding ready! My HTB family’s celebratory cakes have all been made by a friend and so she is also making our wedding cake. Dad is making signs for the field such as ‘Camping village’ and ‘Beer Garden’ where hay bales will be placed in a circle outside the bar.

Source: Uploaded by user via Liz on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Liz on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Liz on Pinterest



After a week of ill with tonsillitis and not being able to speak I found myself learning how to tweet, then use pintrest and I’m now hooked! There is an abundance of contacts and good advice out there and boy am I glad I found @Festivalbrides! Today alone they have helped me so, I’m already in touch with a company to provide glamping tents for my guests….

It’s all going so well, but I haven’t even started on the styling, the entertainment, flowers, finding a bouncy castle….!

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We will hear more from Liz and other festival brides to be in the new year!!! Happy planning guys xx


Wedding beauty on its way!

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